Saturday, April 28, 2007

HARRIET THE SPY/ THREE STUDIES FOR A CRUCIFIXION – split (7“) Donut Friends #38 1997

A huge step forward for Harriet The Spy! And hell yeah, the lyrics were fine:

"I am the special man who hooked up all these bands
my name, hard to pronounce but sort of familiar
bares resemblance to all other emo-unpronoucables.

remember what I deserve... respect

she clutches the paper, announces the reading
the words she' s speaking are spoken for speaking
"I deserve respect, redundance to the end!"

oh no it' s just a show oh no"

From "this music festival sucks".

My first contact with Harriet The Spy was the later 12" on Troubleman Unlimited and I pulled it out at the records store several times before I bought it weeks later, every time reading the lyrics over and over again. I just heard that the drummer of The Party Of Helicopters was also in Harriet The Spy but I' ve never heard from them before and honestly I bought the 12" due to the lyrics, not being disappointed later.
I heard Three Studies For A Crucifixion the first time on the Amnesia compilation and was thrilled, the split tracks here were a bit a let down since the mastering totally sucks. I don't know if this due to the length (but 6 minutes should be fine) or the recording was already that bad. Nearly all stuff by them lacks production which is really sad: they just blow. Check out their split LP with Coleman on Mountain Records - way more interesting than everything bands like Converge etc. have done around that time. They also had a split 8" with Melt Banana on the label that did a Harriet The Spy CD - never hold it in my hands, is it a discography? Maybe someone wants to contribute it. Members of The Party Of Helicopters and Three Studies For A Crucifixion are now in Teeth Of The Hydra - nasty mix of Black Sabbath, Melvins, Sludge and the new album a bit Mastodon too. Especially the new album "Greenland" is worth checking out.

Again: nice packaging.

HARRIET THE SPY/ THREE STUDIES FOR A CRUCIFIXION – split (7“) Donut Friends #38 1997

side a:
Harriet The Spy
1. This Music Festival Sucks
2. Bucky Beaver

side b:
Three Studies For A Crucifixion
1. No Refund Policy
2. Operation: Dandelion
3. Centrificate Of Marathoid Behavior
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Anonymous said...

could you repost this one?

looking for that coleman/three studies split too.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if you'll see this or not, but it's on ebay now for $8 plus shipping. i already have it or i'd get it myself.

Anonymous said...

in case you still wondered, it's actually harriet the spy's drummer, jamie stillman, that got an axe and rocked his strings in the party of helicopters (+teeth of the hydra then drummer). now you know. [w]