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V/A - Andersen (7") Stigma #01 1996

Nice and interesting compilation that came out 10 years ago. Kimusawea - their singer is now in Bolz'n - had a good 7" on Maximum Voice Production and a LP1 on Nabate - quite challenging and diverse, combining punk rock, Nausea, Neurosis, emo core and yes: Zorn. The Ambush track is from the "Pigs" album on Common Cause.
And while Zorn broach the issue of Auschwitz in their lyrics the last artist is Hitler having a analogical booklet page but I can't remember any discussions about this release back then, maybe it was overlooked?! Hitler had a very strange but good humor2 comparable to Chaplin or Brooks and it was actually an Ambush side project in the footsteps of Delta Blues and Bluegrass, unplugged with guitar and a mandoline. I think they also had a demo tape, if you know some details, please let me know.
The title and the cover is a reference to H.C. Andersen.

V/A - Andersen (7") Stigma #01 1996

side a:
1. ich-panzerung
2. one day in december

side b:
1. sintflut
2. she's fine
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

1 review from an old Profane Existence issue:

"KIMUSAWEA Kurze Abhandlung Vom Menschen Und Seinem Glück LP
This is amazing. Complex, layered music, with a driving beat and powerful female vocals that are full of emotion, melody, and intensity. The music sometimes reminds me of NEUROSIS, sometimes ACME, but mostly of something completely unique. Really unique packaging as well with great use of printing techniques, imagery and color. Lyrics are all in German, so I can't comment on that. Musically though, this will draw you in and take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Great stuff. (Jon)"

2 maybe someone knows their 7" and especially the cover on the label of the ABC Diabolo dudes: Rex Rotari. The booklet page here has Bruno Rey's name as contact with an adress in Buenos Aires.

V/A - Plot compilation & fanzine (LP) Plot #00 & X-Mist 1994

This compilation was released together with the first issue of the Plot fanzine - one of the best 'zines in the 90ies out of Germany associated with a lot of controversy since the editors were shooting in every direction of what was once called hardcore and punk (I was consistent with every target!). Among the writers were Armin and Ute from X-Mist, KHS (a fanzine 'legend'), Zenker from Luzifers Mob, Markus from Toys Move Fanzine, Flo from Zelot, Lee from Spermbirds/2Bad and many others. Anyway the compilation was intended to support the Plot fanzine financially and this institution lasted more than 21 issues.

The compilation itself left me more satisfied than the Illiterate LP on Ebullition and nearly every band from this LP will be featured here soon, among them Golgatha, Ambush, Acme, Ego-Trip, Cwill, Systral, Stack (ex-Abolition), Wounded Knee, Mine (ex-Armicide/Monument, pre-Cataract), Corrosive, Zelot and Dawnbreed (pre-Monochrome). The last track here is an early Bohren & Der Club Of Gore (ex-7 Inch Boots: 1 & 2) track under the name Bohren and it's from their '93 demo tape.

V/A - Plot compilation (LP) Plot #00 & X-mist 1994

side a:
Graue Zellen
1. voice your opinion
2. ashamed
3. locuste
4. here & now
5. c.a.c.
6. rainship
7. kranke frucht
8. "new song"
9. pretending judiciousness
Luzifers Mob
10. 9-15 (und der böse blick)

side b:
1. armistice
Time To Suffer Power
2. animal
Wounded Knee
3. wake up!
4. xxx
5. rausch des irrens
6. lotzeyn
7. menschmotorik
8. luder, samba & tavernen
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

PLOT issue #0 november 1994
PDF, 48 pages

I excluded the fanzine from the .zip file since there might be many here who are only in it for the muuuusic.1

1 best are the downloading obsessed MP3mos who are asking for the password of the .zip files. Ha ha ha ha ha...

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ZORN - heftig aufflammender unwille (7") Equality Records #08 1994

(regular cover)

(limited version with paintings)

You know it was coming: Zorn.

Please do not confuse them with the bad black metal band.

If I have to name the 10 best bands from this era among Acme, Age, Dawnbreed and Kurt I will throw in their name. Hailing from the area between Mannheim and Heidelberg those dudes from Baden-Wuerttemberg were polarising right from the beginning. Besides some grind and noise core bands (and ABC Diabolo) in Germany they were the first having black and death metal influenced layouts and lyrics. Labeled as "metal" by the hardcore in-crowd and later blacklisted and banned from clubs by p.c. dudes due to tour posters with a Pushead like artwork.

Their first vinyl release on Ludwigshafen based Equality Records (Profax, Stack, Abolition, Age, Malva, Hypocritical Society etc.) was a 100% progression after their demo tape but still a bit behind the split 7" and LP, like an unpolished rough diamond. Quite lovely when the undistorted guitars lead into the moshy part while the scraping, emo like German singing never sounds annoying.
The nice looking booklet - included in the .zip file - also has essays/ thoughts by friends of the band among them for example Marianne from Profax/ Sundowner/ Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records.

(live picture in the booklet)

Their drummer is doing finest robot music now: T.Raumschmiere and also the famous Shitkatapult label.

ZORN - heftig aufflammender unwille (7") Equality Records #08 1994

side a:
1. flucht
2. schwarzer frühling
3. hirnvergifter

side b:
1. mord an einer seele
2. messer
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

I will rerip this, since I took a sloppy copy I own with a more used vinyl.
Okay, did this one from a better copy again, seems like the pressing quality isn't that good; a 12" version - like planned - would have been fine.

demo (Tape) DIY 1993
heftig aufflammender unwille (7") Equality Records #08 1994
about 10 EP testpressings (12") Equality Records #08 1994
track on "Plot" compilation (LP) Plot #0/ X-Mist 1994
track on "andersen" compilation (7") Stigma Records #01 1995
split with Zelot (7") Spring Records #0? 1995
... denn alle lust will ewigkeit (LP) Maximum Voice Production #07 1996
unreleased demo (Tape) DIY 199?
The Men Of Hell aka Zorn - self titled (LP/CD) Maximum Voice Production #666 1998
Into the Pandemonium of Bunker Nimmerland (Tape) Antithesis 2000


Some people are also demanding a reunion by them or at least a nice discography CD:

ROSWELL PROJECT - self titled (7") Nothing Left Records #03 1996

Here is another San Diego based band which most of you might remember from their 7" (and compilation track) on Pushead's Bacteria Sour label which has one of the best layouts he has ever done (here are some variations: 1 & 2). This less known 7" features two songs which are not released otherwise (the flip side is on the Bacteria Sour 7") and the packaging is also very nice: fold out cover, sticker and a photograph etc.
The second song reminds me a bit of One Eyed God Prophecy but altogether it sounds like where they are from: screamed, varied San Diego emo hardcore.

By the way: if anyone knows what Nothing Left Records released besides the Stickfigure Carousel 7" and this one and what the members from Roswell Project did afterwards or before please tell me!

ROSWELL PROJECT - self titled (7") Nothing Left Records #03 1996

side a:
1. reoccuring dream
2. rule with a plastic fist

side b:
1. more than a hero less than human
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

HAN-SHAN - self titled (7") Soledad #02 1993

From the Olympia based label that brought us the incredible Toadliquor1 came this 7" from this San Diego dudes (members of Kirsch' s John Henry West, End Of The Line and later Salem Lights and Tight Bro's From Way Back When) and fuck: the production or mastering fucks this whole thing up. It sounds like shit shit shit and shit which is really sad since it's another spastic San Diego styled record - Flex! says so too. I also listened to it some days ago after nearly 5 years or so and I remembered them being heavier maybe my ears were poisoned with nowadays productions because I can' t remember this 7" being that weak and thin.
The lyrics are a bit in the vein of Angel Hair, but maybe based on and influenced by the Chinese poet from whom they got their name and who was also an influence to Kerouac. The whole packaging is also a reference to him.

Sorry for this posting, but I thought of this as a better record than I do now. At least the crazy wind instrument and sludge parts in the last song can reparate it a bit.

HAN-SHAN - self titled (7") Soledad #02 1993

side a:
1. in autumn
2. flesh light and stars
3. torrent
4. black teagarden

side b:
1. toast to the
2. insomnia
3. loquat tree
4. crain pattern
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

1 although rereleased as CD on SL I am going to post the 7" and LP here

POT VALIANT - volar/ low dexterity points (7") Sunney Sindicut Records #06 1993

Does anyone remember the Vagrants (not the famous 60ies band)? Their 7" on Lookout, compilation tracks and demos were great, playing a style that became very famous after the band stopped. Anyway the complete line up of the Vagrants played in Pot Valiant shortly after. And I think this 2 song 7" on Sunney Sindicut1 - a emo heyday label with releases from Yah Mos, Sinker, Amber Inn, Exhale, The Popesmashers and Land Of The Wee Beasties - is their best stuff also the album and the other 7" are nice. The flip side sounds like Sunny Day Real Estate and The Hated meet at the practice space. Enjoy this forgotten band.

POT VALIANT - volar/ low dexterity points (7") Sunney Sindicut Records #06 1993

side a:
1. volar

side b:
1. low dexterity points
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

1 a few informations about the label owner can be found here.

