Monday, May 21, 2007

V/A - for want of... (Double 7") X-Mist #50 circa 1996


As stated in the comments before: Alex was so nice to provide a cover scan of a limited version of the compilation! Thanks!:

This one of the last releases by X-Mist – together with Steakknife and Hell No – in a more conservative hardcore/punk context ( I would consider Guyana Punchline or Eniac conservative too, but that’ s different story – the voice from the off1 might even say: “reactionary”) and it’s an enjoyable one. If you see the track list, you might think: a who’s who of the era. Some tracks are even exclusive here: so enjoy. Solar Bomb Kit – used to be called Scud before and they were a provoking band (have a nice 7” too) – are pre-Trend by the way. The Baby Harp Seal song was recorded while being on tour, I think. Some distinguished bands existed in the UK back then: Schema, Baby Harp Seal, Spy Vs Spy, Fabric, Dead Wrong, Tribute, Understand etc.
I consider Kurt being the best band here, often dispatched as Germany’s Shotmaker, but this fails their abilities (they also disprove the most popular public opinion within the culture industry that nasty people do good music and polite people don’t).

V/A – for want of… (Double-7”) X-Mist #50 circa 1996

side a:
Christie Front Drive
1. After the Parade

side b:
1. The ins and outs of haste of flesh
Baby Harp Seal
2. fully transistorised

side c:
Torches To Rome
1. Torches to Rome
Solar Bomb Kit
2. Wicked I Shift

side d:
1. Rocket Park
2. Franklin (kleiner Ladenbesitzer)
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


1 The off is located in Switzerland, fool.


dasPat said...

manu >>> kannste glauben oder nicht - hatte ich gestern auf´, plattenspieler liegen... sachen gibbet die gibbet nicht!

gruss und kuss


Hirsinger Youth said...

Glaub, ich hab die auch von Dir... beim Wohnzimmer Shoppen... oder beim Swing And Crime damals?!

Was macht die Band?

Anonymous said...

amazing complation, thanks

Hirsinger Youth said...

Thanks for the feedback! Getting seldom!!

Alex said...

Ich hab die mit nem gebastelten Cover: Linolschnittdruck plus aufgeklebte Postkarte "Berlin - Hauptstadt der DDR" - das hat sich auch der Verkäufer des Plattenladen als Titel notiert, als ich die kaufte. War glaub ich dieser Plattenladen aus dem Revolution Inside-Umfeld in Bonn (gleich neben Le Sabot)

Willst Du einen Scan des Bastel-Covers für den Blog?

Hirsinger Youth said...

Falls Sie dieses Angebot in die Tat umsetzen würden, wäre ich Ihnen sehr dankbar! MFG Martha Splatterhead

b. brown said...

Ha! Another one I was lookin' to post one of these days. Kurt is a tough band to beat. Loved this comp.