Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DAY OF SUFFERING - "Lifeforce design" crewneck sweater

Why were people always bitching about the colours and designs labels like Lost And Found, New Age, Victory and Conversion did? ‘Cause who wasn’t doing awful shirt colours and designs in the 90ies? So here is another example: the European design for Day Of Suffering. While the Catalyst Records version looks decent this could be worn at the Loveparade. It might look nice on dark grey etc., but this is just another kids fashion thing.
Needless to say that their CD is a burner. The first track kills everything and all other vegan metal bands have failed trying to copy them over the years.
I read some funny interview by the singer about arming yourself, educating yourself at the library and training physically for revolution, all in a very hardline influenced, pathetic style.
When hardline turned more and more into a religious yet islamistic thing the whole “vegan drugfree community” adapted slogans and aesthetics therefrom and ideas like the “jihad”, “eternal jihad” etc. were overreaching1. This was really the turning point and showcased the vegan drugfree ideology as crude fact which it actually was. So what was started by peace and anarcho punks who were influenced by early British and California punk – or were even involved there foremost – and included some interesting thoughts2 has turned into authoritarian sportswear wearing weapons enthusiasts or at least acting like those. I can even remember the guys from Unborn/ Statement being called kafirs by the new generation of "eco warriors"3 since they took/ take a stand against homophobia etc. Anyway I just wanted to explain “the eternal jihad” on the front print.

Funny side note: had the CD on tape first and misinterpreted their lyrics from "pawn" and I was screaming “new born vanguard” (which really fits better) while running instead of "a new world vision". Let' s call it a hardline influenced, accidental meme in my head.

Day Of Suffering @ Catalyst Records
Lifeforce Records

1 Day Of Suffering in "the rising of the tide":
"Oppressors to fight this jihad
A spiritual battle against the root of all evil"
2 Vegan Reich for example thought that the idea of animal rights is obsolete since animals could have no rights

3 Most of them have normal jobs, go to school living with their parents, do some martial arts in their leisure time, are shit talking on the world wide web and listen to metal. That' s it!


b. brown said...

Ha, another intersection! Steve from Day of Suffering is one of my closest buddies here in Wilmington, NC, where they were from. They started out with the name Falling Down, and changed their name to Day of Suffering basically right in the middle of a show. Steve (guitarist) still plays music in various forms, Paul (drummer) and John (singer) moved to California and started a band, and, well, they had a lot of bass players. Really cool to see here. Antithesis has become one of my faves!

Hirsinger Youth said...

What about the ideological background? Are they still into it? And if so in which way? I already thought about posting the Falling Down 7" or die European version of the CD but then I saw that Catalyst is doing a discography which also includes the last demo which was even more METAL. Maybe I post the "sleepless nights" compilation with the cover song :). Your blog - maybe I don' t know many - is together with for example my favourite concerning music I grew up with in the last century! So I' d like to give this compliment back to you!

b. brown said...

Steve is still vegan and straight edge and hates cars, etc. He still plays that sort of music here and there. Paul and John, well, they're a little different now. Alcohol is involved, hehe. Musically, they started delving into electronics and sounds that could be deemed "new wave," but that's stuff they've always been into doing, even when they were in Falling Down.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Time changes, people change :).

r said...

haha, sorry dass wir keinen bock auf schwarz/graue hardcoreuniformoberteile hatten..gabs zwar auch, aber ich selbst hab eher rot oder weiss getragen..das catalyst design war übrigens nicht mit der band abgesprochen, die hat er dann auch erst ein jahr nach dem release gemacht, nachdem er die band eh nie bezahlt hatte und es auch egal war ob er jetzt noch klamotten macht die die band scheiße fand

r said...

btw, ich teile ja deine einschätzung, daß sich in dieser szene immer mehr schwachköpfe herumgetrieben haben, john ist aber eine der positivsten ausnahmen, keins der aufgezählten klischees trifft auf dos zu..zumal rat einer der engsten freunde war, sie haben ja sogar ein stück zusammen aufgenommen

Anonymous said...

Even The Score Records now has a myspace page, I have put up the Falling Down 7" free to download, Im looking for Day of Suffering T shirts, in particular one I printed for a fest in Ohio, The only ones Even The Score ever printed. They are Green with Day of Suffering on the front in white, Might have an ETS logo on the bcak, cant remembercheck out the page & add us as a friend