Thursday, June 26, 2008


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Someone who wrote a comment was missing his Old Glory Records shirt, so I give you the opportunity to at least look at it again. I got it from a friend who was clearing his closet and selling a lot of his old shirts, but I was just wearing it two times for running outside and I just got weird looks. So I think this will stay a pyjama forever. Due to the fact being a lazy retard I just managed to do one Old Glory Records posting until now although nearly all old records (and some of the later releases) by this label were hit unaccountably by the needle of my record player - just think of Assfactor 4, In/Humanity, Avail, Policy Of Three, Groove, Iconoclast or even Jerome's Dream (me being an idiot I even gave the Funeral Diner stuff away).

Old Glory Records was mentioned in a list of antisemitic and antizionistic bands and I think this shirt was also one of the reasons; but I am not able to give a lecture on the coherence since I can't remember why the label was named.

What I do remember an increbible statement by Holger Ohst who used to do Summersault and shared his flat with the owner of Old Glory Records once concerning the - let's say - mannerism of the label owner, but since I can't stand the shittalk anymore: just pull out the Plot fanzine issue and figure it out for yourself.

I just realized that some shirt pictures are really bad, so I am going to redo some of them.