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VA - No Idea Fanzine - Bread, the Edible Napkin (CD) No Idea #20 1997

Okay, one of the compilations I am posting concerning Floodgate; their track "the pessimist" is otherwise unreleased and has a strong Moss Icon feel to it, but it is sadly one of their weaker tracks. But that's venial: "Bread, the Edible Napkin" is a great compilation. It was part of the No Idea fanzine - I was too lazy to scan the issue but I included the booklet of the compilation - but also available as double LP. You might still get it from No Idea records, if not you'll get it cheap second hand. The tracklist reads like a who is who of the late 90ies: Braid, Brutal Truth, Hot Water Music, Floor, Serpico, Cavity, Threadbare, Still Life, Sideshow, Moonraker, Horace Pinker, Car Vs. Driver, Locust, Christie Front Drive and so on. More than a half of the songs are otherwise unreleased and a few are my favourites by these bands especially those by Moonraker and Hope Springs Eternal. Some bands should be featured here sooner or later (later! ha ha ha): Serpico, Rhythm Collision and Gus.

If anyone has any additional tracks by The Lisa Killers which is a Floor/Dove sideproject, please write me a short e-mail!

Okay, that's it for today, after Threadbare's version of "sunstroke" I am going to spend my evening with Swiz records.

VA - No Idea Fanzine #12 - Bread, the Edible Napkin (CD) No Idea #20 1997

1. Hot Water Music - Floor
2. Floor - Who Are You?
3. No Empathy - Daddy's Got a Problem
4. Ash County Sluggers - Achiever 9
5. Brutal Truth - Eggshells
6. Christie Front Drive - Bag
7. Cavity - Wounded
8. Pung - Anthem for the Youth
9. V-Card - Strap Me Down
10. Floodgate - The Pessimist
11. Against All Authority - Corporate Takeover
12. Serpico - Double Negative
13. Elmer - Let's Get into a Fistfight
14. Gus (Canada) - Sinister Acts in Bright Sunshine
15. Moonraker - Friendly Fire
16. The Bruce Lee Band - Calling For Me
17. Horace Pinker - Sloth
18. Car vs. Driver - Generis
19. Locust - Inbred America
20. Hope Springs Eternal - Loneliness Equals Coldness
21. Jack With Killer - Stupid Heavy Metal 2--Restriction
22. King Friday - Lonnie
23. Braid - Katy Cat
24. The Lisa Killers - No One Gets Through
25. Rhythm Collision - Jack
26. Sideshow - Soar
27. Skankin' Pickle - $13,000 is a Lot of Food (live)
28. Crunch - Furioso Zapping
29. Threadbare - Sunstroke
30. The End of the Century Party - Doozer La, Doozer Do
31. Still Life - Someone Stole My Bike
32. Bombs of Cheese - White People in the Park
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

No Idea Records

Sunday, December 16, 2007

FLOODGATE - Troubles A' Brewin (12") Youth Strike Chord #2 & Ebullition #13.5 1993/1994

And finally: Floodgate's 12" which was a cooperation between Ebullition and the band's own label Youth Strike Chord - a huge step forward after their 7" but I must insist: still behind the double 7". Anyway I always loved how they managed to keep their sound on the hardcore side and "6+5+4=3" and "big brother blindness" are really two great songs. The instrumental on the flip side totally reminds me of something... but I can't recall of what... Rain? You tell me.

Funny sidenote: I saw this twelve inch on some Spanish blog filed under the category "Stoner".

FLOODGATE - Troubles A' Brewin (12") Youth Strike Chord #2 & Ebullition #13.5 1993/1994

side a:
1. troubles a' brewin
2. 6+5+4=3
3. big brother blindness

side b:
1.floodgate, m.l. (instrumental)
2. eldin o'brian
3. ancient of days
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

And since it has been a while, I repost their double 7":

Click! (Here is the original posting)


(front print)

This is an original Floodgate shirt and the only one known to me. In the 90ies it was a must for every band or fanzine to have at least one Käthe Kollwitz drawing or etching for a record cover, artwork etc. (no matter if your name was Split Lip or even Earth Crisis). This motive is also on the back cover of the Floodgate 12" on Youth Strike Chord/ Ebullition.

