Wednesday, March 28, 2007

V/A - Reconstruction (LP) Stonehenge #04 & Ras L' Bol! Fanzine #?? 1994

I used to be a huge fan of French hardcore and especially emo core and this compilation is a little who is who of the 1993 - 1994 period (okay, hundreds of bands are missing...), released by Stonehenge and Ludovic from the Ras L' Bol fanzine (pressing of 1035). About 3 years later French emo core was in the heydays in Europe and I know some people who paid nearly 30 bucks just to get the first Undone 7" to complete their collection (you can get this one today for 2 bucks); crazy and all before the huge Ebay gold digging.

My favourites are Ivich, Thrill Of Confusion, Finger Print, Undone and Vanilla. Some stuff here is really bad produced/ mastered, a reason why I seldom listened to the compilation (okay, I am still the guy who loves pappily rehearsal recordings). There are two essays about diy and giving it a larger scale - meaning within punk, outlook on society etc. - by the two publishers (judge for yourself! I included scans of the booklet).

I do not want to know what Autonomia Indigena' s further sense of mission and political attitude was but I have this foreboding1.

I sold all my Vanilla stuff years ago and I think I am a fucking idiot.

By the way here are two discography pages, the first one covering punk in France from 1977 to 1990 and the second "rock" until 2003 including most of the hardcore bands. Both seem quite complete, with short label informations... even having bands like Cocha Bomba or a label like Squad Records etc.

V/A - Reconstruction (LP) Stonehenge #04 & Ras L' Bol! Fanzine #?? 1994

side a:
1. poison pilote
Sea Shepherd
2. burnt alive
Thrill Of Confusion
3. execution
Ultimate Disorder
4. nihilisme
5. errance
Finger Print
6. choix
7. raz-de-marée

side b:
Autonomia Indigena
1. no a la sumisión
Shatter The Myth
2. position
Cause 'n Effect
3. lonely
4. fallacy
5. héros à tort
6. above the sea
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: Baudrillard]

Stonehenge Records

1 Maybe someone wants to contribute their 7" here?


Anonymous said...

hello, I like your blog. real neat stuff. I'd like to ask you a favor if you don't mind: please re upload the reconstruction compilation it's really cool and if you have some 90's french emo/hardcore like jasemine, undone, etc. that'd be awesome. take care and cheers!

zwischenzeilenleser said...

Oh yeah, pleaaasee reupload this!!

Anonymous said...

please, reupload. It will be very cool.