Monday, May 08, 2017

DAMNATION (ad) - On A Pale Horse (7") Tidal Records #?? 1994

I will post all Damnation (ad) singles minus "the mortal" so that da Brummel does not sue me. "On A Pale Horse" was still recorded as duo but the inlet tells us that they became a full band now and took over the "ad" in their name. It's also printed on the cover already which is not correct concerning the recordings.
It's 2017 and this still moves me. I still get the same goose bumps as I had when listening to Godflesh or Pitchshifter the first time.

If I should post the songs from the old Lost And Found Records compilation - just let me know via the comments. Also feel free to comment anytime or give additional information which I can include in a posting. I sadly had to delete my contact information on the site: I was receiving spam mainly and had to delete about 1000 mails a week to find one or two concerning the blog.
Thanks to all those who wrote in the past years - especially the band members of Don Martin 3 and The Hated and the friend of Dismay's singer! I will add parts of the ancedotes to the original postings!

DAMNATION - On A Pale Horse 7'' Tidal Records 1994

side a:
A1 Damnation

side b:
B1 On A Pale Horse
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]

Monday, January 09, 2017

DAMNATION - The Hangman (7") Lost & Found Records #LF 090 1994

Speaking of a hanged man. Here is Damnation's first 7" - still kills today. In my opinion they should have kept the lofi industrial touch while running Damnation ad as band too - Damnation was a two man studio project prior becoming a real band. Although the later fulllength is da bomb, the harshness, tinny industrial sound and coldness are not caught with the monstrous production and wall of sound. On the Lost & Found compilations several early versions of later classics can be found while Ken and Mike were acting as duo first. So if there are more recordings in this vein please make them available.
And of course: this vinyl record has a direct metal mastering! It's funny that this label put so much effort in good sounding vinyl records. Something hundreds of metal and hardcore label are not doing nowadays - many records do not even get a vinyl mastering today (a frustrating experience as listener). Layout contrary to the sound as always: topnotch L&F style. Dit is "Artcore", Alter.

DAMNATION - The Hangman (7") Lost & Found Records #LF 090 1994

side a:
A1 The Hangman
side b:
B1 Sleep
[MP3 320k, link1, link2, link3]

Saturday, January 07, 2017

CROSSED OUT - "hanged man" shirt

I keep them coming: a very old Crossed Out shirt. I am not sure if this is a bootleg or not. I have never seen it anywhere.
It's still a pitty that with the demise of Slap A Ham records their discography is unavailable - the CD and LP is more expensive than their regular releases. In days in which every mediocre nineties hardcore band gets repackaged rereleases or huge discography packages it seems to be odd.

Here is an entertaining interview concerning power violence:

An Oral History of Power Violence

"Crossed Out are the dark lords of powerviolence."

I think none of those guys did not continue to play in bands later on.

Monday, January 02, 2017

GAZZAN - Extinction (Tape) self released 2016

To little Clevo content here anyway: since the US postage prices are killing it at the moment (and then even DIY labels make their customers paying through the nose1), I have to go digital sometimes now.
Gazzan features the Melnicks, Blaze and even Rob Orr and their demo includes all Clevo parts you expect adding a modern progressive metal touch you usually expect from Relapse Records and the like. Sometimes I need to get used to the vocals, but overall it's great. I am falling for those guitar solos until the end of days!

Interview done by Andrew Aversiononline

1 For example I ordered two seveninches and two tapes two months ago and paid nearly 17 $ for shipping, when the parcel arrived around 8,50$ were paid for shipping by the USPS

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

CROSSED OUT – "power violence hc" bootleg shirt


When "power violence" was exciting and – most important – still just used to be called hardcore, bands like No Comment, PHC, Infest, Neanderthal and of course Crossed Out defined what became a fixed term later and I think it was - for this particular time - a very interesting and validate expression of hardcore punk (and becoming a fart when bands all over the world (especially Europe and Japan) started a cover contest in sound, lyrics and artwork).

A reader of the blog said that the posted Infest bootleg shirt has a disgusting motif (the cover of the 2nd 7") and I answered that it was nothing compared to a Crossed Out shirt that was done by the same guys.

The picture is also the cover of the Rorschach/ Neanderthal split 7". It is as far as I know a picture from the Korean war by Margaret Bourke-White. The back print is from the lyrics of "Crutch" which just fit the motif.

