Sunday, March 25, 2007

INTEGRITY – „in contrast of sin“ hooded sweater

Together with Snapcase and Earth Crisis the Victory band that had the most merchandise?!
They used to be an exciting band from their early demos even to “to die for”. My sister and me listened to their first album, “systems overload” and “humanity is the devil” for months when they came out; every day over and over again. The beginning of the whole holy terror hardcore and Cleveland sound was one of the last significant styles of hardcore to us. A last sign of life from this rotten piece of shit.

And Integrity spearheaded it.

Man, I loved this band for polarizing and getting a lot of stick and them constantly evolving. It seemed that every beef just made them stronger and even better in their musicianship. What ever you may think about them they were more thrilling than all those gumbos who were constantly repeating themselves.

Like all early Victory merchandise products - from Insight to Snapcase - the label had the bad habit to print the logo on every remaining bit of cotton. And while we all loved the bands but hated the label and the logo something had to happen. I can remember friends cutting of the sleeves from their hooded sweaters (dudes, looked worse than with the bulldog!). I also did funny things: in this case I was ironing the logo until I had this ugly colour blotch. Why didn’ t they just printed the nice modified Septic Death skull twice?!

Wikipedia entry
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fitze said...

haha, ich hab stundenlang zwanghaft an dem pitbulls rumgeknibbelt und versucht sie nach und nach zu zerbröseln.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Im Nachhinein wäre woll ein großer Patch die beste Lösung gewesen; aber heute eh so egal :).

edgedann said...