Thursday, March 22, 2007

(UNION OF) URANUS - backhand (Tape) Daybreak Records 1994

These songs are also on the split 12" with His Hero Is Gone (became something like a neo crust and emo scum wet collectors dream) and again on something like a discography cd (which no one needs (?) because it just features the songs from the split 7", the 2x7"/12" and the demo (which means those lazy bastards didn' t record more songs?)). I just thought it might be a nice posting including scans of the tape cover. Union of Uranus, Uranus or (Union of) Uranus were an ignition for a whole wave of bands especially in Germany and France many bands originated who were mainly or directly influenced by them (Uranus nearly had the same impact like bands like Unbroken, Born Against or His Hero Is Gone/ Tragedy/ Remains Of The Day had concerning waves of new bands). The demo is still a bit behind the great 2x7" but a damn good offbeat by a new band. Released on Daybreak back then which is one of the many names of the label most of you know as Great American Steak Religion or Feral Ward or Witch Hunt. One band member went on to play in His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy as you might know.

(UNION OF) URANUS - backhand (Tape) Daybreak Records 1994
1. backhand
2. one eye strengthens
3. weight of tomorrow
4. equilibrate
5. pressure (Negative Approach)
[OGG Vorbis, password: antithesis)

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Great band! Thanks for the rip.