Tuesday, December 18, 2007

VA - No Idea Fanzine - Bread, the Edible Napkin (CD) No Idea #20 1997

Okay, one of the compilations I am posting concerning Floodgate; their track "the pessimist" is otherwise unreleased and has a strong Moss Icon feel to it, but it is sadly one of their weaker tracks. But that's venial: "Bread, the Edible Napkin" is a great compilation. It was part of the No Idea fanzine - I was too lazy to scan the issue but I included the booklet of the compilation - but also available as double LP. You might still get it from No Idea records, if not you'll get it cheap second hand. The tracklist reads like a who is who of the late 90ies: Braid, Brutal Truth, Hot Water Music, Floor, Serpico, Cavity, Threadbare, Still Life, Sideshow, Moonraker, Horace Pinker, Car Vs. Driver, Locust, Christie Front Drive and so on. More than a half of the songs are otherwise unreleased and a few are my favourites by these bands especially those by Moonraker and Hope Springs Eternal. Some bands should be featured here sooner or later (later! ha ha ha): Serpico, Rhythm Collision and Gus.

If anyone has any additional tracks by The Lisa Killers which is a Floor/Dove sideproject, please write me a short e-mail!

Okay, that's it for today, after Threadbare's version of "sunstroke" I am going to spend my evening with Swiz records.

VA - No Idea Fanzine #12 - Bread, the Edible Napkin (CD) No Idea #20 1997

1. Hot Water Music - Floor
2. Floor - Who Are You?
3. No Empathy - Daddy's Got a Problem
4. Ash County Sluggers - Achiever 9
5. Brutal Truth - Eggshells
6. Christie Front Drive - Bag
7. Cavity - Wounded
8. Pung - Anthem for the Youth
9. V-Card - Strap Me Down
10. Floodgate - The Pessimist
11. Against All Authority - Corporate Takeover
12. Serpico - Double Negative
13. Elmer - Let's Get into a Fistfight
14. Gus (Canada) - Sinister Acts in Bright Sunshine
15. Moonraker - Friendly Fire
16. The Bruce Lee Band - Calling For Me
17. Horace Pinker - Sloth
18. Car vs. Driver - Generis
19. Locust - Inbred America
20. Hope Springs Eternal - Loneliness Equals Coldness
21. Jack With Killer - Stupid Heavy Metal 2--Restriction
22. King Friday - Lonnie
23. Braid - Katy Cat
24. The Lisa Killers - No One Gets Through
25. Rhythm Collision - Jack
26. Sideshow - Soar
27. Skankin' Pickle - $13,000 is a Lot of Food (live)
28. Crunch - Furioso Zapping
29. Threadbare - Sunstroke
30. The End of the Century Party - Doozer La, Doozer Do
31. Still Life - Someone Stole My Bike
32. Bombs of Cheese - White People in the Park
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No Idea Records

Sunday, December 16, 2007

FLOODGATE - Troubles A' Brewin (12") Youth Strike Chord #2 & Ebullition #13.5 1993/1994

And finally: Floodgate's 12" which was a cooperation between Ebullition and the band's own label Youth Strike Chord - a huge step forward after their 7" but I must insist: still behind the double 7". Anyway I always loved how they managed to keep their sound on the hardcore side and "6+5+4=3" and "big brother blindness" are really two great songs. The instrumental on the flip side totally reminds me of something... but I can't recall of what... Rain? You tell me.

Funny sidenote: I saw this twelve inch on some Spanish blog filed under the category "Stoner".

FLOODGATE - Troubles A' Brewin (12") Youth Strike Chord #2 & Ebullition #13.5 1993/1994

side a:
1. troubles a' brewin
2. 6+5+4=3
3. big brother blindness

side b:
1.floodgate, m.l. (instrumental)
2. eldin o'brian
3. ancient of days
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

And since it has been a while, I repost their double 7":

Click! (Here is the original posting)


(front print)

This is an original Floodgate shirt and the only one known to me. In the 90ies it was a must for every band or fanzine to have at least one K├Ąthe Kollwitz drawing or etching for a record cover, artwork etc. (no matter if your name was Split Lip or even Earth Crisis). This motive is also on the back cover of the Floodgate 12" on Youth Strike Chord/ Ebullition.

Off topic: if you ever stop by in Berlin, please drop a bomb on the district Kollwitz used to live. You'll do the city a huge favour!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

FLOODGATE - 1st (7") Youth Strike Chord #01 & Anomaly #?? 1993

It's been a while and I like to subsume the last 4 months as "hard times in an age of quarrel".

I got Floodgate's first 7" for 5 bucks lately and I will post it together with other Floodgate stuff (12", shirt and compilations) the next few hours. Their debut release - I don't know if there's a demo tape - is still a bit behind their later stuff but it has it's moments. The last song "mountain" on this 7" is one of these moments: about 5 minutes long and driving with a huge Wash D.C. feeling in it. I'd like to emphasise that not that many bands played this style in 1993!

FLOODGATE - 1st (7") Youth Strike Chord #01 & Anomaly #?? 1993

side a:
1. the organic
2. conscription

side b:
1. abusive ego
2. mountain
[OGG Vorbis; 256k; password: antithesis; mirror 1, mirror2]

Floodgate @ BandtoBand
Floodgate's double 7"
The Notorious Love Affair