Off topic: if you ever stop by in Berlin, please drop a bomb on the district Kollwitz used to live. You'll do the city a huge favour!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

FLOODGATE - 1st (7") Youth Strike Chord #01 & Anomaly #?? 1993

It's been a while and I like to subsume the last 4 months as "hard times in an age of quarrel".

I got Floodgate's first 7" for 5 bucks lately and I will post it together with other Floodgate stuff (12", shirt and compilations) the next few hours. Their debut release - I don't know if there's a demo tape - is still a bit behind their later stuff but it has it's moments. The last song "mountain" on this 7" is one of these moments: about 5 minutes long and driving with a huge Wash D.C. feeling in it. I'd like to emphasise that not that many bands played this style in 1993!

FLOODGATE - 1st (7") Youth Strike Chord #01 & Anomaly #?? 1993

side a:
1. the organic
2. conscription

side b:
1. abusive ego
2. mountain
[OGG Vorbis; 256k; password: antithesis; mirror 1, mirror2]

Floodgate @ BandtoBand
Floodgate's double 7"
The Notorious Love Affair

Thursday, August 30, 2007

FLOODGATE - I choose danger (Double 7") No Idea #17 1994

Floodgate are mentioned rarely (while people throw in Indian Summer, Constantine Sankathi and Current to often)! I never heard or even had their first 7" on their own label Youthstrikechord (Nuzzle, Loomis Slovak...) but their 12" and this double 7" are classics for sure. Driven and heartfelt Hardcore with members of Campaign and the Fisticuffs Bluff including a household name: Andrew Gilbert who was also in The Notorious Love Affair (by the way: I think he wrote his best lyrics for The Notorious Love Affair, also I really dig the staccato but kafkaesque like lyrics from Floodgate).

I haven't listened to this record in years now until I picked up an additional copy some weeks ago and like more than 10 years ago I was steamrolled by "at rest". Jeez, this song blows. It has everything I expect from this type of music.

Compared to the previous 12" on Youthstrikechord/ Ebullition those songs are more sophisticated, true and tuneful. Even the production is way better.

The other songs are great too but I listen to "at rest" ten times in a row without getting bored.

If anyone wants to contribute a good rip of the first 7" including scans or sell it to me for a reasonable price: get in touch! Thanks.

Since it's easy to satisfy me concerning artwork: I really love the nice idea of an obi/banderolle around those two seven inches inside.

"Miles behind on the road to success" - yeah, me too!

FLOODGATE - I choose danger (Double 7") No Idea #17 1994

side a:
1. at rest

side b:
1. grind the pepper

side c:
1. I'd rather be out here with the unkown

side d:
1. miles behind on the road to success
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2)

"At rest" was also released on the "Blindspot" compilation CD on No Idea/ Toybox Records in 1997 and it looks like this (other bands are Integrity, Jud Jud, Ascension, Hot Water Music...):

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SPIT ACID & STEP INTO NOWHERE - split (7") Per Koro Records #?? & NC #01 1995

Maybe you remember some of my previous postings: one of them was the No Cruelty shirt which was the “label” and mailorder of Tina and Peter who did Hardline Germany in Lörrach back in the days. I can also remember them organizing gigs in Lörrach with bands like Acme and Dawnbreed – none of these bands knew that they were involved in Hardline1.
Anyway this 7” was intended to be released on No Cruelty (their only releases are the Neckbrace 7” and an audio cooking book), but was released by Per Koro in the end, after the bands found out about the Hardline chapter and some crude statements by the people involved.

