Monday, June 04, 2007

V/A - ghost dance (Do7'') Slave Cut #01 1994

Update: some readers here are faaast (thank you!)!
Here is a different cover version, which is slightly different from the first booklet page (the complete booklet is included in the .zip file):

I think I saw this compilation with different covers? Maybe you can fill me in on this here.
Another 90ies emo jewel, no need for much talking: all your heroes on two 7"s. Have fun (or cry, kiss... whatever)!

Pressing quality is shitty by the way but it features one of my favourite Indian Summer song, so... I am going to listen to Cap'N Jazz's album now. Good bye...

V/A - ghost dance (Do7'') Slave Cut #01 1994

side a:
Indian Summer
1. sugar pill
From Ashes Of
2. theme for memory

side b:
Third Rail Rhyhme
1. double helix

side c:
1. his years
Cap'N Jazz
2. blue grass

side d:
1. elephant
2. how can you
[OGG vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Anonymous said...

thank you, nice stuff

b. brown said...

You rat! Another great post, beating me out once again. We have a very parallel collection. I haven't listened to this comp in eons, but I used to drive the needle through it all the time.

Hirsinger Youth said...

I was really excited concerning your last postings since I never heard of those bands!


b. brown said...

Well, your blog is certainly one of my faves. Always a good post.

HOuse said...

someone can share this again please ?? i arrive late for the link :B

Anonymous said...

reupload, please

Anonymous said...

Pressing Quality Wasn't Shitty - DAT tranfer to metal laquer at Metropolis and Pressed at United Records.