Sunday, May 13, 2007

FEEDING THE FIRE - "price of progress" shirt

(front print)

(back print)

(sleeve print)

This is an early three-sided Feeding The Fire shirt with a motive concerning animal testings and lyrics from "price of progress" (later compiled on the "hope springs eternal" CD on Mad Mob). I really wished that I could have seen them in their early days, when the 7" on Rew Wax - the label by the Man Lifting Banner dudes - came out and the played the Man Lifting Banner influence Red Edge style. They got slower later, especially the "crusade" MCD on March Through is very 90ies. The members are later in Bloodsport and Born From Pain.
I am confused concerning their discography; I saw a 7" in the early 90ies in lists but it wasn't "no submission"!!! Their early tracks are dated around 1992 but I just know the 7", split 7", CD, MCD and the compilation tracks ("Realization", "Anti-Racist"...). Can anyone tell me something about earlier releases (7", demo...)?

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Roger NBH said...

Hi there,

nice to see you like that shirt!
Long time ago.

Anyway, check the OFFICIAL Myspace page for more FTF info, still not done but getting there....

As for the release info, before the 7" on Red Wax we did some local tape comps and other international comps, never really did an official demo or something like that.

And the discography CD is incomplete, missing 1 track which the DAT-tape was lost from (though still should have a copy of that track on a normal cassette somewhere!!!!).

Well, keep in touch with the Myspace page or ask/mail me.
Take care,

Roger NBH

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