An observing reader of the blog also wrote me that he wanted to point out the Zorn – Step Into Nowhere connection which was swept under the carpet by me: Zorn (1, 2, 3, 4) were not only friends to Step Into Nowhere but also influenced by them, which makes sense. But I wanted to concentrate on the metal influences since I am a short haired friend of all longhairs.

Maybe Step Into Nowhere won’t stand the test of time like Zorn do (something big is coming up concerning Zorn by the way!), but this song here really sounds like early Zorn stuff.: empathic vocals, sluggish guitars… in the end: very “krauty”. Make sure you get your hands on their LP which is their best stuff in my eyes… ears. Spit Acid were from Göttingen and also had a LP on Per Koro/ Conquer The World Records which I listened a lot to in the 90ies. More due to their combination of political attitude, huge booklets and the melodic hardcore punk which combines early Ebullition with Berkeley – the weak vocals sometimes ruined it for me.
The only thing I found: an old Heartattack review.
The lyrics and a statement in the booklet all deal with the issue of animal "rights" and exploitation in a way both bands would have been better off on a Hardline label.
The label of the a side looks like the cover of the Crisis Of Faith/ Chokehold split 7" by the way.

SPIT ACID & STEP INTO NOWHERE - split (7'') Per Koro #?? & NC #01 1995

side a:
Spit Acid
2. tell me

side b:
Step Into Nowhere
1. schweigsam (im Grauen)
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, first mirror, second mirror]

1 funny side note: Hardline in Germany was more connected to the Ebullition and Profane Existence type of thing.

CHISPA - obstinator (7'') Per Koro #29,5 & Bloodlink Records #31 1999

Welcome to Postmodernism! This band arose after the end of Loxiran and clearly has one influence: San Diego. I think the band was also intended to be a rip off of bands like Guyver One – if you remember them? – and Swing Kids. They also had the perfect outfit for the sound (take a look at the glasses inside of the cover). But they kept this – self reflective - in mind and even their lyrics were insinuatingly this a bit (for example in „es gibt keinen Neuschnee“). Apart from those points (Alan Sokal we salute you… ha ha ha ha ha) they were one of the most intense live bands around that time on the old continent. You might be bored by this 7” - which was available as 5 song US version, 4 song version from Per Koro in Germany and a split CD version of those songs together with Enfold - but won’t do this band justice if you haven’t seen them live (they also toured the US together with label mates Enfold): an intense mayhem of guitar throwing and flying, doing somersaults and collecting the lost eyeglasses.
Enjoy! If you love Guyver One. „Showing ze Americans where ze hammer hangs“.
The members are quite successful in doing music nowadays being in Tomte, Marr and Der Tante Renate. Chispa just did those 7” songs and a compilation song. Markus from Per Koro Records still has some of those in his basement, write him nicely.

CHISPA - obstinator (7'') Per Koro #29,5 & Bloodlink Records #31 1999

side a:

1. Bradley
2. Glorification

side b:

1. Alienation aka K. Meine
2. Iskra
3. Es gibt keinen Neuschnee
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

CHISPA – unreleased song (recorded live) & compilation track (“Seed Of The Next Season” CD/LP Alveran & Per Koro Records)
1. Johnny Cash (live)
2. City of…
[MP3, 128k, password: antithesis]

Myspace Page

Friday, August 10, 2007

Headphone Festival 2007 - 10. - 12. August Leipzig

Okay, my robot friends; Since I have to work I still can listen to the Headphone Festival by Privatelektro this year. Here is the stream:

privatelektro headphone festival livestream


Headphone Festival @ Myspace


Friday: 10th August

18.00 Uhr: Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (DJ) Hamburg / D

19.00 Uhr: Minimatika (DJ) Berlin / D

19.30 Uhr: triPhaze Leipzig / D

20.00 Uhr: Mix Mup Leipzig / D

21.00 Uhr: Kauerhof & Randy Carpenhengst Leipzig / D

22.00 Uhr: THE ! Weimar / Jena / Leipzig / D

23.00 Uhr: Manami N. Berlin / Tokyo, D / Jp

23.30 Uhr: Jadegarten Osaka / Japan

00.00 Uhr: Gast fall Paris / Frankreich

Saturday: 11th August

00.30 Uhr: Minimatika (DJ) Berlin / D

01.30 Uhr: Inannia (DJ) Jena / D

02.30 Uhr: Nachtwächter und Maurer Leipzig / D


13.00 Uhr: Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (DJ) Hamburg / D

14.30 Uhr: Brandt & Friebe Leipzig / D

15.00 Uhr: Idiot Switch Berlin / D / USA

16.00 Uhr:

17.00 Uhr: Readymedia Berlin / D

17.30 Uhr: 33 Leipzig / D

18.00 Uhr: Dirk Markham Deeside / Berlin, UK / D

18.30 Uhr: Tetsuya Hori Berlin / D

19.00 Uhr: Enzym Dresden / D

20.00 Uhr: Sven Ihlenfeld Berlin / D

20.30 Uhr: Tilman Schmidt Berlin / D

21.00 Uhr: Igor Hax Liverpool / UK

22.00 Uhr: Stephane Leonard Berlin / D

22.30 Uhr: Shintaro Miyazaki Basel / Berlin, CH / D

23.00 Uhr: Rev. Benn Schipper Toronto / Leipzig, CAN

23.30 Uhr: Rebecca Cunningham Australien / AU - direct Stream

Sunday: 12th August

00.00 Uhr: Nicolas T. Weiser Berlin / Leipzig, D

00.30 Uhr: Rubén D'Hers Caracas / Venezuela .. TBA

01.00 Uhr: Electrigger Berlin / Leipzig, D

02.00 Uhr: Various Artists Szession!

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Selling shit @ Ebay.

I am selling some stuff I own twice or three times, maybe you are interested: both Five O 7"s, Assay LP, Assfactor4 LP, Up For Grabs compilation with Acme and Luzifers Mob, Against The Wall, Ex-Ignota, Antioch Arrow, Framework, Hail Mary, Monster X, Carol, In/Humanity, The GTC (ex-Honeywell), Pale Creation, Shed...

Klick here!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

STATEMENT - "prepare for battle" bootleg shirt

It's been a while and I am starting with a shirt (again for all the political correct ones): nice screenprinted bootleg shirt with the cover of the second Statement 7" (first one was the split with the Apostles1 (one of the first queer punk bands as far as I can remember)).
I still quarrel with myself since flaunting a huge hardline logo in 2007 might not be the most clever thing to do, but on the other hand: who really remembers hardline? And: Statement wasn't a hardline band - a Wikipedia entry states:

"[...]had a one-man studio project called Statement which initially was aligned with Hardline; however, he discarded the label over a disagreement over the issue of homosexuality."

The shirt is currently available, has a great printing and cotton quality and is a fine thing to antagonise the hippies in town.

1 I am going to post the split 7" and split LP in the near (far) future.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sorry: busy!

Two jobs and law school, I can't remember what "free time" is. Thanks to everyone who wrote nicely and sorry to all those who still have a lot of requests.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Reups & welcome MP3mos!

Stop sending annoying e-mails about selling records and shirts or even bullying concerning "re-ups"!
I will occasionally upload some of the stuff posted again and rework the postings with additional information and pictures.

THE NOTORIOUS LOVE AFFAIR - self titled (7'') Per Koro #14 1996

Here is a very short lived project from Germany with Andrew from Floodgate, Campaign & Fisticuffs Bluff and former/recent members of Prone, Stack, Narsaak, Dead Beat, Bastard King and Black Shape of Nexus. They never played live and just managed to do this 7" on Per Koro. They listened a lot to Native Nod, early Rye Coalition/Merel and Iconoclast but still have this krauty/Bremen touch. I am recently trying to get my hands on one unreleased song from the same recording session, so stayed tuned.

