Saturday, March 24, 2007

NAUSEA - "cybergod" shirt

I think those Nausea are way more known than the successor of Majesty. All their stuff has recently been rereleased on two double lp sets.

New York must have been a nice or maybe for me frightening place around that time since all those squatters etc. had many links to the whole Lower East Side hardcore scene; as you might know the singer of Agnostic Front used to be the boyfriend of Nausea' s singer and John John Jesse was designing record sleeves for Agnostic Front or other NY bands and labels. It' s also funny to have one song by them on the "New York Hardcore: the way it is" compilation between Youth Of Today and Y.D.L..

This shirt was done by Napo for their European tour and has the cover of the "cybergod" 7" (nice piece of plastic in my eyes; should I post it? The b-side even has one of the better anti-christianity lyrics - at least literary - within the punk community (where thousands of them were written)) on the front.

Nice remark concerning the blogger: used to wear those with white polo shirts underneath it. I was in a crew and I was the only member: the youth crust. Me you youth crust.

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