Tuesday, January 30, 2007

C.C.M. - into the void (lp)

Sorry, about the flashlight but I was too lazy for scanning.

Since I got quite a few e-mails concerning the Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers tape (dudes and dudettes: post comments!) and also requests for the lp: here it is.
A bit less hasty than their early stuff but the most well written songs. Complex arrangements, sudden breakdowns and the complete song takes a total different direction, crazy guitar shit, very precise drumming and of course this scratchy, agonized voice. All recorded in just 41 hours on their US tour. This is my first listening pleasure after nearly 6 maybe 7 years (me = again stupid), how could I forget? "Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry" which features backing vocals by Paul of Zero Boys alone makes this worth buying. After listening to it for the third time now, I have to admit that this is as great as the first Die Kreuzen lp, even has a slight touch therefrom. Mixing and throwing in blues & rock parts and some Birthday Party or even Wall Of Voodoo makes this a fascinating record all completed by those angry and cynical lyrics. Someone wrote at 7inchpunk that Alternative Tentacles said that they would do a discography immediately if they could get in touch with the original band members, so maybe someone reading this can help them out.

C.C.M. - into the void (LP) Belfagor Records #07 1986

Side a:
1. Feel Like
2. Enemy
3. Sterilized
4. Sorry
5. R.M.

Side b:
1. Daymare
2. Romeo & Juliet
3. Strange Pain
4. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
5. Into The Void

(OGG Vorbis, 224 k, password: antithesis)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

GO! - a remembrance - live in Homburg live in Homburg AJZ 29.6.1991(Tape)

This is really a quite fine remembrance: Go! live on their European tour.
I wish Mike Bullshit would talk less between the songs because the whole show lacks a bit power due to this. But yeah: the communication with the audience thing was big in the early nineties. I still prefer Mike' s version to all those preaching political hardcore bands of that time. Speaking of preaching: Go! were fun, they were a funny band in a very positive way and at the same time they were dead serious about queer topics, scene bullshit etc.. Just think of the stuff that came out of N.Y. the late 80ies/early 90ies and then there is this straight edge hardcore type of band that partly plays this music but lyrically really took another direction. In my opinion bands like Los Crudos, Limp Wrist or Gayrilla Biscuits would have never seen the light of day without Go!.

Go! are back together again, they played some shows (I heard a radio recording and it sounded powerful for such old lads) and released a 7". All their other stuff pops up very often, you can get the 7"'s or the "total" compilation lp on First Strike quite cheap; their lp/cd on Epistrophy which is almost a discography is still available from mailorders worldwide or directly from Epistrophy.

All - like Nations On Fire did - now: Thanks Mike!

GO! - a remembrance... live in Homburg AJZ 29.6.1991 (Tape) Unique Tapes #01

Side a:

1. Hard as
2. King of Nothing
3. People
4. Survival
5. It's Up To You
6. Mom
7. Take Root
8. Section 28
9. Our Scene
10. The Word
11. Why Suffer?
12. Long Hot Summer
13. Holy Roller
14. Burn-out
15. Kept
16. Decide
17. Just Another Word
18. You Say You' ll
19. Milk
20. On The Need To...
21. Homburg
22. Me vs. You
23. A Day To Fight For

Side b:

1. Fear Of A Gay Planet
2. Electricity (O.M.D.)
3. What' s Your Price
4. The A-Train
5. Minor Threat (MINOR THREAT)
6. Left
7. Just Say GO!
8. Victim Of Civilization
9. Betrayed By Flesh
10. Julian
11. Escape From NY
12. Giat Training Camp
13. Sick People (BREAKDOWN)
14. Friends Like You (SICK OF IT ALL)
15. Gyroscope (SFA)

(OGG Vorbis, 224 K, password: antithesis)


Go! @ Myspace

"Eat shit dreadlocked motherfucker"

Thursday, January 25, 2007

CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS - Right to be Italian - demo '83 & last gig '87 (Tape)

It' s a pity that you only find few informations about one of the best Italian bands of the 8oies. I mean for example there is the Kill From The Heart entry or even a Myspace "fan"page but with nothing on it; just some covers, pictures from the records and a discography (can anyone tell me why no one is willing to do a discography cd by C.C.M.?). And bloody hell: there is no single Google hit concerning their demo tape "we' re the juvenile delinquency"?

After I saw the first 7", the split tape and the second 7" quite a few times on all this downloading/mp3mos blogs I thought it might be nice to add this one. I will also do the lp soon since I have not seen it on all those blogs - if so: please tell me.

C.C.M. were my first real contact with Italian hardcore from the 80ies and they just blew me away (me being an idiot: I ignored all the other great bands for a long time despite many recommendations by friends). Some guys who took the name of that Dead Boys guy and just added "motherfuckers" can' t go wrong. What ever they had on their mind or in their bodies while choosing it: it' s one of the greatest band names ever!
Musically in my opinion they were to Italy what were +Void+ and Septic Death to the U.S.. And if +Void+ wouldn' t had started playing bad hard rock their unreleased lp should have sounded like C.C.M.