Around the same time when the bootleg 10" and LP came out someone did a black and grey bootleg shirt with different designs and I am looking for them; maybe someone wants to clear his/her closet?!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

HARD STANCE - "Face Reality" reprint shirt


And here is another Hard Stance shirt - I always thought that the band was too "dark" for the Cali posi scene, they had a kind of "eastcoast groove" in their sound. Still way better compared what comes out of Britain or the US these days.

This is a reprint by the "Lost & Found of shirts": Screenprinting Paolo. As far as I know some designs are legitimate reprints others are not. The design was also available with a sleeve print and the back print being on the front too.

Paolo should do all the Inside Out designs! Especially with the backprint having the circle and four live shots. They are really missing in this massive catalogue.

Monday, October 03, 2016

HARD STANCE - "Conversion Records" shirt


I am not sure what happened to the planned Hard Stance discography? Or if it is going to happen? Heard about it around the time Indecision announced the Hearfirst discography - which turned out to look poor like many other "youth crew discographies" did prior (Insted, Judge, Turning Point etc.).
It would be nice to hear their decent "End the Hate" demo cassette remastered instead of a third generation dub.

This is the same design as previously posted as longsleeve - just a slightly different colour.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

ARMICIDE - rehearsal demo '92 (Tape) self released 1992

Thanks Matze - for years of dedication and friendship! Here is Armicide's rehearsal demo. Tigher than the later stuff but also in a quality which we call "Misfits '81".

Sadly "I am I" is cut off on the tape I received, so I have included this song twice: with the cut and in a faded out version.

Enjoy this contemporary document!

ARMICIDE - rehearsal demo 1992 (Tape) self released 1992

side a:
1. A Five Minutes Walk
2. No Tears Shall Drop
3. Only A Moment In Time
4. Fortschritt
5. I Am I
[MP3, 320kb, link]

Sunday, January 12, 2014

ARMICIDE - Live im Studio (Tape) self released 199?

Here is the so called "Live im Studio" tape. I do not know the location or date - maybe someone can help out! Must be the end of 1992 or even the beginning of 1993?!
Five songs and twice abandoning an attempt for "Exit", quite well rehearsed this time and already sounding very Mine-ish. Some songs were then presented under the name Mine live and on tape compilations already.

ARMICIDE - live im Studio (Tape) self released 199x

side a:
1. Children of God
2. Slave
3. Exit ("2x fuck up")
4. Cannot Die
5. Exit
6. Menschenjagd
[MP3, 320kb, link]

ARMICIDE - demo 1992 (Tape) self released 1992

I thought that the world wide web would offer nearly everything today, but I was wrong: Armicide's demos are nowhere to be found. Hailing from Switzerland and being the direct antecessor of Mine the band had a small group of cult followers - a result of the network of friends and their live performances -who would even later advertise bands and outputs by those guys with "ex-Armicide". This is their first real demo, there's a rehearsal demo which is the reason for this posting: BB wrote me and I was damn sure that I still have it in some boxes. After hours of searching I could just locate the inlet/cover of that ominous demo but I still haven't found it. So if anyone could help out please, this is your chance to be overflowed with gratitude! This is the tracklist:

1. A Five Minutes Walk
2. No Tears Shall Drop
3. Only A Moment In Time
4. Fortschritt
5. I Am I

It was recorded in January 1992 in their rehearsal room and is until this day the best thing they have ever done. That's why the result of my search is even more frustrating! At least I found another tape which I once bought from Gonzo: live recordings in a studio - a post will follow.

Back to their first real demo: it sounds somehow a bit to heavy headed. I miss the compactness of the rehearsal tape! You can hear without doubt a huge Infest, Citizens Arrest and Crossed Out influence but all with a straight edge and mosh touch - there is an endless list of bands from the old continent who did that very well! Besides the tapes some songs ended up on compilations clearing the way for a new chapter: Mine (followed by Ferguson, Cataract, Damage i.d., Arma Gathas, Lions...).

ARMICIDE - demo 1992 (Tape) self released 1992

side a:
1. Moment in Time
2. A 5 Minutes Walk
3. Fortschritt
4. Crux Infelix
5. I Am I
6. No Tear Shall Drop
7. Omnivore
8. Menschenjagd (humanhunt)
[MP3, 320kb, link]

Thursday, January 10, 2013

BAND OF MERCY - "Vulgar Display of Vegan Power" Pantera rip-off shirt


Back to the present although they pause at the moment. Band of Mercy also have a Carnivore rip-off shirt but this "Vulgar Display of Power" homage is still the winner.