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V/A - An American Tragedy - benefit compilation for Judi Bari's case (7'') Diffusion #03 1996

One of the many benefits back then for Judi Bari, an former Earth First! activist who died from breast cancer in 1997. If you want detailed informations about the lawsuit and her activities, visit her homepage. Decide for yourself; there is also a booklet included in this 7" and I added it with the scans.

I posted it due to the version of Three Studies For A Crucifixion's "operation: dandelion" which is better than on the split 7".
Also quite funny: Dead Silence from Denver, CO are covering "angry" from Rapid City's Dissent! Dead Silence had some nice records in the late 80ies - especially the LP.
The Still Life track is also on their "madness and the gackle" LP on The Sunflower Tribe.
Never heard of Watercolour than on this compilation - quite typical indie emo mix for this time, like a poppy, less chaotic version of Cap 'N Jazz; I like it, anyone with more informations about them?

V/A - An American Tragedy - benefit compilation for Judi Bari's case (7'') Diffusion #03 1996

side a:
Dead Silence
1. angry (Dissent)
Three Studies For A Crucifixion
2. operation: dandelion

side b:
Still Life
1. fool
2. American worries
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Thanks for this contribution! The unreleased Watercolour LP!

WATERCOLOUR - stories about old rich white people

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
[MP3, 192k]

"watercolour was an indianapolis band - ex-jaded, pre-racebannon, rapider than horsepower, and others. they played at the re-opening of the sitcom collective in indianapolis in the mid-90s along with ice 9 and birthright. i'm pretty sure most or all of them went to pike high school. if i remember right, they sometimes switched on instruments. heartfelt music and words, poetry in between songs, melodic and rocking, etc."

Videos @ the Rapid City Punk Archive

(Single File Line, RC Archive)

I don' t know if you already knew this homepage, but they have some fine stuff up for years now, like all the unreleased Via stuff (maybe you remember them from the XXX compilation on Ebullition; they were supposed to be on AmpRep but it sadly never happened) and all other RC bands (Element, Dissent, Single File Line, State Of The Union, Straight From The Heart etc.) or some live shows from Angel Hair, Threadbare, Slant 6 and Jawbreaker. Also make sure that you check out the photo section (Detestation, Downcast, Rorschach, Demise, Insted etc.).

But my main intend for this postings: videos by Threadbare, Still Life, Current, Assfactor 4, Chino Horde, Current, Evergreen, Farside, Jawbox, N.O.U., Single File Line, Rorschach, Universal Order Of Armageddon, Up Front, Via and and and. That' s the who is who of the 90ies.


HARRIET THE SPY - unfuckwithable (12") Troubleman Unlimited #29 1997

Okay, just to complete the previous postings (I am still looking for the tour 7" and the last split 7"): the first record I purchased by Harriet The Spy, not as solid as the 10" but still: unfuckwithable (!!!) and a beautiful record. And although I used the word "unique" quite often in my previous posts: here it is appropriate. Could have been huge if they were on Touch & Go or Sub Pop at the right time.

Still available from Troubleman Unlimited as CD - so just up for one week.

"I can't break your face when it's in cyberspace but I'll be waiting in the parking lot with a fistful of food".

HARRIET THE SPY - unfuckwithable (12") Troubleman Unlimited #29 1997

side a:
1. the unforgetable fire
2. untitled
3. girls in bikinis
4. octohelpme

side b:
1. paint my atoms
2. androidgeny
3. when the shit hits the commodore 64
4. cum stomache
5. when we saw our names up in lights
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

HARRIET THE SPY/ THREE STUDIES FOR A CRUCIFIXION – split (7“) Donut Friends #38 1997

A huge step forward for Harriet The Spy! And hell yeah, the lyrics were fine:

"I am the special man who hooked up all these bands
my name, hard to pronounce but sort of familiar
bares resemblance to all other emo-unpronoucables.

remember what I deserve... respect

she clutches the paper, announces the reading
the words she' s speaking are spoken for speaking
"I deserve respect, redundance to the end!"

oh no it' s just a show oh no"

From "this music festival sucks".

My first contact with Harriet The Spy was the later 12" on Troubleman Unlimited and I pulled it out at the records store several times before I bought it weeks later, every time reading the lyrics over and over again. I just heard that the drummer of The Party Of Helicopters was also in Harriet The Spy but I' ve never heard from them before and honestly I bought the 12" due to the lyrics, not being disappointed later.
I heard Three Studies For A Crucifixion the first time on the Amnesia compilation and was thrilled, the split tracks here were a bit a let down since the mastering totally sucks. I don't know if this due to the length (but 6 minutes should be fine) or the recording was already that bad. Nearly all stuff by them lacks production which is really sad: they just blow. Check out their split LP with Coleman on Mountain Records - way more interesting than everything bands like Converge etc. have done around that time. They also had a split 8" with Melt Banana on the label that did a Harriet The Spy CD - never hold it in my hands, is it a discography? Maybe someone wants to contribute it. Members of The Party Of Helicopters and Three Studies For A Crucifixion are now in Teeth Of The Hydra - nasty mix of Black Sabbath, Melvins, Sludge and the new album a bit Mastodon too. Especially the new album "Greenland" is worth checking out.

