Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blinded by ideology

Here is a real tough one:


Someone is trying an impossible thing among those blinded by ideology; Hats off to this dude.

I pissed my pants - although I should cry - concerning the "semites" statement taking from a Wikipedia entry. Can you believe this?


viva hate said...

Oh, das war ein Homie von mir, der mir sehr entnervt und desillusioniert von dieser "Diskussion" erzählt hat.

Beste Quotes:
"go read your stupid marx and get into intelectual-dialetical-masturbations with other nazionists!"

"I have to ask: If someone invaded your home, wouldn't the defenders be heroes?"

"i think, especially for germans, some people are confronted with a very strong issue of guilt that makes them feel obligated to support Israel no matter what."

passion said...

öhm...warum hört die diskussion denn so plötzlich auf? mhhh...hat jetzte der kurt gewonnen oder wat? ;)

wobei ich den dialog zwischen den hauptakteuren ja noch erträglich fand, im gegensatz zu den strunzigen nebendarstellern.

viva hate said...

Der Kram, den Kurt sagt, wird von Posting zu Posting schlimmer.