Saturday, December 15, 2007

FLOODGATE - 1st (7") Youth Strike Chord #01 & Anomaly #?? 1993

It's been a while and I like to subsume the last 4 months as "hard times in an age of quarrel".

I got Floodgate's first 7" for 5 bucks lately and I will post it together with other Floodgate stuff (12", shirt and compilations) the next few hours. Their debut release - I don't know if there's a demo tape - is still a bit behind their later stuff but it has it's moments. The last song "mountain" on this 7" is one of these moments: about 5 minutes long and driving with a huge Wash D.C. feeling in it. I'd like to emphasise that not that many bands played this style in 1993!

FLOODGATE - 1st (7") Youth Strike Chord #01 & Anomaly #?? 1993

side a:
1. the organic
2. conscription

side b:
1. abusive ego
2. mountain
[OGG Vorbis; 256k; password: antithesis; mirror 1, mirror2]

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keith hagman said...

I have been looking for this 7" for many years... thank you so much.