Sunday, March 25, 2007

UNDERTOW – „european tour“ hooded sweater

Gatorade rip off design by Undertow which was designed for their European tour in 1995. Ignite and Temperance were along with them. This was also available as shirt and as long sleeve in many different colours.

They were one of the few mosh bands who played a quite heavy metal free sound and were great fun to watch live. Their stuff has just been compiled on one compact disc by Indecision Records.

Undertow are perhaps among the five best bands in this category together with a band like Slugfest. I am still thinking about the other three bands. Also make sure you check out Nineironspitfire, they were a great transformation of Undertow’ s sound towards a modern sound at the end of the 90ies.

Excursion Records (released Undertow vinyl besides Bloodlink, Spoonfed, Overkill etc.)
Indecision Records

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