Wednesday, October 05, 2016

CROSSED OUT – "power violence hc" bootleg shirt


When "power violence" was exciting and – most important – still just used to be called hardcore, bands like No Comment, PHC, Infest, Neanderthal and of course Crossed Out defined what became a fixed term later and I think it was - for this particular time - a very interesting and validate expression of hardcore punk (and becoming a fart when bands all over the world (especially Europe and Japan) started a cover contest in sound, lyrics and artwork).

A reader of the blog said that the posted Infest bootleg shirt has a disgusting motif (the cover of the 2nd 7") and I answered that it was nothing compared to a Crossed Out shirt that was done by the same guys.

The picture is also the cover of the Rorschach/ Neanderthal split 7". It is as far as I know a picture from the Korean war by Margaret Bourke-White. The back print is from the lyrics of "Crutch" which just fit the motif.

Around the same time when the bootleg 10" and LP came out someone did a black and grey bootleg shirt with different designs and I am looking for them; maybe someone wants to clear his/her closet?!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

HARD STANCE - "Face Reality" reprint shirt


And here is another Hard Stance shirt - I always thought that the band was too "dark" for the Cali posi scene, they had a kind of "eastcoast groove" in their sound. Still way better compared what comes out of Britain or the US these days.

This is a reprint by the "Lost & Found of shirts": Screenprinting Paolo. As far as I know some designs are legitimate reprints others are not. The design was also available with a sleeve print and the back print being on the front too.

Paolo should do all the Inside Out designs! Especially with the backprint having the circle and four live shots. They are really missing in this massive catalogue.

Monday, October 03, 2016

HARD STANCE - "Conversion Records" shirt


I am not sure what happened to the planned Hard Stance discography? Or if it is going to happen? Heard about it around the time Indecision announced the Hearfirst discography - which turned out to look poor like many other "youth crew discographies" did prior (Insted, Judge, Turning Point etc.).
It would be nice to hear their decent "End the Hate" demo cassette remastered instead of a third generation dub.

This is the same design as previously posted as longsleeve - just a slightly different colour.