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7 INCH BOOTS - death over Mülheim - live attacks & studio outtakes (Tape)

As promised
before: another 7 Inch Boots Posting. Most of you might know them as being one of the bands before Bohren & der Club of Gore but mainly they are kinda overlooked today. Who cares as long as they are important to some fraggles and freaks out there?!
This tape was released by Horizons (yup, the Hardstance song) which was a small fanzine
(1), tape label and mailorder in the early 90ies in Germany. Done by Gonzo who was writing for the huge ZAP fanzine back then and who was also the singer of Lebensreform.
The songs are live tracks, studio and demo outtakes and like most of the Horizons tapes: there wasn' t tracklist on the cover so I just kept it in one single track. After some requests I uploaded the regular demo tape again, to help out the 7 Inch Boots fans who never heard this one.

7 INCH BOOTS - death over Mülheim - live attacks & studio outtakes (Tape) Horizons #01 199x

[Ogg Vorbis, 224 K, password: antithesis]

7 INCH BOOTS - "walkin' through" 8 song demo (Tape) Hopser Tape Productions 1989

1. intro

2. sick of freaks
3. what it means

4. view

5. out of the water

6. moment of love

7. mutant

8. shouldn' t we be angry

9. strike back
[Ogg Vorbis, 192 K, password: antithesis]

Discography again:

"walkin' through" 8 Song Demo (Tape) Hopser Tape Productions 1989
"everything is relative" Compilation (Tape) No Hate No War #02 1990
"tamped concrete E.P." (7") Snoop Records #03 1990
"Death over Mühlheim - live attacks & studio outtakes" (Tape) Horizons #01 199?
"Drei Lieder für Bruce Lee" (7") Organon #01 199? - aufgenommen Februar 1991

There used to be some digital versions of that zine on a server of the Frankfurt University, if I find the page again, I' ll post it.

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