Saturday, March 24, 2007


Very worn Excrement Of War shirt done by Profane Existence in the beginning of the 90ies. A real nice crust band from the UK featuring members of Doom, Filthkick and Extreme Noise Terror. Their vocalist is now - together with members of Heresy, Ripcord and Spite (great but blunt singles; blunt? Makes them even greater!) - in Violent Arrest (no, that' s not a coverband of the forerunner of Abolition/Stack). I really loved their splits and the tape but haven' t heard it in a while. Just needed to preserve the piece of textile because with the next stage of the washing programme the print might be gone - just kidding. I think the "making punk a threat again" (I am not going to tell you what I think about it) was also on other PE shirts on the back, or? For example the "fight patriarchy" shirt etc.

(Rehearsal filmed by Oliver from Cluster Bomb Unit)

Some kind of interview

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