Thursday, August 30, 2007

FLOODGATE - I choose danger (Double 7") No Idea #17 1994

Floodgate are mentioned rarely (while people throw in Indian Summer, Constantine Sankathi and Current to often)! I never heard or even had their first 7" on their own label Youthstrikechord (Nuzzle, Loomis Slovak...) but their 12" and this double 7" are classics for sure. Driven and heartfelt Hardcore with members of Campaign and the Fisticuffs Bluff including a household name: Andrew Gilbert who was also in The Notorious Love Affair (by the way: I think he wrote his best lyrics for The Notorious Love Affair, also I really dig the staccato but kafkaesque like lyrics from Floodgate).

I haven't listened to this record in years now until I picked up an additional copy some weeks ago and like more than 10 years ago I was steamrolled by "at rest". Jeez, this song blows. It has everything I expect from this type of music.

Compared to the previous 12" on Youthstrikechord/ Ebullition those songs are more sophisticated, true and tuneful. Even the production is way better.

The other songs are great too but I listen to "at rest" ten times in a row without getting bored.

If anyone wants to contribute a good rip of the first 7" including scans or sell it to me for a reasonable price: get in touch! Thanks.

Since it's easy to satisfy me concerning artwork: I really love the nice idea of an obi/banderolle around those two seven inches inside.

"Miles behind on the road to success" - yeah, me too!

FLOODGATE - I choose danger (Double 7") No Idea #17 1994

side a:
1. at rest

side b:
1. grind the pepper

side c:
1. I'd rather be out here with the unkown

side d:
1. miles behind on the road to success
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2)

"At rest" was also released on the "Blindspot" compilation CD on No Idea/ Toybox Records in 1997 and it looks like this (other bands are Integrity, Jud Jud, Ascension, Hot Water Music...):

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SPIT ACID & STEP INTO NOWHERE - split (7") Per Koro Records #?? & NC #01 1995

Maybe you remember some of my previous postings: one of them was the No Cruelty shirt which was the “label” and mailorder of Tina and Peter who did Hardline Germany in Lörrach back in the days. I can also remember them organizing gigs in Lörrach with bands like Acme and Dawnbreed – none of these bands knew that they were involved in Hardline1.
Anyway this 7” was intended to be released on No Cruelty (their only releases are the Neckbrace 7” and an audio cooking book), but was released by Per Koro in the end, after the bands found out about the Hardline chapter and some crude statements by the people involved.

An observing reader of the blog also wrote me that he wanted to point out the Zorn – Step Into Nowhere connection which was swept under the carpet by me: Zorn (1, 2, 3, 4) were not only friends to Step Into Nowhere but also influenced by them, which makes sense. But I wanted to concentrate on the metal influences since I am a short haired friend of all longhairs.

Maybe Step Into Nowhere won’t stand the test of time like Zorn do (something big is coming up concerning Zorn by the way!), but this song here really sounds like early Zorn stuff.: empathic vocals, sluggish guitars… in the end: very “krauty”. Make sure you get your hands on their LP which is their best stuff in my eyes… ears. Spit Acid were from Göttingen and also had a LP on Per Koro/ Conquer The World Records which I listened a lot to in the 90ies. More due to their combination of political attitude, huge booklets and the melodic hardcore punk which combines early Ebullition with Berkeley – the weak vocals sometimes ruined it for me.
The only thing I found: an old Heartattack review.
The lyrics and a statement in the booklet all deal with the issue of animal "rights" and exploitation in a way both bands would have been better off on a Hardline label.
The label of the a side looks like the cover of the Crisis Of Faith/ Chokehold split 7" by the way.

SPIT ACID & STEP INTO NOWHERE - split (7'') Per Koro #?? & NC #01 1995

side a:
Spit Acid
2. tell me

side b:
Step Into Nowhere
1. schweigsam (im Grauen)
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, first mirror, second mirror]

1 funny side note: Hardline in Germany was more connected to the Ebullition and Profane Existence type of thing.

