Monday, May 14, 2007

THE MEN OF HELL aka ZORN - the return of the gods (LP) Maximum Voice Production #666 1998

I will post one of the simple black and white posters that got Zorn blacklisted and banned from clubs later, before: their last sign of life. And it blew me away.
They already changed their name and just the vinyl etching states: "The Men Of Hell aka Zorn". 6 killer tracks in about 26 minutes and the best they have done - driven and mean.

All the people who shit talked about Zorn them being metal heads etc. since their beginning got their possibility to set themselves up now. Brilliant!

Nice full colour Marvel cover and the inside is printed in black:

This was also released on CD and one of the last things Maximum Voice did; there were some stories about the label being a rip off (the vinyl etchings for the Maximum Voice releases already stated "rip off #[..]" as catalogue numbers before, maybe as a reaction towards the accusations), which is funny since I can remember some mailorder lists by the owner who blamed other distributions etc. for not paying him etc.. But I am not into this shit, although a band I really love was affected. Within the world of hardcore and punk you'll find the same business tactics like everywhere.

Shake your manes!!!!

THE MEN OF HELL aka ZORN - the return of the gods (LP) Maximum Voice Production #666 1998

side a:
1. welcome to violence
2. pure fuckin' madness
3. man of hell
4. the god of emptiness

side b:
1. the hatemachine
2. morphin
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Anonymous said...

the inner sleeve has to be black, too.
i bought some only for this record...

Hirsinger Youth said...

Okay, I second that notion!

Anonymous said...

Duuuuuuude, I need to hear this record. Any way you could fix the link??