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BOY WONDER - selftitled (7'') Abridged Records #02 1994 & patch & bonus

Here is the second release by Abridged Records, the label that brought us Blueprint, Refuse To Fall, Jimmy Eat World (their split 7" with Blueprint is still available from Revelation), Badger (later The Tie That Binds) and also distributed Germany's Smith & Nephew Empire stuff - label of an Upset member - with releases from German bands like Upset, Cerulean (later Pilots In Paris with a nice CD on Abridged), Azure or even the second Cursive record on vinyl.

I really loved it when it came out since they had independent and dodgy sound, lost a bit power to me over the years but it's still exciting. I love bass guitars sounding like a vacuum cleaner - serious! The second song has some Shotmaker-like moments them jamming with Albini.

They disbanded too soon like so many Texas bands do.

BOY WONDER - selftitled (7'') Abridged Records #02 1994

side a:
1. sap

side b:
1. coal
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Here is a patch by Boy Wonder - some of them were included in the 7":

The complete recording session for the 7" (the had a recording session before this one, but I never had the chance to listen to those songs; maybe for a demo tape?), some songs were released on a compilation with other Texas, mainly Austin, based bands called "Seek Sound Shelter" released by Dotzit Records in 1996 (among the other bands were Gut, Glorium1, Gomez and Johnboy):

BOY WONDER - complete 7" recording session 1994

1. 290
2. account
3. untitled
4. coal
5. sap
6. untitled
[OGG Vorbis, 192k, password: antithesis]

And here are the tracks from the split 12" with Gut - I think this was available on CD too:

BOY WONDER - tracks from the split 12" with GUT - Dotzit Records #?? 1994

side a:
Boy Wonder
1. take a number
2. fall
3. communion
4. virus
5. rot
6. seven fold

side b:
1. donkey kong long leg
2. baboon
3. spiffy cricket
4. yellow stool pigeon
5. disco cow
[OGG Vorbis, 192k, password: antithesis]

(Boy Wonder live)

The only of the many versions of the Abridged homepage that still exists

1 their early stuff is nice, a lot of new wave and post punk combined with Dinosaur Jr and Chicago bands. Their homepage is a detailed documentation of the band's work (why do other homepages don't look like theirs?).

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fyi, gut/boy wonder split never came out on cd.