Monday, May 14, 2007

ZORN - ... denn alle Lust will Ewigkeit (LP) Maximum Voice Production #07 1996

This record was a shock to the hardcore and emo crowd, but I loved it and I still do. That's what happens when hardcore punk "kids" grew up with Amebix, early Black Metal, Winter, Candlemass, The Obsessed, Neurosis or Carnage and try to create something on their own. And Zorn's attempt is light-years away from all those metalcore bands who repeat the same Slayer (US, Belgium...) or Bolt Thrower (Germany) riff over and over again. I really wish that Zorn would be a band that is named for a definition of metalcore but you can't always want to have one's cake and eat it.

Some vocal/ singing parts here remind me of Ulver and the lyrics are really, really metal including all the - intended - pathos.

The artwork also reflects the love for sado-masochism of the owner of Maximum Voice Production, but I do not know if it was his wish or a coincidence.

Funny sidenote: "Im Nirgendwo" was covered by the German vegan straight edge semi-legend Megatonin.

ZORN - ... denn alle Lust will Ewigkeit (LP) Maximum Voice Production #07 1996

side a:
1. Zeremonie des Abschieds
2. Magma
3. Hinter der Sonne
4. Erebos II
5. Dornen

side b:
1. Im Nirgendwo
2. VII
3. Durch Schmerz, in Stein
4. Die tödliche Sünde
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Flobreaker said...

Hey - ever seen the late STEP INTO NOWHERE on stage? If you did, you knew where bass sound, slow tempo and all the other stuff came from!

xhatesongx said...

thanks a lot for all the awesome records. lots of hardcore-history for me.

(even though it took me ten retrys to download the zorn lp right now)

Hirsinger Youth said...

@Flobreaker: but only on stage not on the records... hahahahaha. I already thought about posting them, but newer readers or people who are not common with them might think: "what the fuck?"...

I named those metal bands etc. because I think Zorn took a lot from them to create their own sound which was - of course - influenced by D.C., Ebullition, Black Flag, Bremen und - heiligs Blechle - Step In To Nowhere, too.

Hirsinger Youth said...

@xhatesongx: you're welcome. Say also "thanks" to Flobreaker who gave me the possibility to post Zorn's demo tape the next few days (hours?).

Anonymous said...

hey can you please put this one up again have been looking for this for a long time and havent had any luck yet

Sound Of Anarchy said...

please, can you reup this album

Anonymous said...

i would fully state what you say. there was nothing like them. when hc-kids grow up with amebix :-)
true,true. love the record! thanks!

nelson said...

just loved this record for so many years...