Again: nice packaging.

HARRIET THE SPY/ THREE STUDIES FOR A CRUCIFIXION – split (7“) Donut Friends #38 1997

side a:
Harriet The Spy
1. This Music Festival Sucks
2. Bucky Beaver

side b:
Three Studies For A Crucifixion
1. No Refund Policy
2. Operation: Dandelion
3. Centrificate Of Marathoid Behavior
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

BISYBACKSON/ HARRIET THE SPY - split (7") Donut Friends #35 1996

After the 10“ posting by Used Bin Forever! I got the urge to post the two early split 7”’s by Harriet The Spy, a band who showed how you can have a let’ s call it punk rock background but evolving from it, leaving it behind although still being trapped in its infrastructure (although I can hear some San Diego in these early songs by them). These might be the most "hardcore" songs by Harriet The Spy. They really made a huge step forward with the next split 7".
Donut Friends always had a nice diy packaging – see the Party Of Hellacopters stuff for example etc. – and this is no exception1. Bisybackson are more on the punky side, much Bay Area and Berekley2 like, but very thrashy, later !!! member by the way.

HARRIET THE SPY/ BISYBACKSON – split (7”) Donut Friends #35 1996

side a:
1. To-get-her
2. Hero

side b:
Harriet The Spy
1. Nopi
2. Excuse me, your legs are on fire
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

1 I just realized that someone stole my The Man I Fell In Love With single. Fuck you! I can’t count the numbers of records which vanished after for example members of bands slept at my apartment; hours before I did a gig for them, bought them food, handed out gas money and then giving the opportunity to sleep at my place it is still not good enough. Never again will emo core, hardcore and punk heroes stay at my home, because you all behaved like shit, and your lyrics meant shit and next time I call the police like some Frankfurter did.

2 "Punk Rock Wonderland"

Including the whole scans?

Question: would you prefer all scans of the covers, inlets and labels at the end of the postings or is the current version with them being included in the .zip files enough?

Some feedback would be nice.

SHUTDOWN (UK) - self titled (12") Off The Disk #10 1991

Not to be mistaken with the New York straight edge hardcore band.

I do like every Off The Disk records except the one by Red Fisher1. And like stated before I am a huge fan of the mid80ies/early 90ies melodic UK sound. I never heard their demo tape which is supposed to be brilliant and will be posted soon on Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times.
This 12" - one of the overlooked OTD records (you' ll find it in many cheapo lists of mail orders) - has some quite nice moments I also love when listening to HDQ, Instigators etc., especially the flip side has two great songs. There was also a UK version I think with a different cover on Boss Tune Age.

I do not have many infos, I only know that they existed about 4 or 5 years from 1990 on and also had two albums after this 12", which I - like always - never listened to; they were also a huge influence to many UK bands later and some members joined The Great Leap Forward.

Here is the description from the old - now offline - Off The Disk Records homepage:

"OTD 10 Shutdown- 12" 1000 pressed. Not as good as their demo which I still like a lot. Still some good moments here."

SHUTDOWN - self titled (12") Off The Disk #10 1991

side a:
1. let her go
2. broken
3. imprint
4. so many years

side b:
1. king of fools
2. just be there
3. British way of life
4. paralysed
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

1 At least the artwork with the black - red contrast was nice. If it' s fine with "the Off" I am going to do Rupture, Factory and Monument too.

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DYSTOPIA - live Bunker Nimmerland, Friedrichshafen, Germany 05-23-1997 & tour poster

Here is the European tour poster with a nice Queen rip off, some years before the Locust record came out. The posters came out of the print shop when the tour was already done - nice timing -, so I am quite sure, that not too many have seen it yet.

