Sunday, March 25, 2007

YOUTH OF TODAY - bootleg shirt

Very strange bootleg from Germany and about 15 years old; there was another version in black with a white print. This might be one of the many unsightly Youth Of Today shirts, the one that came with the Lost And Found live lp and even some by Revelation, for example the “disengage” cover motive, were in the same league.

The colouring and bad quality – "nice" pose by Ray by the way – of the picture makes this some kind of a pop art accident complete by the highlight: the inclined lyrics from the last 7”.
I can still picture Pat’ s face when he was giving the shirt to me, followed by hortative words: “do you really want this?

The longer I look at it the more I’ d like to suggest this as a cover artwork for a British oi! skin compilation!

My worst shirt?


Alex said...

Man, this shirt is so great. I don't know what I like best: the "blue" jeans (really looking "asi", isn't it?), the super cute trial of having the skin appear in its real color or the cheesy Oi!-Look.
Maybe that's just a comment on youth of today's lyrics like "physically strong, morally straight"?

Hirsinger Youth said...

Another suggestion instead of an oi! skin album cover: a Jerry Cotton, Dr. Mabuse or Karl May movie poster!