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SABETH - 1st (7") diy 1996/ 1997

The last few weeks I got some e-mails how about me posting some German bands from the last decade since over the oceans people mainly just know the whole Bremen stuff, the Common Cause roster (this blog needs some Abc Diabolo & Ambush postings!) or Love Records things, since they were distributed quite well. Then I started pulling out singles, then I thought about having a series with 90ies emo stuff from all over the world (that' s how the Rights Reserved and The Trigger Quintet ended up here) and in the end about 200 singles were in front of my shelf giving this blog a new direction for the next weeks since there are many Reagan era, KBD whatever blogs or even faceless downloading blogs (horrible institutions) out there and only a few who constantly are posting things from the last decade which is a pity. I mean: fuck pomo and the standard dictum "it was all done before", I grew up with this shit, Seeing Zorn and Abc Diabolo live way before I owned a +Void+ split lp or even This Heat, Can, Terry Riley, Ornette Coleman or insert anything (hey dickheads even Teddie was thinking about his childhood and youth every fraggin minute... hahahahaha) so why should I lie: my heart is still into this crap.

I went through the singles again and stopped with: Sabeth! A band from the southern Stuttgart area featuring a former Dawnbreed (also coming!) member, having fine lyrics and just existing for about three years. They were also a great and powerful live band and I still have some soundboard recordings I' d like to "release" as tape (side note: Antithesis released many live tapes in the 90ies), so if anyone knows where the members are nowadays: please contact me. Maybe I will add one show soon.

I will post their stuff chronically starting with their first 7" now which came in a nice, self done packaging with high gloss cards of paintings and lyrics on the back (does anyone remember those funny Dawnbreed autograph cards in the Flatline fanzine?). In the US the whole heavy music thing (we degenerated Germans refer to this as "heavy mucke") was just emerging out of hardcore - think about Kiss It Goodbye, Bloodlet, Coalesce, Deadguy and so on - while bands like Sabeth managed to find their own sound, very unique but with a huge influence of emo core (it' s funny how unbiased I am while writing this word today), Bremen (Acme/Carol/Systral...), Helmet, AmRep and Touch & Go artists parallel to this development - at least those things come to my mind while listening to them. This was also the first time besides Dawnbreed I thought that German lyrics might not sound awkward since there were more than 15 years of embarrassment between Fehlfarben, Mittagspause, DAF, S.Y.P.H. (hell yeah!), Die Tödliche Doris, Palais Schaumburg (da bomb yo!), der Plan etc. and what is called "Hamburger Schule" or - like Sabeth - hardcore bands from Bremen or Southern Germany (did someone in the back scream "what about some Deutschpunk?"?; dude, come here and get some!).

By the way: all those bands pay tribute to Bernhard Hahn (Elch Studio) who produced all those records back then giving them this particular sound. Like Kuschelrockstudios did in Northern Germany helped to define the Teutonic sound (hahahahaha) of Acme, Carol etc..

SABETH - 1st (7") diy 1996/1997

side a:
1. Aller Wege Ziel
2. Selig

side b:
1. Umstand
2. Ein Versuch
[OGG Vorbis, 256 K, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

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