Dystopia are among my all time favourites and - for me - one of the best things ever coming out of hardcore and punk, and although I do not like the idea of being a fan: I am a huge Dystopia fan. They played live at our local youth club together with Präparation-H, Hifi-Killers and Painted Thin, due to four bands playing at the evening, Dystopia started about 3 o' clock in the morning, but it was one of the greatest concerts I attended, which I am going to share here with you since many Bunker Nimmerland shows were recorded onto mini disc directly from the soundboard.
I thought about doing a official tape with this show some years ago and Mauz also agreed on doing so since it should have been a benefit for an activist who got caught during hunting sabotage. After familial problems, me moving 700 miles away and the recipient of the intended benefit turned out being a total asshole the tape never saw the light of day. 2 years ago Pat from Useless Recordings and me thought about doing it again, me writing Mauz again (after I "found" him at Myspace), but Pat and me never pulled our lazy asses together. At least I managed to do a digital version now. The Präparation-H1 show was recorded too and after I sent Dan a digital copy some weeks ago they decided to release it as an official CD! So keep your eyes open for this release and grab some of the last copies of the latest 3" CD by them.

New Dystopia release this year!

DYSTOPIA - live Bunker Nimmerland, Friedrichshafen, Germany 05-23-1997

1. complete live set
[OGG Vorbis, 192k]

(live Bunker Nimmerland; taken by Pat or Isa)

Life Is Abuse
Dystopia "not so official page"

1 You already guessed it: I am a huge lover of Präparation-H too!

THE STICKMEN - get on board (12") Red Music #04 & Stickmanjams 1983

4 000 000 Telephones was a good start, but it' s getting better, because here are The Stickmen1.

The Pop Group, Pere Ubu and Devo are jamming together? These total sickos from Philadelphia just did this 12" and a LP called "This is the Master Brew" in 1982. Cuneiform Records did a discography CD 6 years ago but it' s sold out everywhere, so this posting was a must. Since my puss is dry from all the talking, here is a good biography. And now I ask you: who needs Now Wave?

THE STICKMEN - get on board (12") Red Music #04 & Stickmanjams 1983

side a:
1. funky hayride
2. bone shadow

side b:
1. action man
2. crash my dome
3. jampire
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

As bonus a tape version of the LP and the 12" by the devoted but now defunct (?) Teenbeat/ Tienbiet tape label:

THE STICKMEN - get on board (Tape) Tienbeat #Beat18 2002

side a:
1. master brew
2. mystery party 8sub)
3. joy toy
4. levelhead
5. taildragger (decoy) pt. 1
6. do get down
7. action man
8. crash my dome
9. jampire

side b:
1. stickman
2. caged sex
3. set back (i.f.l.9
4. personality polination
5. dura-flame-dog
6. insatiable (hotpoint)
7. funky hayride
8. bone shadow
[OGG Vorbis, 192k, password: antithesis]

1 not to be confused with the bad house music thing



Speaking of The World/ Inferno Friendship Society: they used to sent & hand out cards of future gigs by them with Vaudeville artwork to friends. Nice.

4 000 000 TELEPHONES - self titled (LP) Bunker Records #bonk1 1985

Shame on all of you! Here comes a total forgotten New No or what the fuck ever Wave record! Okay it was released after the first or even second and interesting wave of bands or when the former heroes turned into boring radio music (1985 and New Wave are mutually exclusive) and - of course - the record industry did everything to keep the cash cow going tormenting our ears with shit, but that' s no excuse for ignoring this masterpiece.
Hailing from Lincoln, UK they were quite famous in Germany among lovers of The Fall, The Pop Group, 23 Skidoo and A Certain Ratio (all those bands are a good comparison to 4 000 000 Telephones) and also did a tour in Germany in 1986 right after this album and the "French Girls" e.p. (I am still looking for this one!). I never heard the two albums afterwards but have been told that just one original member was part of the band then and those things couldn't cope with their debut. If this isn't true, then please tell me or prove that black is white.

And now: Funk off!

4 000 000 TELEPHONES - self titled (LP) Bunker Records #bonk1 1985

side a:
1. big house
2. cereal commercial
3. dangerous man
4. stop

side b:
1. salt
2. safe
3. do that
4. horses
5. we're not coming out
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Wow, on Youtube (argh, stop! This is a German TV commercial on their 1986 tour and an early version of "French Girls" - it' s quite ridiculous and they seemed bored. Do not watch the video, listen to the LP which is totally different to this appearance) :

Monday, April 16, 2007


The only Stagnation’s End shirt known to me, printed when their LP came out. Very nice and kind people, a great live band and quite overlooked back then (okay, I can understand this if you have just heard their first 7”). Make sure that you get your hands on the LP and the split LP with their follower Paranoia Keeps Crawling, yes, also very kind ‘cause the same people, also great live and make sure you pick up their full length. Oh wait, I will post their stuff soon.