Back to the tape: it is listed as bootleg in some lists but I do not think so, my Italian is very bad but as far as I can get it from the liner notes Robert & Giulio (thanks for putting out that tape back then) used the original master tape for this compilation. If someone can translate or tell me exactly about the liner notes: just post it as reply here (PLEASE!). Anyway here you get the last gig in 1987 and the demo tape "we' re the juvenile delinquency" from 1983. Most songs of the demo are - of course in better versions - on the single, the split tape and the compilations ("single ticket to paradise" etc.), here they sound way more punk rock rooted.

C.C.M. - Right to be Italian - demo ' 83 & last gig '87 (Tape) E.U. '91/ Glued Stamps Records #13 & Provinciattiva #05 1995

Side A:

- live in Bologna, Italy, 20th june 1987
1. Intro
2. Feel like
3. Bendix power
4. Into the void
5. Enemy in my head
6. Sterilized
7. Sorry/ R.M.
8. Strange pain
9. Camp Darby Blues

Side B:

- "We' re the juvenile delinquency" demo tape 1983
1. Barbed wire world
2. We' re the juvenile delinquency
3. Best party ever - No bore
4. Nation on fire
5. Camp Darby Blues
6. Addiction
7. Right to be Italian
8. Foe or friend
9. 400 fascists
10. ......
11. Alkool
- live in Bologna, Italy, 20th june 1987
12. Brand new one n°2
13. Naymiorenggekkio

(OGG vorbis, 224 K, password: antithesis).

The download also includes the whole scan of the cover.

Someone told me that C.C.M. had another demo tape in 1983 with nearly 15 songs, so if anyone can give some informations: drop me a line. Same goes for an original cover of this demo! Thanks.

By the way: here are some snippets from 3 old Italian video compilations including C.C.M. live in 1983 and 1986 (there are also snippets from Rawpower, Negazione, Wretched, Kina etc.). If someone can do digital versions of those videos: you' d be my hero.

Update: I was told that this Tape is still available from E.U. 91 (same goes for the Negazione live tape I wanted to post in the future)! I also found this review on their homepage:

"Another strike for the invincible E.U.'91 + Provinciattiva team. Roberto's ability was to find telephone numbers of original band members and be so friendly + persuasive to always get to the point (licence to put out official releases). With CCM this worked out contacting the former guitarist Antonio who quickly agreed about doing this diy tape + sending the original masters and a brief commentary. This C-60 features the band's Demo '83 (according to me one of their best things ever) and a brilliant soundboard recording of their very last show. Unbelieably sick and direct Granducato HC with one of the most deranged vocals ever. I always loved them to death, too bad none of their records has been reissued yet. Tons of copies sold/traded, with no doubt over 1000."


Furious Party 7" @ Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times
Myspace page
Kill From The Heart entry
Informations about the split

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Another favourite of the uncountable crust bands of the last century I am totally into respectively I grew up with - like I did with State Of Fear, Misery, Nausea, Hellkrusher, Exrement Of War, Dischange, Extinction Of Mankind etc. (all hail the crust edge!). This shirt is based on the great lp which is still available from Skuld.


Drastic Actions is a new hardcore label from the Stuttgart area and also a small mailorder which features a second hand section (quite seldom nowadays). This is their newest shirt which is still available and highly visible a Sisters Of Mercy rip off. I can remember my whole school wearing their shirts back then - fortunately I discovered Minor Threat and Uniform Choice.... hahahahaha.
Drastic Actions also did funny Alternative Tentacle rip off stickers which will be posted soon.


Drastic Actions label & mailorder
Drastic Actions @ Myspace

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Switzerland' s Mister Universe Manni introduced Defiance to me after I missed the actuality that members of Resist - hell yeah, I loved that lp - and Deprived had started a new band. This band is really really great until the "no time left" e.p.. After touring and line-up changes the band lacked more and more power; and so does the second lp and the stuff afterwards. Their "no future no hope" lp is the perfect blend of the old crust influences and UK stuff like Chelsea, Chaos UK, Angelic Upstarts & Abrasive Wheels. The driven guitar parts, bass runs, a lot of chorus singing and those simple, but strong lyrics made this one of the best punk albums in the 90ies for me and accompanied me through a lot of shit.
Defiance got criticized for being on Punk Core now since Punk Core was supposed to distribute stuff like Ultima Thule; there are also rumors about their remaining Skuld stuff being destroyed due to that. Maybe you' ll tell me.

This shirt is based on the cover of the "burn" e.p. which was released on Consensus Reality in 1995.


