Sunday, August 26, 2007

CHISPA - obstinator (7'') Per Koro #29,5 & Bloodlink Records #31 1999

Welcome to Postmodernism! This band arose after the end of Loxiran and clearly has one influence: San Diego. I think the band was also intended to be a rip off of bands like Guyver One – if you remember them? – and Swing Kids. They also had the perfect outfit for the sound (take a look at the glasses inside of the cover). But they kept this – self reflective - in mind and even their lyrics were insinuatingly this a bit (for example in „es gibt keinen Neuschnee“). Apart from those points (Alan Sokal we salute you… ha ha ha ha ha) they were one of the most intense live bands around that time on the old continent. You might be bored by this 7” - which was available as 5 song US version, 4 song version from Per Koro in Germany and a split CD version of those songs together with Enfold - but won’t do this band justice if you haven’t seen them live (they also toured the US together with label mates Enfold): an intense mayhem of guitar throwing and flying, doing somersaults and collecting the lost eyeglasses.
Enjoy! If you love Guyver One. „Showing ze Americans where ze hammer hangs“.
The members are quite successful in doing music nowadays being in Tomte, Marr and Der Tante Renate. Chispa just did those 7” songs and a compilation song. Markus from Per Koro Records still has some of those in his basement, write him nicely.

CHISPA - obstinator (7'') Per Koro #29,5 & Bloodlink Records #31 1999

side a:

1. Bradley
2. Glorification

side b:

1. Alienation aka K. Meine
2. Iskra
3. Es gibt keinen Neuschnee
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

CHISPA – unreleased song (recorded live) & compilation track (“Seed Of The Next Season” CD/LP Alveran & Per Koro Records)
1. Johnny Cash (live)
2. City of…
[MP3, 128k, password: antithesis]

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Anonymous said...

oh well, you so right. chispa was one of the best bands I have seen play ever! the raw energy combined with the technical level the achieved playing their instruments was just amazing at that time. I'm just wondering how one can end up in a band like TOMTE after having played in chispa. Well, everybody's gotta pay rent, right?

I was just wondering what their drummer was doing these days? Musically speaking I think he was the most gifted one, that was at least my impression from seeing them play.


Rolf said...
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Rolf said...

Kleine Side-Anekdote: Norman, der Gitarrist, der auch bei Loxiran und Engrave dabei war, hatte kurzzeitig ein Aachen-based Bandprojekt namens BOLZEN. Er an der Gitarre, Roland (Engrave, Defiance Records) am Bass, KCR (Cleansweep, For The Day, Sheridan, Only A Phase Fanzine) am Gesang und - wenn ich mich recht entsinne - Chris (jetzt Stimme bei Cheap Thrills (!)) am Schlagzeug.

Haben, glaube ich, drei Konzerte gespielt, das letzte hab ich gesehen. Pures Mayhem, ich glaube die Musik war sehr von Normans recht typischem Gitarrenspiel geprägt. Der hatte eine modifizierte Flying V oder so, die er bei diesem Konzert zertrümmerte. Danach war er so erledigt, dass er aus Selbsterhaltungsgründen die Band aufgegeben hat.