Wednesday, May 16, 2007

DRIFT AGAIN - "forever starts today" shirt

(front print)

(back print)

I think this was Drift Again's first shirt design (who was drunk while doing the back print?). Holy moly, the beginning of the 9oies - the heydays of the emo mosh, I was really into all those bands who combined the second wave of slower but melodic youth crew bands and of course Verbal Assault with mosh; for all you may say: only straight edge bands have this sound: early Split Lip, Framework (huge!), Remain (totally forgotten!), early Network Sound, New Age, Doghouse etc.
Currently listening to their 7" again, funny how effective two riffs in one song were to me.
Before I forget it: Mike Hartsfield from Freewill/ Stone Telling, Outspoken, Strife and so forth was in Drift Again.

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