THE NOTORIOUS LOVE AFFAIR - self titled (7'') Per Koro #14 1996

side a:
1. Das Wundenlecken
2. I am the song my enemy sings

side b:
1. Autist
2. panic
[OGG Vorbis, 256k & MP3, 256k, password: antithesis]

Myspace Page (recently done by their nice bass player Michael)

Monday, June 04, 2007

V/A - ghost dance (Do7'') Slave Cut #01 1994

Update: some readers here are faaast (thank you!)!
Here is a different cover version, which is slightly different from the first booklet page (the complete booklet is included in the .zip file):

I think I saw this compilation with different covers? Maybe you can fill me in on this here.
Another 90ies emo jewel, no need for much talking: all your heroes on two 7"s. Have fun (or cry, kiss... whatever)!

Pressing quality is shitty by the way but it features one of my favourite Indian Summer song, so... I am going to listen to Cap'N Jazz's album now. Good bye...

V/A - ghost dance (Do7'') Slave Cut #01 1994

side a:
Indian Summer
1. sugar pill
From Ashes Of
2. theme for memory

side b:
Third Rail Rhyhme
1. double helix

side c:
1. his years
Cap'N Jazz
2. blue grass

side d:
1. elephant
2. how can you
[OGG vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

V/A - Turner Raus (7'') A-Wat #11 circa 1992

Here is a benefit by the A-Wat fanzine for Animal Peace which was an animal rights organisation and had its most popularity in the late 80ies and early 90ies in Germany and got later critisised for having "Drückerkolonnen" (I found no English expression for it; the word describes a group or people who use every means necessary to get money for their cause/ organisation etc.).
Abolition contribute an otherwise unreleased track; same goes for two other bands of my youth: Embittered from the U.K. (most of them know them from their split with Dystopia and their 7" on Ecocentric Records) and Truth Against Tradition from the Ulm area. Their previous name was Out Of Question and they had a nice demo tape (I am looking for the cover (scanned or xerox copy)!?) and released a 7" on Equality Records and one self released 7" (distributed by Knopp's Common Cause label) later. Truth Against Tradition was an incredible live band. Their track is very much in the Underdog/ late Bad Brains way.

V/A - Turner Raus (7'') A-Wat #11 circa 1992

side a:
1. state of perfection
2. crush

side b:
Truth Against Tradition
1. if not you
Venus Fly Trap
2. crocodile
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

ABOLITION - jesus was a fuckin' dick (7") Equality Records #02 circa 1991

This band was called Violent Arrest - which is an old The Freeze track and should not be mistaken for the new U.K. hardcore band - before and they had a demo tape and another version of this demo as split with Step Into Nowhere (all things which are requests by readers; be patient and contribute!). Abolition were fronted by the man behind the famous Amok/Confrontation fanzine and Corey who was mainly running Equality Records back then (I really regret selling the old three-sided Downcast shirt she wore too). This was their first output besides the "Turner Raus" compilation, at least I think so.
Quite in the vein of the early Power Violence bands like Infest and No Comment and some Reagan Era or even NYHC bands, this 7" won't stand the test of time but has my sympathy, especially for the 26 paged booklet with explanations concerning the lyrics which were written in a less affective and heated way than most of the political hardcore pamphlets at that time (something I loved about the Confrontation fanzine too).
Incredible comic cover artwork (or horrible... depends on your standpoint).
They were called Stack later - in case you didn't know.

ABOLITION - jesus was a fuckin' dick (7") Equality Records #02 circa 1991

side a:
1. in my own right
2. sadistic soldiers
3. reasons

side b:
1. I'm pissed
2. action/reaction
3. death + death
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

7" @ Panx.net
Abolition @ Punk-O-Graphie

Friday, June 01, 2007

V/A - for a fistful of yens! (CD) Bitzcore #01665 planned 1992 released 1994 (???)

