Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SIDESHOW - rust/ face foot ladder (7") Caulfield #11 1993

Okay, here is Sideshow's 7" right after the 2nd album. A good step away from the punk influenced sound towards good "art-guitar" music (plain and simple: post punk?!1), especially the flip side. Did the bass player listen to Happy Ever After before recording his part for "rust"?

Here is a column on Caulfield' s end in 2005.

This leaves a bitter taste (but is at least great for you): the 3rd album is currently available for 1 cent (!!!) at Amazon.com. What are you waiting for?

SIDESHOW - rust/ face foot ladder (7") Caulfield #11 1993

side a:
1. rust

side b:
1. face foot ladder
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Caulfield Records
Caulfield @ Myspace
Caulfield records poll @ the label' s hometown blog
Article on Sideshow in 1997

1 ""It's post-punk, kind of in the same vein as Fugazi
(who they once opened for) or the Poster Children," he said." (see last link listed above)

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