Found an old patch by them:

Paranoia Keeps Crawling
Civilization Records
Per Koro Records

V/A – the excursion compilation (CD) Excursion Records #21 1996

Here is a nice low cost Excursion Records compilation (cost about 3 bucks) divided in two halfs: first the pop punk things Excursion did and second the hardcore things and was also intended to present the scene in the north west around Seattle and Canada. Some songs are already released on the prior records but there are some demo and unreleased tracks worth listening to. Among them overlooked Jayhawker (7” will follow here) and - da fuckin' bomb - Jough Dawn Baker (everything by them will follow here). Due to the variety and the quality Excursion did in the last century this is really one of my favourite labels from the “glorious” early 90ies (just think of Sleeper/Serpico, Undertow or the total forgotten Brand New Unit).

V/A – the excursion compilation (CD) Excursion Records #21 1996

Red Rocket
1. Let down
State Route 522
2. Standards
3. Jack London Hotel
4. Double Negative
5. A Disappointment
Brand New Unit
6. City
7. Rain
8. Backwards in the Rain
9. At Both Ends
10. Inch by Inch
11. Flaming Arrow
12. Discontent
Jough Dawn Baker
13. Bridgework
14. End of Everything
15. Souvenir
16. 500 years
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Excursion discography

Sunday, April 15, 2007

METAMATICS - a metamatics production (CD) Clear #429 1997

Okay, my robot friends: total different direction today to get rid of the hardcore gumbos visiting the blog. This was Metamatics first CD release on Clear records, a label founded by Clair from Rephlex and in my opinion Clear was a co-founder of the modern electro movement by releasing stuff by Plaid, Autechre under pseudonyms or even Tom Middleton with Jedi Knights (their first stuff is on Clear!).
The later stuff by Metamatics is way more melodic, brighter and includes more ambient but this is still my favourite mixing everything down tempo, abstract, techno and IDM has to offer. Make sure you check out all other Lee Morris aliases: Man-Q-Neon, Nacht Plank and Norken. Favourite tracks here: "Blue Water" (ended on nearly every mix tape I've done), "Dope For The Robot" and "Dope Robot's Revenge".
After Clear Records stopped to exist (still makes me sad), this has been rereleased as "Dope For The Robot" by Hydrogen Dukebox leaving off tracks from the original version and so some nerds are paying a lot of bucks for this CD already!

METAMATICS - a metamatics production (CD) Clear #429 1997

1. Swimmer
2. Skunk Me
3. Blue Water
4. Dope For The Robot
5. Piece It Together
6. Raytrax
7. Meander
8. Turn The Point
9. Repeater
10. No Condimentz
11. Dope Robots Revenge
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Clear Records discography
Listen to snippets of Metamatics @ Hydrogen Dukebox

EURICH – 1st (7”) Fragil Records #01 1995

First release by Fragil Records and Eurich, too; Together with Honeywell this might be one of the bands who antedated this style: ultrafast, hectic, spastic drumming, high pitched, screamed vocals and strumming guitars settling unexpectedly, switching off the distortion. I loved it. Even the inferior and plain production does no harm to the power of this record. The lyrics are very, very simple and personal on this release, but have a cynical undertone I loved: “I gave you everything, you gave me a headache.”
Of course all in a packaging you would expect: screen printed paper bag, dredged back etc.
Their later stuff is getting better and better then; 4 years ago a discography CD has been released but seemed to have bad distribution since I couldn't get it in Europe anywhere.

EURICH – 1st (7”) Fragil Records #01 1995

side a:
1. distant
2. Paper cut
3. New year song

side b:
1. Cowshed
2. Alien
3. Eeyore
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Eurich interview
Eurich homepage

V/A – lacking mindset (7”) Spoonfed Records #02 circa 1993/1994

A compilation 7“ again: „lacking mindset“ on Spoonfed Records; they did a Deformed Conscience 7” with Scourge before. The compilation has some kind of anti-religion undertone at least all the lyrics by the bands fit into that category; I am not sure if this was intended. The songs by Struggle and Unbroken are already released on their records, the one by Unbroken is an earlier recording and the same version is on the “Salad Bowl Theory” compilation CD from 1996 on Fullified Records.
You just need this compilation for one song, which was also released on a LP later: Honeywell’s “mesh control”. a different, earlier and better version than on the LP capturing everything the band stood for: the definition of screamo as known today and where every fascistic1 band later failed.
I never figured out what the Groundwork song is, but then on the "discography" CD (which is incomplete anyway: first 7” for example is missing etc.) on Bloodlink it's listed as "worthless". A cover version? Shame on me!

I sold several copies cheap at Ebay the last two years, so it shouldn't be that rare and expensive.

V/A – lacking mindset (7”) Spoonfed Records #02 circa 1993/1994

side a:
1. the untitled
2. blanket

side b:
1. mesh control
2. untitled
[OGG Vorbis, 256K, password: antithesis]

1 some screamo bands really fit into this label concerning aesthetics and political equalization/ elimination of opposition. Wanna counter? Discuss with him.


