Thursday, August 30, 2007

FLOODGATE - I choose danger (Double 7") No Idea #17 1994

Floodgate are mentioned rarely (while people throw in Indian Summer, Constantine Sankathi and Current to often)! I never heard or even had their first 7" on their own label Youthstrikechord (Nuzzle, Loomis Slovak...) but their 12" and this double 7" are classics for sure. Driven and heartfelt Hardcore with members of Campaign and the Fisticuffs Bluff including a household name: Andrew Gilbert who was also in The Notorious Love Affair (by the way: I think he wrote his best lyrics for The Notorious Love Affair, also I really dig the staccato but kafkaesque like lyrics from Floodgate).

I haven't listened to this record in years now until I picked up an additional copy some weeks ago and like more than 10 years ago I was steamrolled by "at rest". Jeez, this song blows. It has everything I expect from this type of music.

Compared to the previous 12" on Youthstrikechord/ Ebullition those songs are more sophisticated, true and tuneful. Even the production is way better.

The other songs are great too but I listen to "at rest" ten times in a row without getting bored.

If anyone wants to contribute a good rip of the first 7" including scans or sell it to me for a reasonable price: get in touch! Thanks.

Since it's easy to satisfy me concerning artwork: I really love the nice idea of an obi/banderolle around those two seven inches inside.

"Miles behind on the road to success" - yeah, me too!

FLOODGATE - I choose danger (Double 7") No Idea #17 1994

side a:
1. at rest

side b:
1. grind the pepper

side c:
1. I'd rather be out here with the unkown

side d:
1. miles behind on the road to success
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2)

"At rest" was also released on the "Blindspot" compilation CD on No Idea/ Toybox Records in 1997 and it looks like this (other bands are Integrity, Jud Jud, Ascension, Hot Water Music...):


Anonymous said...

Thanks, now i have the lyrics :)

gabbagabbahey said...

Thanks for this, very good record.

Just like you say, "It has everything I expect from this kind of music."

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell, I'm impressed by your englih skills. Hut ab. Kannst du mal Geld zusammenkratzen und deinen Arsch nach Köln bewegen?

lainobeltz said...

New music blog:

Marty Roberts said...

Great to see Floodgate get its due! Drew and I were in the same German class for a few years back in high school then went to college in Santa Cruz at the same time. He also was in Fisticuffs Bluff, Campaign, and a band called Doomsday Poptarts that amlost no one saw. He also did a radio show called Hard Times with Chris Jensen on KSPC in Claremont. Now he teaches in the Anthropology department at University of Toronto. Thanks for making this available!

Episome1 said...

Thanks for this. I have so many ebullition records releases hiding in my record collection, that i have neglected of course. It brings back so may great memories of my younger days. i will definitely be following your blog.