Monday, April 30, 2007

V/A - Plot compilation & fanzine (LP) Plot #00 & X-Mist 1994

This compilation was released together with the first issue of the Plot fanzine - one of the best 'zines in the 90ies out of Germany associated with a lot of controversy since the editors were shooting in every direction of what was once called hardcore and punk (I was consistent with every target!). Among the writers were Armin and Ute from X-Mist, KHS (a fanzine 'legend'), Zenker from Luzifers Mob, Markus from Toys Move Fanzine, Flo from Zelot, Lee from Spermbirds/2Bad and many others. Anyway the compilation was intended to support the Plot fanzine financially and this institution lasted more than 21 issues.

The compilation itself left me more satisfied than the Illiterate LP on Ebullition and nearly every band from this LP will be featured here soon, among them Golgatha, Ambush, Acme, Ego-Trip, Cwill, Systral, Stack (ex-Abolition), Wounded Knee, Mine (ex-Armicide/Monument, pre-Cataract), Corrosive, Zelot and Dawnbreed (pre-Monochrome). The last track here is an early Bohren & Der Club Of Gore (ex-7 Inch Boots: 1 & 2) track under the name Bohren and it's from their '93 demo tape.

V/A - Plot compilation (LP) Plot #00 & X-mist 1994

side a:
Graue Zellen
1. voice your opinion
2. ashamed
3. locuste
4. here & now
5. c.a.c.
6. rainship
7. kranke frucht
8. "new song"
9. pretending judiciousness
Luzifers Mob
10. 9-15 (und der böse blick)

side b:
1. armistice
Time To Suffer Power
2. animal
Wounded Knee
3. wake up!
4. xxx
5. rausch des irrens
6. lotzeyn
7. menschmotorik
8. luder, samba & tavernen
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

PLOT issue #0 november 1994
PDF, 48 pages

I excluded the fanzine from the .zip file since there might be many here who are only in it for the muuuusic.1

1 best are the downloading obsessed MP3mos who are asking for the password of the .zip files. Ha ha ha ha ha...


alex said...

I really cursed Bohren for being on this compilation some weeks ago when it was on eBay - announced as a compilation feat. Bohren - and it raised over 16 euros. Thanks a lot for upping this, so I don't have to listen to my very used tape copy...

Flobreaker said...

For me, the secret brother of this compilation is the "No desire to continue living" 10" - it, too, features almost the same bands, and again with powerful tracks.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Never had it, although I own every other Farewell record!!!! I also haven't the compilation double 7" with Carol etc... fuck, those two things are really missing here.

Anyone who wants to contribute it?

alex said...

All of the time Marzipan tells me how great the Carol track on the "Cry now cry later" is, damn I need this too!
I'm gonna ask if he can rip it..

Anonymous said...

could you please re-up this?
guess i'm a little late here
just came by this blog today
pretty please?
great blog btw!

thanks and cheers

matt - brasil