Monday, June 18, 2007

THE NOTORIOUS LOVE AFFAIR - self titled (7'') Per Koro #14 1996

Here is a very short lived project from Germany with Andrew from Floodgate, Campaign & Fisticuffs Bluff and former/recent members of Prone, Stack, Narsaak, Dead Beat, Bastard King and Black Shape of Nexus. They never played live and just managed to do this 7" on Per Koro. They listened a lot to Native Nod, early Rye Coalition/Merel and Iconoclast but still have this krauty/Bremen touch. I am recently trying to get my hands on one unreleased song from the same recording session, so stayed tuned.

THE NOTORIOUS LOVE AFFAIR - self titled (7'') Per Koro #14 1996

side a:
1. Das Wundenlecken
2. I am the song my enemy sings

side b:
1. Autist
2. panic
[OGG Vorbis, 256k & MP3, 256k, password: antithesis]

Myspace Page (recently done by their nice bass player Michael)


alex said...

I still remember that I bought this 7" from Christian Unsinn's xKIKIx distribution. In his newsletter Christian described this as an ex-AcMe project - so I instantly bought the EP, due to being a huge Acme fan. When I received my order I was disappointed: Of course, it was not ex-Acme. But my disappointment vanished as I listened to the 7" - until then I've liked it lot and still today I consider it to be one of Per Koro's best release. To me it's not just a blend of the influences you mention, but also quite an unique release with very own musical sound and style. As you, I can't wait to listen to the unreleases track, so hopefully Mr. Bergweiler will let us have it.

alex said...

Argh - it should be "since then I've liked it a lot.." not "until then"

BTW: Promoting stuff as ex-Acme seemed to be quite a popular marketing trick back then, wasn't it. Kinda funny as there was never something like an ex-Acme band, except Systral.

thomask said...

darmstadt represents...
i found this info about notorious live affair: