Friday, May 04, 2007

Repost: DON MARTIN 3 - self titled (12") Belladonna/ Kurt & Jason #01 circa 1994

Okay, here's the Don Martin 3 12" again, after a request by a reader. Here is the original posting.

DON MARTIN 3 - self titled (12") Belladonna/ Kurt & Jason #01 circa 1994

side a:
1. untitled
2. untitled
3. untitled

side b:
1. untitled
[MP3, 256k]


Anonymous said...

oh, that's great!
many-many thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

the lp actually dropped in 96. 500 pressed total. it was actually a bit of a joke, as Brian recorded his vocals as "extra-emo." he was doing it as satire on emo at the time. Jason (Jason Teisinger of Palatka and Jason/Kurt and later Belladonna records) planned to re-release the LP remixed with the corrected vocals, but no one seemed to care about the record, so it never happened. If you listen to the 7"s versus the lp, it is pretty clear. Additionally, the popping and crackling was supposed to make it more like the repercussion and emo stuff they were mocking. Cheap recording, cheap vinyl, and homemade package. Remember, Jason/Kurt also re-released the honeywell/reachout split 7" and the honeywell LP. As a side note, only 300 of the original Don Martin 3 7" were made.

Hirsinger Youth said...

The satire thing sounds a bit relativising in the end, so what worked out for example for In/Humanity - one of the few self-reflecting acts within the hc/punk culture industry - or in larger scale for Negativland, Residents or This Heat, does not here (why planning a rerelease with new vocals when those were intended to be this way?). Which would be a pity after what you wrote about the intended aim.

Didn't know about the Honeywell rerelease for the LP, just had the split 7" repress and the Molly Coodle version of the LP.

Maybe you want to contribute the 7"?

Anonymous said...

it was somewhat disappointing that it was a joke, as i loved that LP. I will email you a zip of the ep songs.

Anonymous said...

There was no intent to rerelease the LP. It is what it is. As for the mocking vocals, that may be true, but I'm curious to know who told you that this was the reason.