For the first releases Band of Mercy was mainly a duo with Daniel from Die Young being the driving force. They deliver a mixture of Portland and fast Swedish d-beat combined with where Die Young left off.  Besides being quite dead serious concerning veganism they add a lot of humour and side blows which is quite rare - even today. Their demos are available as free downloads via Headfirst! I might post them in the future including all artwork.

NEW AGE RECORDS - "watching you fall only makes me stronger" hooded sweater


This was once a present by Robi I think, the problem was: I am a big guy! No matter who hard I tried I did not fit into a hooded sweater size M. So it became and still is a pyjama top for my better half.
They have been printed in large quanities on different colours, also the printing was in different colours and I am not quite sure but maybe New Age Records Europe also printed them, but that's just a hypothesis. Speaking of being a big guy: I had this once with a brown golden printing on a longsleeve with sleeve printing in XL. It was that large, that I was nearly strapless. I sold it right after Ebay Germany started, must have been around 1999 or so. I still have a shirt version which had those nice sleeve printings we all loved about US shirts back then (thanks to the Dubar family by the way!): I will pull out that one later!
New Age really followed the early 80ies Boston, late 80ies New York straight edge footsteps in the early 90ies. Some give them credit others just saw the third wave of stereotypes. I again was caught between two stools.
The slogan on the back (the picture shows Unbroken's singer) led to many discussions. I never read it as a holier-than-thou, Lebensreform-like attitude - the way most Europeans read it: I simply just saw the Straight Edge stereotypes: being angry with kids who were big-mouthed about "true till death" etc. and then leave. It has a lot to do with identity, personal letdowns, deprevation of appreciation and distinction. And these are good points to be criticised but that never happened. There is a short statement by the titular Saint of my Blogger/ posting name in the booklet of Assay's LP "Pisschrist", it somehow went into that direction, although I did not agree on the act on instinct, need for social relations part, but let's not dig out those old jokes.

Here is a short passage from an interview with Mike Hartsfield where he relates to the slogan:
"Onto those famous two words…straight-edge still holds a big value as far as the label goes – I think almost all of your current roster are edge and you have just started an self-proclaimed edge band, do you ever feel like the images of those bands or their 'aesthetic' – do you ever feel like that overtly straight edge message has lost currency in today's scene?
Not to the kids here today. From my position i have seen 99% that claimed they would be "true till death" come and go so I could be bitter about straight edge but it's not that way at all. It makes me reflect on an old New Age straight edge shirt that said "watching you fall only makes me stronger". That is something that relates to me daily. I really feel that the YOU and the ME are most important in that phrase. The overly straight edge message can seem passe to those gone from it now, but not to those who still believe. In regards to the label and a straight edge message, it goes back to the fact I listen to our bands. I love the straight edge, simple as that. So straight edge will always dominate most of the roster. "

But hey: maybe someone else wants to do this one? A scientific critique of straight edge would be nice considering parts of the ideology merging into the views and lifestyle of the parvenu middle class and official politics, nourishing strange antagonism concerning society's delevopement if you consider the findings of Alain Ehrenberg, Robert Pfaller and others.

Anyway getting back to the European viewpoint: I couldn't care less and who really gets stronger by watching friends and family suffer from drugs - legal or not?!
The only thing I cared about when I was younger was being fed up with intolerant big mouths giving others a hard time for the short period of time they are involved with some need for identity be it straight edge or whatever: you guys were, are and always will be the real nazi punks. And we all know that you became educationists, members of the Green Party or bartenders in left wing residential communities.

BACK OF DAVE - Glory of... (Picture 7") Thick Records #THK-012 1995

A careful reader refered to a blog, where both demo tape versions and the first 7" including the tape version with an additional song can be found (thanks!):

BACK OF DAVE - 1993 demo / two versions
BACK OF DAVE - Dirty Boy 7" plus the bonus song from the tape version
BACK OF DAVE - a live set which is not online anymore

Thick Records had a picture 7" series for a while, I think they stopped around 2000. The most well known release of those singles might be the At The Drive In/ Burning Airlines split. The label's best release to this date is The Bomb's "Indecision" which was later released on vinyl by No Idea!

