Saturday, May 05, 2007

INFEST - "mankind" bootleg shirt

(front print)

Here's one bootleg shirt among thousands by the best band blablablabla in the world. This was done in Germany by some "fastcore" heroes in 1993 .

I first heard Infest on a mix tape from a friend of mine with other California bands among them were Chorus, No For An Answer, Visual Discrimination, Bl'ast!, Carry Nation etc. first and Infest was on the b side of the tape. It changed everything. Like the first time when your head hits the asphalt while skateboarding and you get the feeling you deserve it. And your elbows suppurate for weeks but you don't care because you just think of the moment when your head is dashing against the street over and over again.



martin said...

das shirt hatte ich auch mal ... aber nie getragen wg. des widerlichen motivs.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Wegen dem Motiv:
Warte mal bis ich das Crossed Out Bootleg mit dem Bild, das auch Cover der Rorschach/ Neanderthal Split war, gepostet habe.

martin said...

wer hat die eigentlich gemacht?

j-ACHE said...

hey are you selling this by any chance?