CHISPA - obstinator (7'') Per Koro #29,5 & Bloodlink Records #31 1999

Welcome to Postmodernism! This band arose after the end of Loxiran and clearly has one influence: San Diego. I think the band was also intended to be a rip off of bands like Guyver One – if you remember them? – and Swing Kids. They also had the perfect outfit for the sound (take a look at the glasses inside of the cover). But they kept this – self reflective - in mind and even their lyrics were insinuatingly this a bit (for example in „es gibt keinen Neuschnee“). Apart from those points (Alan Sokal we salute you… ha ha ha ha ha) they were one of the most intense live bands around that time on the old continent. You might be bored by this 7” - which was available as 5 song US version, 4 song version from Per Koro in Germany and a split CD version of those songs together with Enfold - but won’t do this band justice if you haven’t seen them live (they also toured the US together with label mates Enfold): an intense mayhem of guitar throwing and flying, doing somersaults and collecting the lost eyeglasses.
Enjoy! If you love Guyver One. „Showing ze Americans where ze hammer hangs“.
The members are quite successful in doing music nowadays being in Tomte, Marr and Der Tante Renate. Chispa just did those 7” songs and a compilation song. Markus from Per Koro Records still has some of those in his basement, write him nicely.

CHISPA - obstinator (7'') Per Koro #29,5 & Bloodlink Records #31 1999

side a:

1. Bradley
2. Glorification

side b:

1. Alienation aka K. Meine
2. Iskra
3. Es gibt keinen Neuschnee
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

CHISPA – unreleased song (recorded live) & compilation track (“Seed Of The Next Season” CD/LP Alveran & Per Koro Records)
1. Johnny Cash (live)
2. City of…
[MP3, 128k, password: antithesis]

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Headphone Festival 2007 - 10. - 12. August Leipzig

Okay, my robot friends; Since I have to work I still can listen to the Headphone Festival by Privatelektro this year. Here is the stream:

privatelektro headphone festival livestream


Headphone Festival @ Myspace


Friday: 10th August

18.00 Uhr: Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (DJ) Hamburg / D

19.00 Uhr: Minimatika (DJ) Berlin / D

19.30 Uhr: triPhaze Leipzig / D

20.00 Uhr: Mix Mup Leipzig / D

21.00 Uhr: Kauerhof & Randy Carpenhengst Leipzig / D

22.00 Uhr: THE ! Weimar / Jena / Leipzig / D

23.00 Uhr: Manami N. Berlin / Tokyo, D / Jp

23.30 Uhr: Jadegarten Osaka / Japan

00.00 Uhr: Gast fall Paris / Frankreich

Saturday: 11th August

00.30 Uhr: Minimatika (DJ) Berlin / D

01.30 Uhr: Inannia (DJ) Jena / D

02.30 Uhr: Nachtwächter und Maurer Leipzig / D


13.00 Uhr: Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (DJ) Hamburg / D

14.30 Uhr: Brandt & Friebe Leipzig / D

15.00 Uhr: Idiot Switch Berlin / D / USA

16.00 Uhr:

17.00 Uhr: Readymedia Berlin / D

17.30 Uhr: 33 Leipzig / D

18.00 Uhr: Dirk Markham Deeside / Berlin, UK / D

18.30 Uhr: Tetsuya Hori Berlin / D

19.00 Uhr: Enzym Dresden / D

20.00 Uhr: Sven Ihlenfeld Berlin / D

20.30 Uhr: Tilman Schmidt Berlin / D

21.00 Uhr: Igor Hax Liverpool / UK

22.00 Uhr: Stephane Leonard Berlin / D

22.30 Uhr: Shintaro Miyazaki Basel / Berlin, CH / D

23.00 Uhr: Rev. Benn Schipper Toronto / Leipzig, CAN

23.30 Uhr: Rebecca Cunningham Australien / AU - direct Stream

Sunday: 12th August

00.00 Uhr: Nicolas T. Weiser Berlin / Leipzig, D

00.30 Uhr: Rubén D'Hers Caracas / Venezuela .. TBA

01.00 Uhr: Electrigger Berlin / Leipzig, D

02.00 Uhr: Various Artists Szession!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Selling shit @ Ebay.

I am selling some stuff I own twice or three times, maybe you are interested: both Five O 7"s, Assay LP, Assfactor4 LP, Up For Grabs compilation with Acme and Luzifers Mob, Against The Wall, Ex-Ignota, Antioch Arrow, Framework, Hail Mary, Monster X, Carol, In/Humanity, The GTC (ex-Honeywell), Pale Creation, Shed...

Klick here!