Here is decent overlook of all the Bitzcore stuff the label did in its most exciting era (Rereleases by Articles Of Faith, Offenders, Verbal Abuse, Direct Action, Attitude Adjustment, Reflex From Pain, good compilations by Black Market Baby, United Mutation, Flag Of Democracy etc. or even new and good releases by Zero Boys (yes, I love the reunion LP), Alloy and so on).
I was watching some old Clint Eastwood classics the last few days - me having the flue I used the time in bed to do so - and after posting the two Articles Of Faith CDs (1, 2) I remembered this one. After pulling it out I spent the whole morning listening to records by Black Market Baby (man, they were brilliant and overlooked, shame on all consumers of D.C. hardcore punk records!), United Mutation (brutal!), Attitude Adjustment (I like them now more than I used to do) and Toxic Reasons (most of my friends said that they are something like a boring D.O.A. copy, that's not true: two mixtapes I did with my favourite songs by them and their heavy used condition proof the opposite). All songs were on different Bitzcore releases, but maybe you like it anyway or you even discover something you didn't know.
I am not sure, but I think there was also a US version of this compilation?!

Related want: I am interested in a dub with cover scan/ xerox copy of the Direct Action demo tape! I heard one original version on a tape compilation and it's great! Please write me.

V/A - for a fistful of yens! (CD) Bitzcore #01665 planned 1992 released 1994 (???)

1. Last Train To Dagenham -- Cock Sparrer
2. Headfirst -- Toxic Reasons
3. Animal Day -- Leatherface
4. On My Way -- Chiona Drum
5. More Alone With You -- Alloy
6. Unafraid -- Alloy
7. Indianapolis -- Zero Boys
8. Do The Wrong Thing -- Apartment 3-G
9. White As A Sheet -- Apartment 3-G
10. 5 o'Clock -- Articles Of Faith
11. Buried Alive -- Articles Of Faith
12. American Paranoia -- Attitude Adjustment
13. Bombs -- Attitude Adjustment
14. Verbal Abuse -- Verbal Abuse
15. Leeches -- Verbal Abuse
16. Laughing Boy -- Poison Idea
17. Cop An Attitude -- Poison Idea
18. Face Down In The Dirt -- Offenders
19. Fight Back -- Offenders
20. White Noise -- Toxic Reasons
21. Positive Change -- Zero Boys
22. Powerload -- Flag Of Democracy
23. Own Way -- United Mutation
24. Fugitive Family -- United Mutation
25. Generic Life -- Reflex From Pain
26. Damn-Age -- Direct Action
27. UXB -- Direct Action
28. Sacrifice Not Suicide -- The Freeze
29. Broken Bones -- The Freeze
30. Downward Christian Soldier -- Black Market Baby
31. Killing Time -- Black Market Baby
32. Kicks -- Destination Zero
33. The Only Way -- Destination Zero
34. Straight Time -- Jones Very
35. Don't Turn Away -- Vic Bondi
36. Dino -- Reflex From Pain
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Bitzcore Records

Thursday, May 31, 2007

ARTICLES OF FAITH - give thanks (CD) Bitzcore #01678 1992

Just to complete the previous posting: the first LP rerelease on Bitzcore (originally by Reflex in 1984) with a slightly redone cover layout. Again with songs which are not on any other record or even on one of the Alternative Tentacles compilations! Those two songs are also from the "wait" recording session and are nice; especially "angry man" which has a dub feeling in it.
The album itself is way more diversified or let's even call it experimental than the previous stuff. Many tempo changes, lead guitar solos (but not annoying) and the production by Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü make this a very interesting record and for me it also doesn't lack power like many others stated. The calm parts in "hollow eyes" are just beautiful, really predate the later Chicago indie guitar rock!

By the way: if you like the calmer second LP, make sure you check out Jones Very.