Honestly I do not like picture discs, most of them sound shitty, no discussion: the layer above the picture is thinner, it's like a flexi glued to plastic and we all know how flexis sound (okay, does not count for Ripcord's "The Damage Is Done" - I didn't care about the sound). And many of them look like shit (people who bought Lana Del Rey's "Video Games/ Blue Jeans" picture 7" might skip this part)!
Advice for record labels and bands: if you are ever going to make a picture disc or worse combining it with shape, make sure you use the format wisely!!! Metal labels, hardcore bands, pop monsters etc. they all had a right touch for ugly picture discs. One might ask: you actually play your picture discs? Yeah, since most of them look ugly what's the use other than playing those records? I used to be a bit ambivalent towards The Stalin's Mushi LP, but man, that changed fast.

Here is a nice little chamber of horrors worth to check out:

Terry's Picture Discs

If you post on forums or Tumblr you might start a best of!

Okay, back to the posting, back to Back of Dave. I think their picture disc was the first in the series by Thick Records. It looks nice which is not the band's or the label's credit but Van Gogh's and da Vinci's. But while they got better technically their sound got a bit too hail-fellow-well-met in my opinion. It was the heydays of bands moving towards the popular radio rock. Initial Records, Doghouse, Jade Tree, Revelation, Caulfield Records and so on and their roster paved the path. Do not get me wrong: I dug all that stuff! I have all the records, but still: something was missing. I think "hail-fellow-well-met" is what describes it best, I do not want to claim that for Back of Dave of course, but I do for that period of time and the direction many bands were going (for some: boring rock music).

Scanner has been cleaned/repaired (although I broke some plastic parts while doing so it still works! Planned obsolescence my ass) and I started tagging the files properly.

BACK OF DAVE - Glory of... (Picture 7") Thick Records #THK-012 1995

side a:
1. Glory of...
2.  Pick Up Atredes

side b:
1. Springloaded
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

BACK OF DAVE/ PROZAC MEMORY - split (LP) SubFusc Records #SFC-005 1995

Okay, my scanner is fucked up, there are serious scratches on the class and it's even smeared from inside (who or what is living inside a scanner?). I will fix that later by opening that thing, hope that will work out.

This 12" record is one of the many hidden gems of the early/ mid 90ies emo wave. I am not quite sure, but I think SubFusc had only little distribution (I know you can't image a pre-Bigcartel time), their "most well known" release must be the "How the Midwest Was Won..." compilation, which I will post too.  But still it seems that the record slipped the attention of many listeners.
Prozac Memory slowed down a bit compared to the 2nd 7" which still had some pop punk, Lookout, Jawbreaker etc. feeling to it; those five songs are somehow more rockish, better in musicanship. And again: there is this bass player I'd like to cuddle. The production really does him justice: dry and voluminous.
Back of Dave who even did a one time reunion show in 2003 already ogled with what many people might call the "Chicago sound" a bit and there is even a slight touch of Unbroken/San Diego in their sound (listen carefully to the guitars in the first song). The second song was also co-written by Dave Claibourn, Unbroken's singer.
Looking back the past 10 years many emo bands from that era got nicely done discograpy CDs or even double vinyl versions with with great efforts concerning layout, packaging etc., neither Back of Dave nor Prozac Memory haven't! Why is that?

BACK OF DAVE/ PROZAC MEMORY - split (LP) SubFusc Records #SFC-005 1995

side a:
Back Of Dave
1. quickie
2. automatic drip
3. rifle arm
4. plankton
5. digger

side b:
Prozac Memory
1. beneficiary
2. meniscus
3. drawn into
4. blind ascension
5. seven
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PROZAC MEMORY - chisel tone/ mapmaker (7") Faye Records #F04-12 1994

First of all: I hope the rip sounds fine. I had some problems with background noise and even muffled radio sounds due to a cheap RCA connector in the past and bought a new needle for the record player. I also hope the volume is alright, I stopped using the normalization! Otherwise drop me a line.

I will leave the password from now on (or as a start) and the Winrar-file includes all scans (for the future: maybe assembled in a PDF document).
Way better than their first 7" as far as I can remember - since I can't find it anymore. But I think it already had those great bass lines but the singing was weaker. If you can provide a good rip and scans of the 7" and you want to upload it for the blog: please contact me.
Anyway their second 7" is great. I stumbled across them through the XXX compilation by Ebullition (worth a posting? Maybe the unreleased Via stuff is, for which we all were hunting in the Audiogalaxy days!).
They really learned their Verminscum etc. lesson well. "Chisel tone" is topnotch: I was listening to the song about 30 times in the last few days. The bass is just brilliant.
I do not know anything about them, but their drummer was in Wintergreen later and sadly I haven't heard the Breaker Morant split album yet.

side a:
1. chisel tone

side b:
1. mapmaker
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]

No goodbyes cruel world? Hello 2013!!!

