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SABETH - zwei (7") Join The Team Player Records #02 1998

Okay, here is the second Sabeth 7" which was the second release (first one was the 51 compilation lp, which is also worth a posting) from the small - back then - Join The Team Player label. The label is now defunct and the people involved are concentrating on tour booking. Together with Trans Solar they were the first to introduce a higher quality layout comparable to established US labels for their releases. The cover here is no exception if you think of Second Nature/ Edision, Initial, Doghouse etc. and compare it to what German labels were considering artwork (just think of some labels from Berlin or the Hannover area).

Really a good development within a short time from their first 7" to this one. Quite more moshy but not the generic and boring chuggachugga thing and a way more precise drumming. Does anyone remember Mine from Switzerland and Constance? The also had this total unique sound: mosh without being mosh and unpredictable and great changes within the songs.

Especially the lyrics here are taking a great new direction: a quite deep, less naive analysis and of course stricture of structures, behaviour etc. within the hardcore scene but also keeping associated mechanisms of projection while doing so in mind (I' ve been told that this is also a reason that led to the end of Sabeth). That was the moment when I really started to love Sabeth and I know that some people in the Stuttgart area weren' t very pleased with their lyrics which just makes me smile and say: yes!

Although the label doesn' t exist anymore in contrast to the first 7" you might find this one in mailorder lists, at Ebay or even record stores. Just try your luck.

SABETH - zwei (7") Join The Team Player Records #02 1998

side a:
1. der feind

side b:
1. trendkiller
[OGG Vorbis, 256 K, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

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