ARTICLES OF FAITH - give thanks (CD) Bitzcore #01678 1992

1. give thanks
2. in your suit
3. I objectify
4. acceptance
5. Chicago
6. everyman for himself
7. five o'clock
8. hollow eyes
9. in this jungle
10. American dreams
11. prison
12. angry man
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Review @ Flex!
Articles Of Faith Homepage
Articles Of Faith @ VicBondi.com

Lyrics to this record

ARTICLES OF FAITH - core (CD) Bitzcore #01664 1991

I was digitalizing some CDs for my MP3 player the last few days stumbling over some things which might be nice for the blog.
There is nothing what has not been written about Articles Of Faith so I am going to spare you this part, the only thing I am going to tell you: you need this compilation by Bitzcore! It features complete remixed versions of all songs by Articles Of Faith before their first LP (including the first two 7"s, songs from the "wait" e.p. sessions and the compilation/ demo tracks) and although I love the sound from the original records, these versions blow! Many tracks (mainly the tape compilation stuff) here are not on the so called discography CDs/LPs on Alternative Tentacles (!!!), among them my favourite Articles Of Faith track of all time: Articles Of Faith. It was a recording featured - together with 4 songs from the same session - on the "charred remains" tape compilation in 1981/1982 on Version Sound. The original version lacked a bit of power, but the remixed one just kicks ass! Listen to the bass run and then the vocal staccato by Bondi: Brilliant! I read that they left this one off the compilations on Alternative Tentacles since it wouldn't do the band justice today (bullshit!).

Nice liner notes by Vic Bondi and 3 more tracks on the CD compared to the vinyl version of this record. Leech now, downloading freaks!

Someone at Kill From The Heart with the same opinion:

"Core includes the first two Articles of Faith EPs, a bunch of compilation tracks, and a few unreleased songs. Although their later records were also good, nothing can touch their early stuff. Anger and emotion, amazingly great music, and intelligent lyrics. The songs on this collection were either remixed or remastered from the originals, and since this record was my first exposure to AOF, I tend to prefer listening to these versions than those on the actual 7"s (the sound seems fuller, which might not be the best thing for a lot of hardcore bands, but definitely works for AOF). This is one of the handful of records I would consider essential.

ARTICLES OF FAITH - core (CD) Bitzcore #01664 1991

1. I've Got Mine
2. Buried Alive
3. Sin and Redemption
4. My Father's Dreams
5. Articles of Faith
6. By My Rules
7. What We Want is Free
8. Born To Be
9. Wait
10. Buy This War
11. Streetfight
12. Ghost In the House
13. Everyday
14. Bad Attitude
15. Dependence
16. False Security
17. Up Against a Wall
18. Poison In My Sweat
19. Belfast
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Review @ Flex!
Articles Of Faith homepage

DISFLEISH - hear nothing see nothing say nothing new (7'') Roedel Records #13 circa 1997


(misprinted cover)

A few days ago someone demanded a band that takes crust punk for a ride by using its sound, aesthetics and lyrics and then unmasking the merciless boredom of crust as known it today. Disfleisch - who said Swabians couldn't be funny - is the only band that comes to my mind who ever tried to do so! Their only 7" was released on the beautiful Rödel Records label featuring three cover songs - partly with different lyrics - of the nordic Dis-clones Dischange & Dissober and three tracks on their own. All the lyrics attack hang-up attitudes within crust etc.: outlook, lyrics, stealing riffs, unimaginative band names...

Although being a huge fan of the sound and many bands (old and new), I consider crust one of the most redundant styles ever followed by zombies with fascist dress codes (Did you ever wonder why crusties haven't got tools in their tool belt?).

It's 2007 not 1982!