Of course I prefer Brutal Truth over Pink Floyd. Because we all do not listen to Pink Floyd after "Animals".

I am going to start slow again. The worldwide web 2.0 changes made it hard for music blogs in 2012. Many blogs I followed do not exist anymore or the writers simply stopped mainly due to the one-click hosters deleting their files. Mediafire deleted many of my files again due to a complaint by a porn company - some band's name sounded like some porn title - I already forgot. Although I can't remember myself posting Youth Of Today's "standing hard" - nah, that was a groaner.

2012 was quite nice:

- fourth year in a row: Sacred Bones (man, you have to slow down a bit!)
- Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music
- Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City
- Mississippi Records doing a rerelease of Gurdjieff's Improvisations
- Thanks to A389, Halo Of Flies, Vendetta, Headfirst!, Vitriol, Gilead and many others I followed hardcore punk a bit again! And it wasn't such a waste of time!
- Stefan and Robert somehow forced me to some shows after 2 years of almost absence  - me standing in the first row with rose dress shirts feeling old and watching Throwers, Tempest, Kids of Zoo, Full of Hell and many others. It was great.
- Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island vinyl repress!!!!
- Thrill Jockey 20 years vinyl represses
- Full of Hell... they are young, they will improve, they will get tighter!!! I became a diehard follower. Not reinventing the wheel but they have all my sympathies. When I was 17, 18 this was everything making punk interesting: teenage angst, anger, humor, shyness, speed, autistic traits, high and low culture references and finally: bookworms scarring the audience again! Jeez, even the right shirts! For some parents a nightmare but I must admit: those four boys are a pipe dream as a desire for children!!!
- Besides to many fillers: the new Chromatics double LP is a great postdisco whatever pop album.
- Tor Lundvall - the shipyard LP (although I still do not get DAIS pressing quantities)
- the Torch Runner 12" still makes me wanna go out and kill tonight!!!
- the "US black metal we came from a hardcore punk diy background saga" continues with Ash Borer, Velnias, Barghest/False, a vinyl rerelease of the Skagos album etc.
- And of course: Band of Mercy! Because veganism really needed some past 30 guys with at least a bit sense of humour!!!

I could go on for hours.

Hope you all still hate your job like I do!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Fun fact concerning Nuclear Blast Records

Their in-house counsel wrote Mediafire to remove my No Escape links because of "being related to the new Agnostic Front record" (???????????). For what reason ever that might be the cause: of course, I do not want to be associated with the new Agnostic Front record or any other rubbish.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

THEOLOGIAN + STEVE MOORE - Into The Uttermost Fields Of Ether (CD-R) Annihilvs 2010

Here is a well known and still working nicely approach and somehow a release that slipped the attention of many people: Theologian - now on Crucial Blast - is reworking with digital means Steve Moore's analog synthie sounds. The complete source material is by Steve Moore and Theologian turns is through the digital meat grinder. There are no Tangerine Dream like or Jean-Michel Jarre1 soundscapes here but it's a beautiful 48 minutes long dark ambient and drone trip. The release is like most of Annihilvs' stuff burned on demand. In my opinion a great idea in the neverending flood of music releases nowadays.

I will remove the download link within a few days.

THEOLOGIAN + STEVE MOORE - Into The Uttermost Fields Of Ether (CD-R) Annihilvs 2010

1. From Beyond An Obfuscated Constellation
2. Fields Of Ether
3. Cities Of Negative Space
4. Song For The Spheres
[MP3, 320kb, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Steve Moore

1 Nothing Steve Moore does wether with Zombi nor solo is new, but it's incredibly well done

Sunday, January 02, 2011

FUGAZI live recordings mp3 archive (Double CD-R) Bootleg 200?

