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RESOLUTION - self titled (10") Scorch Records #01 1990 (& "Seattle Brotherhood" CD)

Okay, let' s do this shit1: Resolution might not be the best band musically to you but since I try to capture some moments of my youth here, and the stuff being posted is far away from my nowadays interests, you have to abide what touched me back then. And so did Resolution. Their 10" had some kind of bad distribution I think and many of the 500 (or 1000?) pressed ended up in Germany due to mail orders like Horizons. Resolution emerged from Brotherhood2 and False Liberty and it' s fun to hear this tunes again, since them being from Seattle in 1990: still into Straight Edge hardcore but something big is coming: the Rock! And I think they are doing quite well compared to all those other straight edge kids who changed to Grunge over night.
Apart from the very, very simple drumming (like Brotherhood) this is quite well written, even the guitar solos fit in. At least they could have written new lyrics. I also like the two coversongs by Motörhead and Hendrix - don' t ask me why.
I saw some different versions back then in a record store: the lyricsheet was stamped or so, also on the back. As bonus I included the CD on the label we loved to hate. Besides their business tactics and partly the layout I think the really did a good job with some stuff since it was remastered, came from the original tapes or was at least hurried through a compressor. Listen to Lost And Found versions of Heresy, Urban Waste, Siege, Artificial Peace, United Mutation, Malefice, Void, Project X, The Fix, Marginal Man, Deep Wound, F.U.'s and and and; they all sound better than the originals - at least to my ears. Anyway this CD includes all their songs ever written.
In case you did not know: former members of Resolution are later in Sunny Day Real Estate and Engine Kid.

RESOLUTION - self titled (10") Scorch Records #01 1990

side a:
1. I seek a solution
2. one mind
3. purple haze (Hendrix)

side b:
1. forced
2. the last time
3. ace of spades (Motörhead)
[OGG Vorbis, 256k]

RESOLUTION - Seattle Brotherhood (CD) L & F #147 1995

1. I seek a solution
2. one mind
3. forced
4. ace of spades
5. the last time
6. built up
7. for a day
8. scotw
9. purple haze
10. chimes
[OGG Vorbis, 256K]

- demo (Tape) DIY 1990
- by all means compilation (7") Progression Records #01 1990 with Hardball, Relapse, Face Value...
- self titled (10") Scorch Records #01 1990
- split 7" with Undertow Overkill Records 1990

1 I am trying hard at being the blog with the worst music.

2 members later joined Thorr's Hammer, Sunno))), Engine Kid and Goatsnake!!!

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micha sellfish said...

Thanks for the information, just found a second hand version of the L&F cd and am really happy to find some infos on the interweb (i think you site's the only one that has any - or am i wrong). cheers from hamburg/germany