Monday, May 08, 2017

DAMNATION (ad) - On A Pale Horse (7") Tidal Records #?? 1994

I will post all Damnation (ad) singles minus "the mortal" so that da Brummel does not sue me. "On A Pale Horse" was still recorded as duo but the inlet tells us that they became a full band now and took over the "ad" in their name. It's also printed on the cover already which is not correct concerning the recordings.
It's 2017 and this still moves me. I still get the same goose bumps as I had when listening to Godflesh or Pitchshifter the first time.

If I should post the songs from the old Lost And Found Records compilation - just let me know via the comments. Also feel free to comment anytime or give additional information which I can include in a posting. I sadly had to delete my contact information on the site: I was receiving spam mainly and had to delete about 1000 mails a week to find one or two concerning the blog.
Thanks to all those who wrote in the past years - especially the band members of Don Martin 3 and The Hated and the friend of Dismay's singer! I will add parts of the ancedotes to the original postings!

DAMNATION - On A Pale Horse 7'' Tidal Records 1994

side a:
A1 Damnation

side b:
B1 On A Pale Horse
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]

Monday, January 09, 2017

DAMNATION - The Hangman (7") Lost & Found Records #LF 090 1994

Speaking of a hanged man. Here is Damnation's first 7" - still kills today. In my opinion they should have kept the lofi industrial touch while running Damnation ad as band too - Damnation was a two man studio project prior becoming a real band. Although the later fulllength is da bomb, the harshness, tinny industrial sound and coldness are not caught with the monstrous production and wall of sound. On the Lost & Found compilations several early versions of later classics can be found while Ken and Mike were acting as duo first. So if there are more recordings in this vein please make them available.
And of course: this vinyl record has a direct metal mastering! It's funny that this label put so much effort in good sounding vinyl records. Something hundreds of metal and hardcore label are not doing nowadays - many records do not even get a vinyl mastering today (a frustrating experience as listener). Layout contrary to the sound as always: topnotch L&F style. Dit is "Artcore", Alter.

DAMNATION - The Hangman (7") Lost & Found Records #LF 090 1994

side a:
A1 The Hangman
side b:
B1 Sleep
[MP3 320k, link1, link2, link3]

Saturday, January 07, 2017

CROSSED OUT - "hanged man" shirt

I keep them coming: a very old Crossed Out shirt. I am not sure if this is a bootleg or not. I have never seen it anywhere.
It's still a pitty that with the demise of Slap A Ham records their discography is unavailable - the CD and LP is more expensive than their regular releases. In days in which every mediocre nineties hardcore band gets repackaged rereleases or huge discography packages it seems to be odd.

Here is an entertaining interview concerning power violence:

An Oral History of Power Violence

"Crossed Out are the dark lords of powerviolence."

I think none of those guys did not continue to play in bands later on.

Monday, January 02, 2017

GAZZAN - Extinction (Tape) self released 2016

To little Clevo content here anyway: since the US postage prices are killing it at the moment (and then even DIY labels make their customers paying through the nose1), I have to go digital sometimes now.
Gazzan features the Melnicks, Blaze and even Rob Orr and their demo includes all Clevo parts you expect adding a modern progressive metal touch you usually expect from Relapse Records and the like. Sometimes I need to get used to the vocals, but overall it's great. I am falling for those guitar solos until the end of days!

Interview done by Andrew Aversiononline

1 For example I ordered two seveninches and two tapes two months ago and paid nearly 17 $ for shipping, when the parcel arrived around 8,50$ were paid for shipping by the USPS