Sunday, August 26, 2007

SPIT ACID & STEP INTO NOWHERE - split (7") Per Koro Records #?? & NC #01 1995

Maybe you remember some of my previous postings: one of them was the No Cruelty shirt which was the “label” and mailorder of Tina and Peter who did Hardline Germany in Lörrach back in the days. I can also remember them organizing gigs in Lörrach with bands like Acme and Dawnbreed – none of these bands knew that they were involved in Hardline1.
Anyway this 7” was intended to be released on No Cruelty (their only releases are the Neckbrace 7” and an audio cooking book), but was released by Per Koro in the end, after the bands found out about the Hardline chapter and some crude statements by the people involved.

An observing reader of the blog also wrote me that he wanted to point out the Zorn – Step Into Nowhere connection which was swept under the carpet by me: Zorn (1, 2, 3, 4) were not only friends to Step Into Nowhere but also influenced by them, which makes sense. But I wanted to concentrate on the metal influences since I am a short haired friend of all longhairs.

Maybe Step Into Nowhere won’t stand the test of time like Zorn do (something big is coming up concerning Zorn by the way!), but this song here really sounds like early Zorn stuff.: empathic vocals, sluggish guitars… in the end: very “krauty”. Make sure you get your hands on their LP which is their best stuff in my eyes… ears. Spit Acid were from Göttingen and also had a LP on Per Koro/ Conquer The World Records which I listened a lot to in the 90ies. More due to their combination of political attitude, huge booklets and the melodic hardcore punk which combines early Ebullition with Berkeley – the weak vocals sometimes ruined it for me.
The only thing I found: an old Heartattack review.
The lyrics and a statement in the booklet all deal with the issue of animal "rights" and exploitation in a way both bands would have been better off on a Hardline label.
The label of the a side looks like the cover of the Crisis Of Faith/ Chokehold split 7" by the way.

SPIT ACID & STEP INTO NOWHERE - split (7'') Per Koro #?? & NC #01 1995

side a:
Spit Acid
2. tell me

side b:
Step Into Nowhere
1. schweigsam (im Grauen)
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, first mirror, second mirror]

1 funny side note: Hardline in Germany was more connected to the Ebullition and Profane Existence type of thing.


alex said...

"something big". das klingt äußerst vielversprechend!

ich hatte nur die spit acid LP, mit der ich nie so recht warum wurde, weshalb ich auch diese split nie kaufte. naja, jetzt kann ich sie mir ja hier ziehen

Flobreaker said...

Beste Platte. Wenn ich nächstes Jahr viel Zeit zuhause habe, stelle ich mal den unveröffentlichten SIN-Song "Verstossen" online...

Flobreaker said...

Ähm, der Song ist aus derselben Session wie "Schweigsam" und im gleichen Stil - langsam, schwermütig, psycho...