Tuesday, July 31, 2007

STATEMENT - "prepare for battle" bootleg shirt

It's been a while and I am starting with a shirt (again for all the political correct ones): nice screenprinted bootleg shirt with the cover of the second Statement 7" (first one was the split with the Apostles1 (one of the first queer punk bands as far as I can remember)).
I still quarrel with myself since flaunting a huge hardline logo in 2007 might not be the most clever thing to do, but on the other hand: who really remembers hardline? And: Statement wasn't a hardline band - a Wikipedia entry states:

"[...]had a one-man studio project called Statement which initially was aligned with Hardline; however, he discarded the label over a disagreement over the issue of homosexuality."

The shirt is currently available, has a great printing and cotton quality and is a fine thing to antagonise the hippies in town.

1 I am going to post the split 7" and split LP in the near (far) future.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sorry: busy!

Two jobs and law school, I can't remember what "free time" is. Thanks to everyone who wrote nicely and sorry to all those who still have a lot of requests.