Review from an old Profane Existence fanzine:

"DISFLEISCH Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing New 7"
I'm aware that I'm probably the only one at PE that holds this view, but as far as I'm concerned it would be best to dig a big hole and throw about 98% of all the Dis-bands in it. Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased that others in the DIY scene are beginning to hold similar views. While Active Minds set the standard with their recent Dis is getting Pathetic 7", this new German bands have made it their goal to give a good kick in the nuts to the international Dis conspiracy. Features hilarious lyrics lampooning the mindless sloganeering and meaningless pose that goes with doing a Dis band in the 90ies. Songs like Disease of Punk, War is Unsightly, God Bless Dis Way really bring the message home. My favorite line is: Rob Discharge of some riffs, play them a bit faster - It's gonna be a hit! The real surprise is that all of this is carried by some pretty damn powerful Hardcore Punk, certainly better than most of these Dis clowns out there, played very tight and in-your-face. (Y@hoo)
Rödel Rec / Keule Sternkicker / Allmendeweg 89 / 13509 Berlin / Germany"

DISFLEISH - hear nothing see nothing say nothing new (7'') Roedel Records #13 circa 1997

side a:
1. god bless dis way
2. punk's not dead yet (agony lasts)
3. going under
4. dis-dur

side b:
1. after-beer farts
2. war is unsightly
3. disease of punk
4. dis-moll
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Monday, May 21, 2007

VA - degress of... malice (7'') Stationeight Records #02 1995

I thought about posting all Rye Coalition stuff that is not available anymore (or not that easy available; some other stuff - split 7", demo (an earlier rip is already floating around at Soulseek) etc. - will follow) starting with this compilation on Stationeight Records, featuring them, Impetus Inter, Animal Farm and As Good As Dead. Here is an interview with Rye Coalition in which Dave mentions the 7" (but forgot its name and the other bands on it). Animal Farm was a typical compilation band back then, nothing exciting... a bit like hectic Black Flag, Econochrist etc.. I remember As Good As Dead being better on their regular records, for example the split 7" with Armatron (featuring As Good As Dead members and had a record on GSL) is quite nice. Impetus Inter's track is one of the last they recorded before they changed their name to L Vado (and Lux Vanitas; I will buy their 7" next week and tell you about it); nothing new but quite solid in the vein of their previous stuff.
Rye Coalition are definitely the winner here.

VA - degress of... malice (7'') Stationeight Records #02 1995

side a:
Rye Coalition
1. ceremony for a fat lip
Animal Farm
2. another day

side b:
Impetus Inter
1. don't care much about places
As Good As Dead
2. shackled
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V/A - for want of... (Double 7") X-Mist #50 circa 1996


As stated in the comments before: Alex was so nice to provide a cover scan of a limited version of the compilation! Thanks!:

This one of the last releases by X-Mist – together with Steakknife and Hell No – in a more conservative hardcore/punk context ( I would consider Guyana Punchline or Eniac conservative too, but that’ s different story – the voice from the off1 might even say: “reactionary”) and it’s an enjoyable one. If you see the track list, you might think: a who’s who of the era. Some tracks are even exclusive here: so enjoy. Solar Bomb Kit – used to be called Scud before and they were a provoking band (have a nice 7” too) – are pre-Trend by the way. The Baby Harp Seal song was recorded while being on tour, I think. Some distinguished bands existed in the UK back then: Schema, Baby Harp Seal, Spy Vs Spy, Fabric, Dead Wrong, Tribute, Understand etc.
I consider Kurt being the best band here, often dispatched as Germany’s Shotmaker, but this fails their abilities (they also disprove the most popular public opinion within the culture industry that nasty people do good music and polite people don’t).

V/A – for want of… (Double-7”) X-Mist #50 circa 1996

side a:
Christie Front Drive
1. After the Parade

side b:
1. The ins and outs of haste of flesh
Baby Harp Seal
2. fully transistorised

side c:
Torches To Rome
1. Torches to Rome
Solar Bomb Kit
2. Wicked I Shift

side d:
1. Rocket Park
2. Franklin (kleiner Ladenbesitzer)
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1 The off is located in Switzerland, fool.