Sunday, January 12, 2014

ARMICIDE - Live im Studio (Tape) self released 199?

Here is the so called "Live im Studio" tape. I do not know the location or date - maybe someone can help out! Must be the end of 1992 or even the beginning of 1993?!
Five songs and twice abandoning an attempt for "Exit", quite well rehearsed this time and already sounding very Mine-ish. Some songs were then presented under the name Mine live and on tape compilations already.

ARMICIDE - live im Studio (Tape) self released 199x

side a:
1. Children of God
2. Slave
3. Exit ("2x fuck up")
4. Cannot Die
5. Exit
6. Menschenjagd
[MP3, 320kb, link]

ARMICIDE - demo 1992 (Tape) self released 1992

I thought that the world wide web would offer nearly everything today, but I was wrong: Armicide's demos are nowhere to be found. Hailing from Switzerland and being the direct antecessor of Mine the band had a small group of cult followers - a result of the network of friends and their live performances -who would even later advertise bands and outputs by those guys with "ex-Armicide". This is their first real demo, there's a rehearsal demo which is the reason for this posting: BB wrote me and I was damn sure that I still have it in some boxes. After hours of searching I could just locate the inlet/cover of that ominous demo but I still haven't found it. So if anyone could help out please, this is your chance to be overflowed with gratitude! This is the tracklist:

1. A Five Minutes Walk
2. No Tears Shall Drop
3. Only A Moment In Time
4. Fortschritt
5. I Am I

It was recorded in January 1992 in their rehearsal room and is until this day the best thing they have ever done. That's why the result of my search is even more frustrating! At least I found another tape which I once bought from Gonzo: live recordings in a studio - a post will follow.

Back to their first real demo: it sounds somehow a bit to heavy headed. I miss the compactness of the rehearsal tape! You can hear without doubt a huge Infest, Citizens Arrest and Crossed Out influence but all with a straight edge and mosh touch - there is an endless list of bands from the old continent who did that very well! Besides the tapes some songs ended up on compilations clearing the way for a new chapter: Mine (followed by Ferguson, Cataract, Damage i.d., Arma Gathas, Lions...).

ARMICIDE - demo 1992 (Tape) self released 1992

side a:
1. Moment in Time
2. A 5 Minutes Walk
3. Fortschritt
4. Crux Infelix
5. I Am I
6. No Tear Shall Drop
7. Omnivore
8. Menschenjagd (humanhunt)
[MP3, 320kb, link]