Tuesday, April 10, 2007

LINCOLN & HOOVER - two headed coin (7'') Art Monk Construction #01 1993

This was the first release by Art Monk Construction and a good label start. Hoover were the most underrated D.C. band around that time, although being on Dischord (!!!). Lincoln who started as some kind of emo mosh band with their first 7" present here a very D.C. styled sound and this 7" perfectly sums up midtempo emo core in the early 90ies. Although there are only two songs and it' s very short, I have to admit that this would be a record you keep when you have to reduce your collection to 10 records of this style. End of discussion. Enjoy this seven yellow vinyl inches (collector nerds would say "gold"... hahahahaha... "gold" like the Youth Of Today Funhouse Records pressing... hahahahaha). Needless to say that all other Hoover records are must haves.

Here' s what Art Monk Construction wrote:
"It wasn't until over three years after having released this two-song seven inch was I told that I learned that it is so widely held to be the hallmark of the emo genre as it is known today. The fact thay any would pigeon-hole this creation is of greater tragedy than the most searing chord it strikes. Both Lincoln and Dischord recording artists Hoover took the angst and heartfelt restlessness of hardcore and intricately wove it into a fabric channeled by syncopated rhythms and vocals that yearned without plea for pity. The message is sent mid-tempo, yet written by scarred hand in tumultuous melody. No sleep for the self-declared wicked, a record that after almost five years still speaks with ferociousness to the firery woebegotten..."

LINCOLN & HOOVER - two headed coin (7'') Art Monk Construction #01 1993

side a:
1. two down

side b:
1. benchwarmer
[OGG Vorbis, 256k]

Flex! entry
Art Monk Construction
Hoover @ Dischord


b. brown said...

Ha, wow. I have these somewhere in my collection. Gosh, it's been so long. Great post and great sound.

Hirsinger Youth said...

It' s sad to me that it' s so short :); pulling it out and then you already have to flip it. Same goes for bands like Inkwell etc. But in the end it' s still my favourite record size concerning punk/hardcore.

Vinyl Virgin said...

Hey - that was my label! Lincoln was probably the best band of that era - bar none. They oozed talent. we were happy to be associated with them...

Anonymous said...

insanely beautiful record. said that, does anyone have detailed info about pressing/colors? clear orange wasthe first press? or clear blue? and yeah there's also black... ;)
Vinyl Virgin- so you did AMC??? man that's one of my fave labels EVER!!! thanks a ton for that! maybe do you still have old bands/label merchandise? cause i have all the records, i'd like some merch too! :)
thanks!!! -leo/italy