Friday, April 13, 2007

V/A – Squirrel (7“) Level Records #05 1995

This is much better than the Hamster compilation and dedicated to Squirrels– the label called it “Commemorative Rodent Series”. Chisel and Frodus are really some faves of mine; they also never got the attention they deserved when they were around. "Out For Kicks" is a different version here, horrible bass drum sound. The Chisel albums were mixing every style of pop music and “set you free” is one of the pop albums in the last century – overlooked and forgotten, except for some Leo fanatics or Gern Blandsten lovers or whatever. Records to listen to to turn the radio off! Same goes for Frodus, dispatched as Fugazi rip off and later as Christian rock, but these labels have nothing in common with their great modern rock music.
The hardcore fraction gets a real killer track here: a collaboration of two bands who anticipated a new style and wave of bands. This is – as far as I know – the only track by Bloodlet and Damnation a.d. together, if anyone knows if those sickos have done more than this single track, then please tell me (just think of an album by this project; that’ s nice musing).

V/A – Squirrel (7“) Level Records #05 1995

side a:
1. Island Girls
2. Out For Kicks

side b:
1. 22-D10
2. Flesh of Another
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Chisel @ Gern Blandsten

V/A – Hamster (7“) Level Records #01 circa 1994

Washington D.C. based Level Records started with this compilation 7” dedicated to hamsters (but more on the funny side), with some early nineties semi-heroes – counts at least for Ashes, Worlds Collide and I Spy. Sadly the informations provided are rare and some of the songs are already released otherwise. One of the best Worlds Collide songs in my opinion. The 7” lacks mastering as fuck!!!

(Worlds Collide; from a Myspace tribute page)

V/A – hamster (7“) Level Records #01 circa 1994

side a:
Worlds Collide
1. Effect Of The Age
1. Tainted skies

side b:
1. The Strike
I Spy
1. Everything
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Some informations about Ashes
Worlds Collide @ Myspace

Thursday, April 12, 2007

ZENI GEVA & X-RATED-X - split (7'') Erase-Yer-Head #01 & Pandemonium #05 1995

Again Zeni Geva, again in a comic context and still my favourite Japanese back breakers from the nineties. My first contact with them was live and it was incredible: entered the stage, stated “Zeni Geva. Japan” and then destroyed the youth club.
Back to the 7” which was the first part of a series dedicated to David Lynch’s Eraserhead and comics/art by the French Pandemonium label (later parts had for example Cows or – for subscribers - even Guapo).
Zeni Geva’s song here is a bit weaker than their previous stuff since 1987 and I was quite disappointed back then as far as I can remember, especially when you think of the stuff on AT. I like X-Rated-X a bit more here: one of the best bands out of France back then playing noise rock and adding the modern industrial sound with a drum computer or at least one of the bands who presented it with dignity1. “The French Godflesh” said a friend of mine, but in my eyes they were less “metal” – do me a favour and get their album on Pandemonium. Sadly this is also their last recording but also their best.

I really love 7”’s with fold out covers!

ZENI GEVA/ X-RATED-X – Erase-yer-head Single Club (7”) Erase-Yer-Head #01 & Pandemonium Records #05 1995

side a:
Zeni Geva
1. hate trader

side b:
1. dog eat dog
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: eraserhead, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Pandemonium & Erase-Yer-Head

1 Industrial was a four-letter word for me around that time: metal heads doing shitty music while I expected something like Throbbing Gristle, SPK and early Laibach. Industrial was dead in the 90ies, dudes. Period. And it’s even more today, except for some originators who are still around.

ZENI GEVA/ PALACE – AC/DC Cover Series – Sides 5-6 (7“) Skin Graft #26 & Gasoline Boost #13 1997

Gasoline Boost was a short lived German label supported by X-Mist Records and also released stuff like the Big ‘n LP and Shorty. The AC/DC cover series was a cooperation with Skin Graft Records, and featured – besides the AC/DC cover songs of our guitar heroes or anti-heroes – comic covers and booklets. Here is my favourite of the three parts (the others were double 7”s): Palace aka you know all the names – here listed as Palace Contribution – and my favourite nineties back breakers from Japan: Zeni Geva, them deconstructing “let there be rock”(a total different but also brilliant version is Palace’s interpretation of “big balls”). The comic is included too, so have fun. Sold out, try your luck at Ebay etc.