Punk Core
Skuld Releases

OUTREACH Records Shirt

Very rare Outreach Records shirt (Thanks Mike for this gift!) which is great fun for sports like running or at a boring undergraduates party.

MASSKONTROLL European tour shirt

The front print is from their lp "will you ever learn?" and I will upload it some day or the cd version, because I am quite lazy at the moment.

Masskontroll were one of the few bands that kept crust interesting for me. Their "warpath" e.p. is just great, nothing new but prefectly played with all those cliche parts you want to have while listening to a crust record. Like most fulllength records in this genre their lp (produced by Pig Champion) lacked power and variety, but what do you expect from songs that are plain copies of two or three bands who wrote nearly the same stuff (including the lyrics and the layout) 10 years earlier? It is the conscious blindness (or better: deafness) of being a fan that keeps me buying such records .

OUR WORLD Records shirts & longsleeve

Here are some shirts by the very small southern German label Our World Records.

The first one is making fun of one of the most popular slogans in hardcore "drug free youth", since a drug free lifestyle mostly ends with high school or the early 20ies and the former preachers became what they once despised. A quite normal thing if those jumping jacks wouldn' t give others a hard time in the years of x-ing up. Beside confronting lust the whole straight edge thing is mostly the production of masculinity so when starting drinking or doing drugs it' s mostly for the same reasons those dudes got into straight edge and not some elders who for example know the true promise of red whine (by the way: all the drug free adults I know are real laid-back persons).

The second one is referenceing to the the almighty Heresy on the back. I did not take out their records for a long time but I did it after taking those pictures and I have to say I still like their lyrics although they may sound naive nowadays.

The third one is the most popular Our World Records motive and also printed in larger quantities than the others.

ZAP fanzine shirt

This is one of the greatest shirts ever. Done by the famous ZAP fanzine in the early 90ies. The Raiders rip off on the front says "guerrillas against Germany" and the back just plain and simple "Germany peg out!". This lead to many funny discussions (even lyrics like "why are you still living here if you don' t like this country?" were written by some German grindcore and power violence bands) and identified many big mouth punk rockers as patriotic idiots. Sadly this shirt is also very popular among antizionistic, pseudo-anarchist and antiimperialist leftwing fruits; luckly: I do not meet them at law school (I still love the reactions I get while wearing this).

REGRET shirts & video

Regret was a short lived - they existed from autumn 1998 to the beginning of 2000 - band from Southern Germany and combined the typical youth crew hardcore with faster parts - think of Stikky oder Infest. Their lyrics disagreed with most things happening within the "scene" (homophobia, macho jock thing, just another part of the culture industry etc.) and were compared to those by Go! or MK Ultra. Speaking of Go!: Regret rehearsed rarely but accepted all offers to play live. Including funny moments in noble discotheques or even in the deer park at a local fair featuring shooting matches (!!!) - just think of the audience at such a location and band members throwing stuff at them while playing. The band released several tapes and a one sided 12" on Our World Records. Their bass player is now in Nme.Mine, the drummer and the guitar player are in Come Closer.

Those Infest rip off shirts were printed by Our World Records in small quantity and were sold at a one-time reunion show.

Here is a video from this show, which is also on the third part of the Our World videomagazine dvd. The first part after the Earth Crisis intro says: "Bring me the head of Tony Victory".

Saturday, January 20, 2007

RITES OF SPRING shirt & 'mike fellows is dead' demo 1984

This was licensed by the band and features the artwork of the brilliant LP. As far as I know just 50 were made by Adagio830 and I am still asking myself: why is it so hard for all the other shirt bootleggers to write - in days of modern communication - an e-mail or to pick up the phone and call some original member, label whatever and ask if you can print some shirts. Who - within the smaller let' s call it d.i.y. based music "scene" - will say no if someone prints a shirt of a band in which you played nearly 20 years ago and that still touches kids' hearts or supports their moment of youth and hopefully involve the appropriate rebellion within this moment?
In all those years all people who have been asked by friends of mine who wanted to do shirts, patches or - in my case - live tapes with soundboard recordings by bands, they love or are/ were important to them, always gave their permission to do so. In the majority of the cases the former artists didn' t even want free copies or money (which would be normal anyway) and filed it under "network of friends". It is also funny that those category groups of "alternative" music which mostly domicile loose thinking of capitalism anyway are those with the biggest shirt bootlegging businesses; I am thinking of anarcho, peace and crust punk, grind- and noisecore or the whole emo genre. If capitalism is a real pain in the ass then definitely for someone who is printing Amebix shirts 12 hours a day to make a living... hahahahaha.

Back to Rites Of Spring. One of the greatest bands ever. They started an era and they partly ended it. The rest is history. I also uploaded their demo tape which was provided by my friend Alex. Thanks a lot! Although these are the same songs you' ll find on the record they have all those intros mentioned in the Dance Of Days book. Have fun!

