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V/A - for a fistful of yens! (CD) Bitzcore #01665 planned 1992 released 1994 (???)

Here is decent overlook of all the Bitzcore stuff the label did in its most exciting era (Rereleases by Articles Of Faith, Offenders, Verbal Abuse, Direct Action, Attitude Adjustment, Reflex From Pain, good compilations by Black Market Baby, United Mutation, Flag Of Democracy etc. or even new and good releases by Zero Boys (yes, I love the reunion LP), Alloy and so on).
I was watching some old Clint Eastwood classics the last few days - me having the flue I used the time in bed to do so - and after posting the two Articles Of Faith CDs (1, 2) I remembered this one. After pulling it out I spent the whole morning listening to records by Black Market Baby (man, they were brilliant and overlooked, shame on all consumers of D.C. hardcore punk records!), United Mutation (brutal!), Attitude Adjustment (I like them now more than I used to do) and Toxic Reasons (most of my friends said that they are something like a boring D.O.A. copy, that's not true: two mixtapes I did with my favourite songs by them and their heavy used condition proof the opposite). All songs were on different Bitzcore releases, but maybe you like it anyway or you even discover something you didn't know.
I am not sure, but I think there was also a US version of this compilation?!

Related want: I am interested in a dub with cover scan/ xerox copy of the Direct Action demo tape! I heard one original version on a tape compilation and it's great! Please write me.

V/A - for a fistful of yens! (CD) Bitzcore #01665 planned 1992 released 1994 (???)

1. Last Train To Dagenham -- Cock Sparrer
2. Headfirst -- Toxic Reasons
3. Animal Day -- Leatherface
4. On My Way -- Chiona Drum
5. More Alone With You -- Alloy
6. Unafraid -- Alloy
7. Indianapolis -- Zero Boys
8. Do The Wrong Thing -- Apartment 3-G
9. White As A Sheet -- Apartment 3-G
10. 5 o'Clock -- Articles Of Faith
11. Buried Alive -- Articles Of Faith
12. American Paranoia -- Attitude Adjustment
13. Bombs -- Attitude Adjustment
14. Verbal Abuse -- Verbal Abuse
15. Leeches -- Verbal Abuse
16. Laughing Boy -- Poison Idea
17. Cop An Attitude -- Poison Idea
18. Face Down In The Dirt -- Offenders
19. Fight Back -- Offenders
20. White Noise -- Toxic Reasons
21. Positive Change -- Zero Boys
22. Powerload -- Flag Of Democracy
23. Own Way -- United Mutation
24. Fugitive Family -- United Mutation
25. Generic Life -- Reflex From Pain
26. Damn-Age -- Direct Action
27. UXB -- Direct Action
28. Sacrifice Not Suicide -- The Freeze
29. Broken Bones -- The Freeze
30. Downward Christian Soldier -- Black Market Baby
31. Killing Time -- Black Market Baby
32. Kicks -- Destination Zero
33. The Only Way -- Destination Zero
34. Straight Time -- Jones Very
35. Don't Turn Away -- Vic Bondi
36. Dino -- Reflex From Pain
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

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