Monday, June 04, 2007

V/A - Turner Raus (7'') A-Wat #11 circa 1992

Here is a benefit by the A-Wat fanzine for Animal Peace which was an animal rights organisation and had its most popularity in the late 80ies and early 90ies in Germany and got later critisised for having "Drückerkolonnen" (I found no English expression for it; the word describes a group or people who use every means necessary to get money for their cause/ organisation etc.).
Abolition contribute an otherwise unreleased track; same goes for two other bands of my youth: Embittered from the U.K. (most of them know them from their split with Dystopia and their 7" on Ecocentric Records) and Truth Against Tradition from the Ulm area. Their previous name was Out Of Question and they had a nice demo tape (I am looking for the cover (scanned or xerox copy)!?) and released a 7" on Equality Records and one self released 7" (distributed by Knopp's Common Cause label) later. Truth Against Tradition was an incredible live band. Their track is very much in the Underdog/ late Bad Brains way.

V/A - Turner Raus (7'') A-Wat #11 circa 1992

side a:
1. state of perfection
2. crush

side b:
Truth Against Tradition
1. if not you
Venus Fly Trap
2. crocodile
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Erich said...

von diesem sampler hab ich noch ca. 10 stk zu hause stehen, keine ahnung, woher ich die hab. 3 euro plus porto.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Wenn Du keinen persönlichen Bezug hast, z.B. aufgrund regionaler Nähe/ Aufwachsen mit den Combos, ist das Ding von der Qualität her ein Fall für die Mülltonne...

affen said...

dead link

Flobreaker said...

Übrigens handelt es sich bei dem TRUTH AGAINST TRADITION Song nicht um "If not you", der tatsächlich unveröffentlicht gewesen wäre, sondern um "Earth" (?), den Reggae-Song von ihrer auf Equality erschienenen 7" "DiscrimiNations".