Sunday, April 15, 2007

METAMATICS - a metamatics production (CD) Clear #429 1997

Okay, my robot friends: total different direction today to get rid of the hardcore gumbos visiting the blog. This was Metamatics first CD release on Clear records, a label founded by Clair from Rephlex and in my opinion Clear was a co-founder of the modern electro movement by releasing stuff by Plaid, Autechre under pseudonyms or even Tom Middleton with Jedi Knights (their first stuff is on Clear!).
The later stuff by Metamatics is way more melodic, brighter and includes more ambient but this is still my favourite mixing everything down tempo, abstract, techno and IDM has to offer. Make sure you check out all other Lee Morris aliases: Man-Q-Neon, Nacht Plank and Norken. Favourite tracks here: "Blue Water" (ended on nearly every mix tape I've done), "Dope For The Robot" and "Dope Robot's Revenge".
After Clear Records stopped to exist (still makes me sad), this has been rereleased as "Dope For The Robot" by Hydrogen Dukebox leaving off tracks from the original version and so some nerds are paying a lot of bucks for this CD already!

METAMATICS - a metamatics production (CD) Clear #429 1997

1. Swimmer
2. Skunk Me
3. Blue Water
4. Dope For The Robot
5. Piece It Together
6. Raytrax
7. Meander
8. Turn The Point
9. Repeater
10. No Condimentz
11. Dope Robots Revenge
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Clear Records discography
Listen to snippets of Metamatics @ Hydrogen Dukebox

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