ZENI GEVA/ PALACE – AC/DC Cover Series – Sides 5-6 (7“) Skin Graft #26 & Gasoline Boost #13 1997

side a:
Palace Contribution
1. big balls

side b:
Zeni Geva
1. let there be rock
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Skin Graft Records
Zeni Geva

ECONOCHRIST - "European tour 1993" shirt

Econochrist shirt sold on their European tour back then with the cover of their second LP which I like – together with the „skewed“ 7“ – most. Maybe they were the most known band of political hardcore in the beginning of the 90ies (although they started at the end of the 80ies) together with Born Against, Spitboy, Rorschach and Downcast; let’ s call them the five luminary. Posting some vinyl by them? Doesn’t make real sense: easy to get and also available on a double compact disc on Ebullition. Exception: their 15 song demo tape, but – you already guessed it – I still don’ t have it (so that’ s your part!).

Quite complete biography from

"Econochrist was an influential and highly revered early 90s hardcore band. The lineup originally featured:

Ben Sizemore - vocals
Markley - drums
Andy Christ - bass
Jon ??? - guitar

Ben, Markley and Jon formed a band in Little Rock, Arkansas while the members were still in junior high, calling themselves Father Asshole. The band was short-lived and played a few shows, including the Arkansas College anti-apartheid rally. Then, in 1986 the three started a new band called Criminal Mischief. Around this time things started to happen in Little Rock and a scene began to really develop. A guy named Robo started putting on hardcore shows at a venue called The Annex. Many of the classic hardcore bands of the era came through and Criminal Mischief, being one of the town's few hardcore bands, got to open most of the shows. Eventually the band's bass player, a wealthy kid named Jason, started to grate on the others so they kicked him out. He was replaced with Andy Christ (real name Andy Branton) and Econochrist was born.

The four clicked immediately, forging a strong and unique sound that would later be copied and built on by countless bands. It was essentially the sound of aggressive and powerful hardcore punk, backed with nimble, punchy bass lines. Andy's western cow punk bass playing merged perfectly with the rest of the band's straight-up hardcore attack. The scene in Little Rock really started to kick off at this point, and it centered around Econochrist and it's members, who lived in a squat in western Little Rock that was constantly filled with punkers (and complete with a homemade skate ramp).

They played many shows around the Arkansas area as well as in Memphis. They released a demo tape and a 7" EP titled "It Runs Deep" on Memphis-based Truant Records. In about 1988 the band and many of it's friends decided to pack up and move to the East Bay. This pretty much destroyed the scene in Arkansas - the Annex closed down and Little Rock's other premier hardcore band, Trusty, moved as well, to hardcore historical landmark Washington, D.C.

However, in the East Bay scene Econochrist flourished. They decided to replace Andy Christ - in a controversial move with the band's longtime fans, when Econochrist moved to Oakland they re-recorded their first album with new bass player Jon and changed the cover to feature Jon instead of Andy. This didn't bring Andy down, who went on to play with bands like Hell's Kitchen and Samiam. Econochrist joined the ranks of the Gilman Street punk scene and became much adored by the area's punk rockers. They continued to release records, play shows, and tour the country until 1993, when they decided to split up.

The members of the band have all moved on to other things now: Ben Sizemore is now an elementary school teacher, after spending time councilling street kids at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. Jon is now apparently "married to his dog" and working on a new musical project. Andy Christ has been keeping a low profile but is surely still kicking ass somewhere out there. Markley now drums for Strychnine, which also features members of fellow East Bay hardcore band Filth.

My favorite description of Econochrist goes something like this: "The thing about these guys was that they lived and breathed hard core punk rock. They lived in shitholes, toured on a shoestring, but most importantly they played kick-ass music." They will be remembered forever by the fans and the many bands they influenced - their signature sweaty, hard-driving punk backed with clear and punchy melodic bass lines developed into the sound of East Bay punk, as played by such luminaries as Jawbreaker, Green Day, and Rancid (who Econochrist played $2.00 house parties with when they were still a trio with no record).


Demo tape (198?, self-released)
"It Runs Deep" 7 inch EP (1988, Truant Records)
Appeared on "What Are You Pointing At?" compilation, two songs (1989, Very Small Records)
"Ruination" LP (1990, Very Small)
Split 7 inch EP with The Detonators (1990? Insurrection)
Appeared on "Give Me Back" compilation (1991, Ebullition)
Appeared on "Very Small World" compilation (1991, Very Small)
"Another Victim" 7 inch EP (1991, Vermiform - repressed on Ebullition)
"Trained to Serve" LP (1992, Vermiform - repressed on Ebullition)
"Skewed" 7 inch EP (1993, Ebullition)

(A lot of this information provided by my good friend Paddy Bollocks, who grew up in Arkansas with Econochrist and joined them in San Francisco in 1989. Thanks Paddy.)"

Discography with more detailed informations
Wikipedia entry
Live pictures @ Rapid City