About nine years ago Alex gave me those MP3 CD-Rs. It was a dawn of a new era (remember Audiogalaxy?) and personally a hard one: I was and still I am a diehard tape trader. While most of my friends and trading partners went digital I still was into the old way. Not because of a new medium but mainly because of the huge amount of music coming into my house and the loss of one thing: communication and the time to deal with music itself. While I was still able to make it through a shoe box full of tape dubs by my friend Steff until today I was not able to go through all the MP3 CDs he burned me. A decade later I also think that many efforts made in the early years of going digital were for no purpose: although many MP3s have a better sound quality than tapes the early stuff is poorly ripped. Some days ago I made it through old MP3 CDs with audio books of some of my favourite philosophers and authors and I couldn't stand it: the files are cracking, there's clunk and constant background noise. They went to the garbage can and I pulled out old tape dubs of Luhmann and Bloch for enjoyment. What I miss most is the communication: a lettre and a parcel is not only haptic but also takes more time and effort and will also be appraised more. Blogging and an e-mail with ten download links do not really touch me - you can burn me DVD-Rs with free jazz and cosmic muzak but I will still attach more importance to a crust punk demo tape with xerox copied cover some 16 year old kid from overseas sends me. Yeah, let the old fart prattle.

Howsoever here are two CD-Rs with one of our favourite bands - some of the stuff is not available through the Fugazi Live Series which justifies the posting in my opinion. It took me three computers and four drives to get the files onto my hard drive without CRC errors. I am not sure if this was just a compatibility problem of operating systems that are ten years older or if the CD-Rs are dissolving like many of them do. The sound quality varies a lot and the bitrates are low but I think you will have some pleasure with the stuff.

My Beatles tapes are still running without any problems in a 20 year old Sony tape deck, fuckers!

FUGAZI live recordings mp3 archive (Double CD-R) Bootleg 200? CD-R 1, CD-R 2

CD-R 1, CD-R 2

17 live recordings at
Fugazi Live Series

Sunday, December 12, 2010

V/A - Rebuilding Compilation (CD) Temperance Records #TEMP#3 1992

To complete the No Escape discography and me being too lazy to rip vinyl records I choose the path which is easiest: the CD rerelease of the split 7" (both No Escape songs are on the album), rebuilding compilation and two songs from the forever compilation. I never understood why they didn't include the Born Against, Citizens Arrest and Rorschach songs. Some months ago I read a blog posting stating that this CD version is more ugly than the LP version - kids, it isn't: there are two vinyl versions. One looks exactly like the CD version and the green 12" version looks awful (picture proof will follow) - but I do not have any pressing infos (maybe someone can help out).

The metal guitar part starting around 1:25 in "Silence" is so great, after being played four times it is used as theme modified afterwards. I love such gimmicks.

I am quite sure that these are the best Turning Point songs (before becoming the beautiful Godspeed and Shadow Season) and maybe the same goes for "Drown" by Burn. Who says Lost and Found is sloppy: titled "Drawn" here.

Important side note: No Escape's "Silence" was released together with the Big Boys cover on one of those Lost And Found nonsense split 7" records - in this case with Bonesaw. The Burn songs are on a split 7" with Prison and the Gorilla Biscuits can be found on one of the compilation CDs by L&F. I suppose they have licenced all the Temperance stuff around that time (same goes for Overkill Records).

V/A - Rebuilding Compilation (CD) Temperance Records #TEMP#3 1992

1. Turning Point - Broken
2. Burn - Drawn
3. Gorilla Biscuits - Biscuit Power
4. No Escape - Silence
5. Turning Point - Insecurity
6. Burn - Decay
7. Turning Point - Thursday
8. Turning Point - Behind This Wall
9. Turning Point - Anxiety Asking
10. No Escape - Framework
11. No Escape - Guilty
12. No Escape - No
[MP3, 320kb, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

NO ESCAPE - Just Accept It (CD) Lost And Found Records #276 1997

This is the Lost And Found version of No Escape's fulllength - compared to the original CD version which has the LP followed by the demo songs, this version just has all songs leaving the doublets. It was released when their singer Tim Singer (needs to have a new band!!!) already left Deadguy and joined Kiss It Goodbye - I hope the band received some bucks for this one.
Like many L & F releases it just sounds better then the original - remastered or using the newest computer compressors at that time most of the label's releases sound better than the originals or even newer or regular rereleases (I will post some examples in the future) - I wrote this a thousand times before. Recorded in 1993 for me this just blew away everything else what was known for noisy slowed down hardcore - okay not counting Rorschach etc.
Maybe the most distinctive part is still the lyrics: personal, prosaic, nihilistic and yes, sometimes drippy - but please consider the age of the band members. 2010 and I can still somehow relate to them - mission accomplished by the artist.
My favourite tracks are "Left Hanging" starting with a beautiful bass solo, followed by the dry toms and "No Question" (Quicksand, Helmet and Burn jamming together?).
Considering Singer's artwork for all his other bands I still don't get it why this release looks that shitty - in best Lost And Found manner. The booklet just looks just horrible and the tracklist on the tray says "Left Handing" instead of "Left Hanging" and "Falling" became "Failling" [sic!].

