Sunday, April 13, 2008

DON MARTIN 3 - self titled (7") Oberon Records #?? 199?

Okay here it is: the fucking essence with only 300 copies in existence.

I am not sure if Oberon was the band's own label - I do not know any other releases by this "label" - and when it was recorded/ released. There are no detailed informations provided here - all Don Martin Three records have that in common.

This 7" must be one of my most played ones concerning the 90ies emo thing (together with Inkwell maybe) - I have an additional copy up for trade.

I am not writing that much today (I haven't the last few weeks), just let those nine and a half minutes of delightful cliché speak to you.

DON MARTIN THREE - self titled (7") Oberon Records #?? 199?

side a:
1. katahdn

side b:
1. inefficient engine
[OGG Vorbis; 256 K; password: antithesis; mirror 1, mirror 2]

I recently saw that the scans of the 12" and 7" compilation were taken for the myspace tribute page of Don Martin Three - at least: ask nicely.

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