Wednesday, April 11, 2007

STRAIGHT EDGE - "Coca Cola rip off" hooded sweater

Very worn hooded sweater with the famous Coca Cola rip off; I can' t remember who did the red originals first? Some US label? Sure Hand did some red ones later too, or? And about 2 years ago they were popping up again. Anyway the black ones very mainly printed in Germany by two mail orders and the motive was available on shirts, long sleeves, hooded sweater, polo shirts, baseball caps and gym shorts (!!!). This was round about in 1993 and 1994 when hardcore and punk - MTV was already playing "NYHC" - had its first peak concerning merchandise and bands like Sheer Terror, Yuppicide, Madball and and and had more merchandise products than records to offer. That was the first time the whole thing was fishy to me.
Be that as it may, but this motive is a nice classic.
Concerning "fishy": you can get them at Amazon now... hahahahaha. Ian, what have you done? Maybe we should rewrite "Youth Crew": You, me - trapped in the culture industry.

Here is the red one

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