Sunday, February 15, 2009

Those Who Fear Tomorrow MP3 Blog

"bring honour or walk away RJC - BTBC - CTYC"

(Abhinanda in the 90ies by Henrik)

My buddy Henrik from Sweden started a blog concentrating on the 90ies and some 80ies classic mainly concerning Beatdown and vegan drugfree music. He posted some real burners until now - some stuff we traded a while ago, but were told by other traders to not share it on the internet, but that was quite some time in the past; I think the good old tape trading and even CD-R days are gone forever. So check it out and download all the stuff I needed nearly ten years to get by tapetrading - the world is fucked! Things like the Birthrigt demo, Everlast demo, Flame of God demo, two of the three Contempt demos etc.:

Those who fear tomorrow!

I will also use the opportunity or let's say as trigger for posting stuff I held back for some years now.