Name me another early 90ies hardcore band covering the Big Boys?!

"Don't leave me hanging don't say goodbye"

NO ESCAPE - Just Accept It (CD) Lost And Found Records #276 1997

1. Falling
2. Just Accept It
3. Bed of Nails
4. Left Hanging
5. No Question
6. Time Bomb
7. Downtime
8. Framework
9. Guilty
10. No (BIG BOYS)
11. Thread
12. Blind
13. Search
[MP3, 320k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Posting of the original Overkill Records release
Review of this version
No Escape at the new, ugly Myspace

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

NO ESCAPE - demo (Tape) self released ca. 1990

After years just listening to bad tape dubs - or later as mp3 when the Contrast Records site had a huger audio section (there used to be the demo once) - I finally got it (thanks Gonzo). For many these are their best songs together with the split 7" stuff - most of my friends do not like the album1. The production - it's a demo! - is not the best and there is a lot of tape noise/ distortion, but you can easily get the direction this band was going in 1990..... Burn, Grunge, Youth Crew bands slowing down in sound, Amphetamine Reptile Records, ABC No Rio bands... it's all there, but quite unique in my opinion. Still lacks the power of the album so I do not get the people who prefer this demo to anything the band has done later.

NO ESCAPE - demo (Tape) self released ca. 1990

side a:
1. Falling
2. Thread
3. Blind

side b:
1. Search
2. Guilty
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Monday, June 21, 2010

THE NOTORIOUS LOVE AFFAIR - rough mix (Tape) self released 1996

Two years ago I did a The Notorious Love Affair posting and now another member contacted me about the unreleased song - acutally there are two unreleased songs!!! Old-timer Markus Haas from Per Koro1 has sent me a huge box with old demo tapes, rough mixes etc.. Among those was the cassette I was longing for: the rough mix of their recordings including two songs which did not make it onto the 7" record. As good as the four songs on the vinyl just the mix of all songs is still a bit weaker and less powerful than on the actual release.

Nice start to reactivated the blog again. Two years after the mentioned posting, one year after the last posting. Next one is in about ten years... ah, and sorry, I didn't see Total Abuse on Berlin's streets but it's a comical story anyway.

THE NOTORIOUS LOVE AFFAIR - rough mix (Tape) self released 1996

side a:
1. Autist
2. Blutlicht/ Erntedank
3. Panic
4. Wundenlecken
5. I am the song my enemy sings
6. T.G.A.
[OGG Vorbis, maximum quality, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

The Notorious Love Affair @

1 how's the shithole?

Monday, June 01, 2009

GRAF ORLOCK & GHOSTLIMB - European Tour 2009

(tour poster by Bis Aufs Messer)

No doubt, one of the happenings this year - and my second or third show within one year (hahahahaha, okay I will attend Yo La Tengo's gig in my town, too). Reviews and shirt postings by both bands will follow.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

4 000 000 TELEPHONES - French Girls (12") Summerhouse #Sums 02 recorded 1986 released 1987

Finally I could get my hands on a copy of this record. It was released after their brilliant debut LP. It's a pity that they never got the attention they deserved.
The title track is way more catchy and pop than the songs on their first release, but still unique. But the other tracks are a fine frowardness in a time when it simply wasn't cool anymore to play that sound. Especially the saxophone is very driving here giving it all a bit The Pop Group or James White & The Blacks feeling. While when it gets more way out in those three tracks The Contortions and La Société Des Timides à l' a Parade Des Oiseau come to my mind. 4 000 000 Telephones even learned some Sun Ra and Art Ensemble Of Chicago lessons here - can't go wrong here.

Is that a xylphone in "Mrs. Brown (The Clown)"? Totally corrosive!

Now: Funk you!

4 000 000 TELEPHONES - French Girls E.P. (12") Summerhouse #Sums 02 recorded 1986 released 1987

side a:
1. French Girls
2. The Same Thing

side b:
1. Mrs. Brown (The Clown)
2. Icebox
[OGG Vorbis, maximum quality, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]