Thursday, March 22, 2007

THE TRIGGER QUINTET - self titled (7") Twistworthy Records #01 1995

I am not quite sure if someone remembers (at least Used Bin Forever! does) this very, very short lived Texas based band - I think they just existed for one year or so and had only a few outputs (one 7" and two compilation tracks).
If you grew up with all those early 90ies emo core bands who were also influenced by guitar rock you will like The Trigger Quintet. Well played, good and clear production and the typical nice packaging for this time - what else do you want?

So wherever Tim, Brian, Mike and Mark are nowadays: thank you for this nice piece of plastic.

THE TRIGGER QUINTET - self titled (7") Twistworthy Records #01 1995

side a:
1. senseless in drowning

side b:
1. a return home
2. kill me before I die
[OGG Vorbis, 256 K, password: antithesis]


- selftitled 7" Twistworthy Records #01 1995
- track on "the ground rule double" lp/cd Actionboy Records & Divot Records 1995
- track on "use this coupon" lp Slave Cut Records 1996

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