RITES OF SPRING - 'mike fellows is dead' demo (Tape) d.i.y. 1984
1. end on end
2. remainder
3. persistent vision
4. hain' s point
5. all there is
6. by design

[MP3, 320 K, password: antithesis]

POLICY OF 3 shirt

This is a Policy Of 3 Shirt which was sold on their European tour - that was in 1995 as far as my rusty brain can remember. They were one of the more well known bands of the early 90ies emo hardcore wave but I loved them for playing a more Washington D.C. orientated sound and also not being that preachy - which was very, very popular back then. I haven' t listened to their records for like more than 5 years now, recently heard the Deepwater LP which featured Policy Of 3' singer. I am not quite sure if the still can spark off something in me - if they' ll do I let you know.

Update: okay, I found out that I sold their LP years ago and just have the 7" on Bloodlink left. Hahahaha... okay, worser things could happen to me... hahahaha.

Policy Of 3' s members went on to play in 400 Years and even R.A.M.B.O.

Related to Policy Of Three I am still looking for two records: The Spirit Of Solitude compilation 7" and the Superpowers tape (a dub would be just fine)! If you can help me out with them, just send me an e-mail! THANKS!

7 INCH BOOTS - death over Mülheim - live attacks & studio outtakes (Tape)

As promised
before: another 7 Inch Boots Posting. Most of you might know them as being one of the bands before Bohren & der Club of Gore but mainly they are kinda overlooked today. Who cares as long as they are important to some fraggles and freaks out there?!
This tape was released by Horizons (yup, the Hardstance song) which was a small fanzine
(1), tape label and mailorder in the early 90ies in Germany. Done by Gonzo who was writing for the huge ZAP fanzine back then and who was also the singer of Lebensreform.
The songs are live tracks, studio and demo outtakes and like most of the Horizons tapes: there wasn' t tracklist on the cover so I just kept it in one single track. After some requests I uploaded the regular demo tape again, to help out the 7 Inch Boots fans who never heard this one.

7 INCH BOOTS - death over Mülheim - live attacks & studio outtakes (Tape) Horizons #01 199x

[Ogg Vorbis, 224 K, password: antithesis]

7 INCH BOOTS - "walkin' through" 8 song demo (Tape) Hopser Tape Productions 1989

1. intro

2. sick of freaks
3. what it means

4. view

5. out of the water

6. moment of love

7. mutant

8. shouldn' t we be angry

9. strike back
[Ogg Vorbis, 192 K, password: antithesis]

Discography again:

"walkin' through" 8 Song Demo (Tape) Hopser Tape Productions 1989
"everything is relative" Compilation (Tape) No Hate No War #02 1990
"tamped concrete E.P." (7") Snoop Records #03 1990
"Death over Mühlheim - live attacks & studio outtakes" (Tape) Horizons #01 199?
"Drei Lieder für Bruce Lee" (7") Organon #01 199? - aufgenommen Februar 1991

There used to be some digital versions of that zine on a server of the Frankfurt University, if I find the page again, I' ll post it.

Back with a... uhm not a bang but at least back!!!

First of all: after a hell lot of e-mails from all around the world, this blog is in English from now on. It is not my first language, so if you are looking for eloquence go read a book before Harry Rowohlt is going to translate it. Okay, just kidding: please write me concerning grammar mistakes, expressions etc. Hopefully I will take extension courses in English and French this year at university! Okay, cut that self hating Kraut stuff now.

Second: sorry, that it took so long for new postings, but I had to deal with the typical shit life has to offer. But that' s definitely my business.

Currently listening to Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson' s "Winter in America" LP released 1973 on of my favourite record label ever: Strata East Records. It is a pity that some of their records are not available nowadays. Just think of all those fine spiritual jazz stuff like The Ensemble Al-Salaam (currently sold for about 80 bucks at Ebay)! Back to "Winter in America": there is a repress on Rumal-Gia Records at the end of the 90ies. If you see it or the CD version with additional songs: Take it!

What the fuck I am writing here?

By the way: Fuck this guy.

Found this some minutes ago:

Kinners, Ihr macht mir Angst!!!

Wenn man sich die aktuelle Suchbegriffsliste - die meisten landen über Google.de oder Google.com hier - ansieht, die dank Statcounter protokolliert wird, bekomme ich Angst: "Spit Acid LP Per Koro", "Stormstrike Records", "Ecorage vegan", "Ecorage Essen", "Step Into Nowhere", "Timm Sonnenschein hardline" oder auch - mein Lieblingskracher, da mit regionalem Bezug - "Köpi vegan".

Zu Euer Zufriedenheit: einen Teil werde ich demnächst hier posten (konkret: Step Into Nowhere, Ecorage Demotape & Stormstrike Kram).