Thursday, May 31, 2007

ARTICLES OF FAITH - core (CD) Bitzcore #01664 1991

I was digitalizing some CDs for my MP3 player the last few days stumbling over some things which might be nice for the blog.
There is nothing what has not been written about Articles Of Faith so I am going to spare you this part, the only thing I am going to tell you: you need this compilation by Bitzcore! It features complete remixed versions of all songs by Articles Of Faith before their first LP (including the first two 7"s, songs from the "wait" e.p. sessions and the compilation/ demo tracks) and although I love the sound from the original records, these versions blow! Many tracks (mainly the tape compilation stuff) here are not on the so called discography CDs/LPs on Alternative Tentacles (!!!), among them my favourite Articles Of Faith track of all time: Articles Of Faith. It was a recording featured - together with 4 songs from the same session - on the "charred remains" tape compilation in 1981/1982 on Version Sound. The original version lacked a bit of power, but the remixed one just kicks ass! Listen to the bass run and then the vocal staccato by Bondi: Brilliant! I read that they left this one off the compilations on Alternative Tentacles since it wouldn't do the band justice today (bullshit!).

Nice liner notes by Vic Bondi and 3 more tracks on the CD compared to the vinyl version of this record. Leech now, downloading freaks!

Someone at Kill From The Heart with the same opinion:

"Core includes the first two Articles of Faith EPs, a bunch of compilation tracks, and a few unreleased songs. Although their later records were also good, nothing can touch their early stuff. Anger and emotion, amazingly great music, and intelligent lyrics. The songs on this collection were either remixed or remastered from the originals, and since this record was my first exposure to AOF, I tend to prefer listening to these versions than those on the actual 7"s (the sound seems fuller, which might not be the best thing for a lot of hardcore bands, but definitely works for AOF). This is one of the handful of records I would consider essential.

ARTICLES OF FAITH - core (CD) Bitzcore #01664 1991

1. I've Got Mine
2. Buried Alive
3. Sin and Redemption
4. My Father's Dreams
5. Articles of Faith
6. By My Rules
7. What We Want is Free
8. Born To Be
9. Wait
10. Buy This War
11. Streetfight
12. Ghost In the House
13. Everyday
14. Bad Attitude
15. Dependence
16. False Security
17. Up Against a Wall
18. Poison In My Sweat
19. Belfast
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Review @ Flex!
Articles Of Faith homepage


Erich said...

Super - da ist auch mehr drauf als auf der vinyl version! "belafast" killt!

nur: Sorry, the free service is at full capacity.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Yo, hab ich auch geschrieben :).

Finde den Mix hier unglaublich... Power Power Power.

Werde mich mal umhören, welche Anbieter schneller sind und nicht mit dieser Slot-Geschichte etc. arbeiten.

The Secretary of Funk said...

Can you please re-upload this and the the other Articles of Faith album?

I got the Alternative Tenticles things and they're now one of my favorite bands.

Sam said...

FUCK YEAH. Ive been looking for the album forever! Thank you so much!